Limited-Edition Video Bingo Deluxe: Archie’s Arctic Adventure

Trek the tundra in Video Bingo Deluxe: Archie’s Arctic Adventure!
Collect fish and activate whale-sized boosts to help our favorite penguin find his way home. Once Archie is united with his family, you’ll score a grand prize of 1 MILLION Tokens.

Start now – the game is only available until 1/31. 

Watch the video:

How to play:  

~Select up to 4 cards and place your bet per card. Score bingo by daubing 5 numbers in a row in any direction.
~Earn 1 fish for every space daubed, 3 fish for every Prize Ball, and 25 fish for every bingo.
~Fill the fish meter to help Archie waddle to the next destination on the map. The meter is located in the upper right of the game screen – simply click at any time to view the map.
~Use the Whale to score bonus daubs for each card in play.
~The Albatross guarantees a daub.

Points on the map:

2.Steep Mountain Pass – 1,000 tokens
3.Blizzardy Byway – 2,000 tokens
4.Avalanche Avenue – 5,000 tokens
5.Leopard Seal City – 10,000 tokens
6.Orca Town – 25,000 tokens
7.Crevasse Corner – 50,000 tokens
8.Walrus Way – 100,000 tokens
9.Polar Bear Island – 250,000 tokens
10.Home Sweet Home – 1,000,000 tokens

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