Video Bingo Deluxe: Summer Sizzler & Summer Sizzler Sweeps

The hottest bingo game of the summer is here – and you can score over 1 MILLION Tokens! Earn Suns and launch Water Balloons in Video Bingo Deluxe: Summer Sizzler.

Also,  play Video Bingo Deluxe: Summer Sizzler for a chance at 
$2,500 in Bass Pro Shop Gift Cards in the Summer Sizzler Sweeps! 5 winners will score a $500 gift card each! Earn 1 entry for every 100,000 Tokens played.

Play now – this limited-edition game & sweeps is only available until midnight ET 8/31. Details on My GSN

20 thoughts on “Video Bingo Deluxe: Summer Sizzler & Summer Sizzler Sweeps

    • n3rns, for every 100,000 Tokens spent, you get an entry. So for example, if you play 4 cards at 100,000 each, then you get 4 entries 🙂

  1. ok angel, but that didn`t answer my /?????? how many will I get if I play one million… I know I`ll get 4 for 100.000 confused

  2. hi angel,
    on my pc in bingo I see a message that says wild ball can be daub on any number, it never happen yet I hear it but I can`t daub any number but one that is called, NEVER LETS ME DAUB ANY THING BUT THAT # not in 6-8 years that i1ve played bingo any idea why? just wanted to know robert

    • Hi Robert, do you mean bonus balls? Bonus balls are not tied into daubing numbers at all, they are automatically credited as soon as the bonus ball comes up. Here is an example I posted for another player, but they all work the same in the different versions of video bingo deluxe:

      #1 – B-10 is called as ball 31. It’s the bonus ball (it has a star on it)
      #2 – There’s a quick blue starburst, and the ball count is popped back to 32
      #3 – A +1 shows on the screen to indicate a ball was added to the ball count, and now the count turned to 31 again as the next ball is coming (it’s teeny, tiny in the background)
      #4 – The next ball is B-5, and it’s ball count is 31. If there had been no bonus ball, it would have been 30.

      Bonus Balls

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