Weekly $50 Gift Card Sweeps – elkeblou

Congratulations to elkeblou, winner of a $50 Amazon Gift Card on 1/28/18! 

Shopping is fun. But shopping without spending a cent? More fun. 

Each week during 2018, seven $50 Amazon gift cards are up for grabs. Enter the sweeps as many times as you’d like Monday-Sunday. If you don’t win, you can try again next week! 

Click here for a chance to win a gift card too.

11 thoughts on “Weekly $50 Gift Card Sweeps – elkeblou

    • Hi Vee, sweepstakes aren’t like auctions. They’re more like lotto tickets perhaps. It doesn’t matter how many you get, you have a chance to win with even just one.

      • Well, it truly WAS like that when everybody was limited to just one entry a day (or 7 for the week). Everybody had exactly the same odds of winning. I still don’t understand why they made it unlimited… What other sweepstakes has a fee of 750 oodles per entry? The reason it’s so high is precisely because there was a limit to how many you could get.
        It just doesn’t make any sense the way they changed it. With the limit in place, it allowed even newcomers to GSN to get a real opportunity to win something without having to accumulate a ton of oodles. It was so cool the way it was….My mom and I both won it a few times over the years.

        Could you please see if they will reconsider this change and restore it to how it was?

        Thanks so much for reading my rant, Angel.

        Michelle (aka “Squishmar”)

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