GSN ChaChingo Bingo Winner – gtdeb1101

Congratulations to gtdeb1101 who won $9,478  on 3/6/2018!  Here’s what she had to say:

Thanks GSN! I am excited to be a winner! I have been playing your games daily. I find it very relaxing and fun! And now I am elated to be a grand prize winner! Never in my wildest dreams did I believe this could happen to me!

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16 thoughts on “GSN ChaChingo Bingo Winner – gtdeb1101

  1. Angel I wrote you last week about the bingo deluxe sweepstakes and have they picked any winners yet? I keep checking the winners page but it don’t shoe it

    Thanks for all you do for us………

    • HI Dennis, yep, they’re posted on the winners page! We generally get them to post closer to mid-month, as they have to wait for mail in entries to come.

  2. Hi Angel, just wondering why all the posts on this page are nearly a year old and one is from 2017. Don’t the players matter anymore? I wish there were tangible items in the prize center. I used to be able to get things like magnets, umbrellas, playing cards, lip balm etc. I’m a collector of things I like and they advertise your site. Any possibility of these coming back? I also would love to get the Golden Oodle. I would be willing to use all my oodles to have one. I could also pay cash. Please let them know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Thank you!

    • Hi Pegmaster1, the Announcements page is the one most used now, as you can see. At this time I’ve not heard of any of the prizes you mention coming back. I miss the Golden Ooodle too!

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