New Game Alert on WorldWinner – Angry Birds Champions!

Angry Birds Champions, the official cash tournament version of Angry Birds​, is now live on WorldWinner here​, a GSN Games brand. Compete to win real money, or play for free in the warm-Up games! 🐦🐥🐷

PS. Angry Birds Champions is coming soon to the WorldWinner mobile app, too! 😍🙌🎉

Angry Birds is one of the world’s most successful mobile games of all time!Slingshot your way to victory by destroying the greedy pigs’ defenses! Learn the powers and strengths of the different birds by clicking on the Rules page.
–Each shot leaves a vapor trail that can be used as a guide for lining up the next shot. 
–You can adjust your view by dragging it from side to side or pinching the screen to zoom in or out. If you’re using a mouse, scroll to zoom in or out. 
–If you forget a bird’s special power, tap the green info button for a reminder. 
–Use as few birds as possible. Leftover birds are worth 10,000 points each
Note:  Some browsers are not compatible with this game. We recommend Chrome or Firefox.

4 thoughts on “New Game Alert on WorldWinner – Angry Birds Champions!

    • tiger9327, WorldWinner negotiated for the game, so they got it, but you can play for free. The warm-ups don’t cost anything (on any of the WorldWinner games)!

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