August Oodles Bonus: 1,000 Oodles!

Happy August! Go to My GSN and enter promo code DOGDAYSOODLES before 8/31 to score 1,000 Oodles.

As always, you can redeem your Oodles for sweepstakes, auctions, and Oodlectibles in the Prize Center!

18 thoughts on “August Oodles Bonus: 1,000 Oodles!

  1. I Still Have My Golden Oodles That I Won November 2013 ~ It`s Still Shiny And I Love It So Much ~ Lovegames22 <3

  2. It is now 9:44 PM Pacific Standard Time and I played 50 rounds of Jackpot Boogie and did not get 100 oodles for Happy Hour. Have you changed the time of that too. We are only getting 1 ad for the Treasure Chest when we used to get 8. What more are you going to take away from us?????

    • Cheryl, please reach out to player services so they can credit you. Which treasure chest do you mean? The Oodles or Tokens one?

  3. I believe she is speaking of the oodles treasure chest, as I also have been getting only 1 ad for the last few days. That is the place we have all been complaining about to you and GSN HELP for months, and have been told that they had nothing to do with it as a third party vendor did. It does come up when you start to do or right after you do the Daily Question. Only 1 ad shows up, not the 8 that we used to get for the 400 oodles credit daily. Now we are just getting 50 oodles. I feel like your assistant,knowing something before you for a change. (LOL) Just kidding Angel,

    • Thanks momas1954, I thought that had been fixed. I’ll send this on for you. Hee, you guys always know more than me! 😀

  4. Hi GSN Angel. I was wondering if you would be bringing back the Golden Oodle? I would give anything to add it to the other prizes I have gotten from Could you list it as a prize to buy or in a sweepstakes? I am sure others would be interested in owning one.

    • Pegmaster1, I would love to but I believe our supply of golden oodles dried up 🙁 I will pass your request to the prize center team though, in case I’m wrong!

      • Thank you for passing on my request. Maybe there is one on a shelf somewhere just waiting to be loved 🙂 I could try and get other Oodlers to show interest and hopefully the prize staff could reconsider offering them or something similar in the prize dept. I have bought everything that could be bought and proudly show off my dedication to I have 4 magnets, lip balm, playing cards and 2 umbrellas. I wish you could bring back some “Buy it now” tangible items. Thank you and have a fantastic day!!

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