Sunday Happy Hour Promo Code

We’re so sorry yesterday’s Happy Hour didn’t show the 6-7pm ET hour. Head over to My GSN now and redeem the promo code HAPPYHOUROOPS to receive 1,000 Tokens and 100 Oodles (expires 6/13 at midnight ET).

Note:  There were over 30 posts regarding Happy Hour not showing between 6-7pm ET. We thank you for the head-s up. 

31 thoughts on “Sunday Happy Hour Promo Code

    • d_eve, everyone I’ve checked showed they were credited between 5pm-6pm, so that part was working. Depending on when you started playing, you may not have got the 50 spins in before the top of the hour (your first Pick Your Play Oodles were credited after 6pm ET). But feel free to reach out to Player Services if you felt you did get them in before 5pm! 🙂

      • it was not credited between 6pm & 7pm there was nothing for it . Also this is not Monday or really Tuesday am and at 421 am there is still no trivia question for oodles. Any clue on that? Also when the happy hour was not working, no one could contact player services either as their was no submit button that is why I replied here. Thank you

        • The trivia question is showing now! Not sure why you were unable to see a contact support button under help. They got over 50 tickets so some people could see it.

  1. My 5 p.m Happy Hours came up right at 5 p.m as it should have. The only problem was with the 6 p.m. game. The 7& 8 p.m. games were also o.k. I notified GSN HELP and also let Angel know just in case we needed the “BIG GUNS” to go to bat for us. Tonight I have NO Daily Bonus Question and have also notified GSN HELP, and letting you know also, Angel, just in case others also have this problem as they did on Sunday. Hope things get better from here on in. Good Luck d_eve

  2. Has the Daily Trivia question been discontinued. I haven’t seen it yet today, June 12th. 2018? Thank you.

  3. On a related note, the daily trivia is not showing today on my computer. Is it retired or just on break?

    Thank you for all you do

  4. Where is our regular trivia question for today 6/12/18? Please don’t tell me they are doing away with this also.

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