Thursday Power Hours

Tonight, unwind with Thursday Power Hours from 9pm ET Thursday to 2am ET Friday. Play just 50 spins of ANY slots game each hour and get 100 Oodles and 1,000 Tokens! Details on My GSN after 9pm ET.

We have Happy Hour from 5-9pm ET Sundays too. Be sure to check back then!

11 thoughts on “Thursday Power Hours

  1. Hey! It’s snoot time again!
    The average trunk of an elephant is 6 ft and can grow to as much as 7 ft. I believe the “5 ft” selection is more close to the right answer than “8 ft”.
    BTW I hope everybody had a great July 4th celebration!

    • Snooty Jim,
      The elephant trunk question in Google Chrome gave the “wrong” answer of 6 ft. So, being confused, I went to Windows Edge Bing search
      and got the “right” answer of 8 ft.

      George Grins

      • Thanks George.
        I find that the secret to getting correct information is to investigate through the sites that search engines point to rather than trusting the information from one source.
        The information that I found in the aggregate is that the average size of an elephant’s trunk is 6 ft.

  2. Hello GSN Angel. I have been logging on to this site for many years. Unfortunately I was admitted to the hospital on July 5th and did not have access to a computer. My question is if you could log in to my account and tell me the total number of days I had racked up? I am quite competitive, even with myself and would like to know how many days I had so I could try to beat my previous daily log ins. Thank you it would mean a lot to me.

    • Pegmaster1, I’m so sorry you were in the hospital. I hope you’re dong better! I apologize, there’s nothing on our end that tracks your log in by days (basically no way to see your previous streak).

  3. Why don’t we get the 20,000 Token banners for playing the games, any more? In addition, why don’t we get the 50 Oodles for each video watched, totaling 400 Oodles for watching 8 per day? They used to pop up with the treasure chest, in the My Oodles room, and in the All Games room. Now we get nothing.

    • Hi d-eve, apologies for the cut & paste but a few people have the same question. Basically a third party vendor runs the Oodles and Tokens opportunities like the treasure chest. Our team is in touch with this vendor, but my understanding is they’re working on whatever issue is happening that makes it not show. This is not something we have actual control over, but we have been letting them know people are anxious to see a fix soon.

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