March Oodle Bonus: 1,000 Oodles!

Happy March! Go to My GSN and enter promo code SPRINGOODLES before 3/31 to score 1,000 Oodles.

You can redeem your Oodles for sweepstakes, auctions, and Oodlectibles in the Prize Center!

22 thoughts on “March Oodle Bonus: 1,000 Oodles!

  1. No longer get chance daily to watch advertisement and receive 20,000 points. My side problem or your side stop it. Microsoft edge or google Chrome same thing. Pop ups allowed.

  2. I received my Bonus Oodles for March and thanks!!Hope everyone have a Happy Easter Day and do not eat to many EGGS!!

  3. The token sale link on my gsn is listed at 17.5 tokens until 11:59 pm 3/11, but when you click on the link it goes from a minimum of 80% up to 250%….why?

    • Hi CJ, try hand typing in SPRINGOODLES – no spaces. If you’re still having issues, reach out to Player Services for assistance.

  4. Thank you, thank you, GSN Angel – just won the weekly Amazon $50 sweeps!! It really pays to play GSN everyday!!

  5. Something wrong with the 50 oodles chest ad bonus today. I tried it a few times and it not loading. Refreshed as well, gets stock 75 percent of the way

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