Angry Birds Champions Tutorial Videos & Tips

Are you playing Angry Birds Champions on WorldWinner? If so click HERE to find our “Angry Birds Champions: Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide

It’s our complete strategy guide to help you become a better player and get in on all the classic, pig-punishing action!

There are these two “How to Play” videos along with “Know Your Birds” and some general tips. 🐦🦃🐥🦅🐷

8 thoughts on “Angry Birds Champions Tutorial Videos & Tips

    • My impression is it was a sponsored game, and people were using a backdoor basically to get in. I don’t know if it’s coming back.

        • Possibly.. if a game is taken down, sometimes the link to it still exists. I would imagine having it added to your favorites saves that link!

          • Hi Vee, it was a sponsored game, and the sponsorship is over. I’ll be sure ot let the games team know you’d like to see it back sometime!

  1. Wow… even after watching the how to I have decided I am way too old for this game. I couldnt even find the button to launch the bird. Oh well

    • Dudlydue, what kind of computer or device are you using? If you’re using a mouse, you grip it with the pointer and let go. If you’re on mobile, you use your finger.

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