2018 Prize Center Update

Happy New Year! I know some questions have been posted about the Prize Center, and I’d like to thank you for your patience as we worked with the Prize Center Team to bring you the following information: 

The $100 Daily Sweeps and the Monthly Video Bingo Sweeps have been retired, but we hope you’ll enjoy these NEW SWEEPS on the way soon:

$500 Monthly Amazon Sweeps
500,000 Weekly Token Sweeps

Please note that we will also be updating the following sweeps:

$50 Weekly Amazon Sweeps: You’ll be able to enter an unlimited number of times!
Weekly Game Credit Sweeps: 150 Oodle entry fee
Monthly Prize Center Sweeps: 200 Oodle entry fee

Again, thank you for your patience!

132 thoughts on “2018 Prize Center Update

    • 2jellybeans, this is the update we have right now, but I have forwarded yours (and everyone else’s posts), to the prize center team.

      • In all honesty, i don’t think it does a damn bit of good forwarding posts because i feel that they don’t care. They do what they want and to hell with the players. I mean after all, look at how many posts you got last February after you announced the prize center would be updated and as much as we wondered they dragged it out for eleven whole months! The starting jackpot for Chachingo bingo has been cut to $1000 and the hourly increments only increase by $6, but yet we still have to sit thru 2 ads to get our entries. Then this prize center update that most of us are displeased with. We players spend a lot of time trying to earn oodles to hopefully buy something or win a bid for an actual prize, not throw them down the drain on sweepstakes entries which is the same as playing the lottery. Whomever makes these decisions is a real kill joy! I know GSN will lose a lot of players because it’s not worth the time spent now. Most sites try to make changes better, but not GSN.

        • 2jellybeans, I’m listening and I care. I think the rest of the team does too. I also understand your frustration, and it’s exactly why I pass the posts along. It’s important your voices are heard.

          • I agree 100% with the post above. I have saved and saved my oodles hoping to try to bid on a $500 gift card and when I finally seemed to have enough, (about 2 yrs. ago) GSN took away that prize. I played many hours every day to earn oodles and now there is absolutely NOTHING to even bid on but $25 gift cards which are also limited to 7 per week to bid on. People are bidding outrageously for them too. They sure are not worth over 500,000 oodles you have to bid to win one. When I first joined GSN, they had good prizes and then started taking them all away.GSN seems to only worry about tokens and cash players. I also used to be a cash player, but quit because I’d win a tiny bit and then all I seemed to do was donate my money. I know I have spent over $1,000 on World Winner, probably more. Then they also took away the only game I did like playing for cash (Zuma). GSN really is going down hill. I know at least 5-6 people who have been long time players are now talking about quitting because of the lack of prizes and how cheap GSN seems to be getting. I know I have cut back playing A LOT because it is not worth my time spent. It took me over 2 years to earn over 1 million oodles and I played at least 10-16 games EVERY day to make the leader boards with decent scores just to earn oodles. When it takes me that much time, just to earn,maybe , 1- $25 gift card a year is just worthless. I can go earn that much doing surveys in a month’s time. Why should I waste it here trying so hard for that? Yes I do enjoy playing, but it isn’t fun anymore when there is nothing to look forward to. GSN really needs to remember who made them and gave these people their jobs, us loyal, longtime, players. They did say they were going to have new prizes and never followed through with that.If GSN wants more people to join and even stay, they need to seriously do something for us players.

    • I agree – the prize center is a joke.
      I retired after playing daily for a few years – I log on and check back once a month and saw this news – but it’s nothing.

      Whomever bought GSN last year is pretty cheap.

      Too bad the games were pretty fun

  1. 12-27-17
    Is anyone else having problems with viewing videos and ads; for the 20,000 Token green banners and the 50 Oodles, you get for watching each video, in the My games and My To-Doodles rooms?

    Thanks, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone

      • Hi GSN Angel, just where can I find these 20,000 token green banner ads and why is this the first that I’ve heard of them. I’ve never seen them, maybe they’re withheld from my pages? Please help! HAGD Brian

        • Hi mbjkd1960, I’m sorry, I’m not sure what they are either. Perhaps reach out to Player Services by clicking on GSN Help, they should know.

    • I have had several problems and contacted player services. The response was like all ads, they have no control over this situation, My response was then who does take care of these ads that don’t pay and many blank and no credit ads? Then they asked for screenshots and I replied: “how do you get a screenshot of a treasure ads that does not pay you?”
      While on the subject of screenshots, I sent them some of the problems where I was not paid my tokens. . Why do you ask for screenshots, only to give partial correct credit, After back and forth of emails I did get partial credit? I also informed them I know how to restart my my laptop, clear my cookies et, and the problem is on their end. I play everyday but prizes are near impossible to win, I do appreciate the monthly 1000 oodle.bonus but when you need more than 6000 oodles to win anything, it feels useless especially when you have players who have millions of oodles to compete with, I enjoy playing but do get frustrated with these reasons given and having to bicker on how can I win a prize? I do congratulate all winners!!!! thanks for letting me vent:)

      • Before GSN used to give you want you lost or didn’t get credited for. Now the last response I got about the videos not crediting was not everyone gets the same amount of videos every day and GSN is not responsible for them. Well who is then? They were responsible before and gave you the oodles you were owed for watching videos and not getting credited for.The videos are on the GSN site so they should be the ones responsible. It does get frustrating trying to watch videos that don’t credit or don’t come up like they should. When you try 2 different browsers to do so and still get nothing, it is just a bunch of time wasted.

  2. Hey Angel. Thanks for finally give us the news about the Prize Center Update. However, we also like to find out if the Prize Center team will put out Daily auction items. I still never see them at all that we wished to appear. Could you provide the answers to us based on concerns to get those up in the Prize Center? Also, will the Prize Center team work this out in putting Daily gift card auctions to our favorite fast food chains and other places here? I still have yet to see if my Cheesecake Factory gift card request has been granted. If they can’t introduce this could you explain why to me and everybody else based on auction item ideas? Thanks

    • Hi sanbull60, thank you for your thoughts. No, based on the prize center announcement posted here, I don’t believe there will be daily auction items. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t turn up again in the future, it just means right now it doesn’t seem likely to me. I will as always, pass along your thoughts about it! (and I sure could go for a slice of Cheesecake Factory cheesecake, it’s been years and your post made me think of that!)

    • There are still chances to earn cash and prizes in Sweepstakes:
      NEW SWEEPS on the way soon:
      $500 Monthly Amazon Sweeps
      500,000 Weekly Token Sweeps

      $50 Weekly Amazon Sweeps: You’ll be able to enter an unlimited number of times!
      Weekly Game Credit Sweeps: 150 Oodle entry fee
      Monthly Prize Center Sweeps: 200 Oodle entry fee

      • PLEASE DON’T have UNLIMITED entries for all the Sweeps! We all deserve EQUAL chances!
        PLEASE reconsider this ONE thing???
        The ONLY FAIR Sweeps was the limit 7 chances in a week per person.
        I see several players with 21,000,000 oodles!
        How in the world can you ever get over 20 million oodles?

          • Limiting entries would be more democratic.

            On the ones that were not limited I was able to win by getting entries everyday and spending a lot of oodles. Spent all of them last month.

        • You get that many by being an IDIOT like me and saving for years to try to get a decent prize and then end up with GSN taking all the prizes away! While I don’t have near that many oodles, but I saved mine for years and played for hours and hours every single day. I used to play 10-16, sometimes more games to earn oodles that are now really worthless! It is upsetting to many how GSN quit having decent things to bid on with the oodles.

  3. Hi. I know I’m not the only one, as there is much chat going on your FB page about the changes to Prizes on the Prize Center. There don’t seem to be much of any good prizes left. There aren’t even many games to choose from anymore. You’ve taken away some of the best games. The list of choices has progressively gotten smaller. I’ve enjoyed playing on this sight since 2004. ( I was on here through POGO in the beginning). You don’t offer the $.25 games any longer, you’ve split the prizes on games with more than 2 players. WHO DO YOU THINK WILL PURCHASE TOKENS ( WHICH BY THE WAY ARE COMPLETELY USELESS) OR OODLES, WHEN THERE IS NO LONGER A GOOD REASON TO HAVE THEM?

    • Hi Billie, thank you for your feedback. You and I have been around about the same amount of time! (2001 here). I think you’re also talking about WorldWinner as well as GSN in your post? I know a lot of games were removed a few years ago from WorldWinner, mostly because of technical reasons as to my understanding, such as browser compatibility issues. But, more games are coming too. In just the last half year, there’s Solitaire TriPeaks, and now Trivial Pursuit, and more are planned. Please know I’ve only been involved with the WW side of things for about half a year or so though, so my knowledge of WorldWinner’s past isn’t as good as my GSN knowledge. I have passed your thoughts about the WW games to the tournaments team, and the rest to the prize center team!

    • Kathie, I can’t speak for the future and what might happen. The Prize Center has changed and evolved in different ways over time.

    • You’re welcome Dave, I agree, and have asked we give more notice if possible in the future. Thank you for playing on GSN!

  4. Why is it always so hard to find the winners from the previous end of month’s big sweepstakes ? For example the last month was (8) $500 Amazon gift cards but cannot find it, seems like they are always late &/or hard to find, why not made a big deal of and posted on front of home page ?

    • John, winners are posted daily here. To find these, go to the Prize Center page, and scroll down to the link that says “view all winners” under recent winners. Otherwise, monthly winners are generally posted here 5-8 days after the sweeps closes.

  5. It seems to me that retiring the bingo sweeps would be a huge mistake. It’s been one of the biggest reasons for playing and I’m sure token sales would greatly decrease as there is no incentive for purchasing boosts or token packages.

      • You’re right Lila, even though i never won any of the monthly bingo sweepstakes, it was the only reason i played. So, i haven’t bothered playing it now.

  6. Is GSN ever going to bring back Oodles prizes that are actually WORTH something?? I miss the magazine subscriptions and coupons. I’ve been playing on your site for over 7 years now and have never won anything. It seems that GSN is all about “give us your money!!!” all the time — with very very little return for the amount of time we spend collecting Oodles and/or Rewards Points. The majority of your prizes are now worthless pixels. And it’s all but impossible to actually get anything for hundreds of sweepstakes entries. You’ve even ruined the ChaChingo Bingo jackpot.

    • I’m sorry you’re unhappy Jenn. Please know I forward all feedback. Also, please remember playing ChaChingo Bingo is completely free. It’s a chance to win real cash, for free. Good luck btw, hopefully your chance to win will come up. 🙂

    • I blew all my oodles last month and won a $50.00 Amazon card and a $25 Red Robin gift card. I have no oodles left. Glad I did.

  7. You cut the starting jackpot on the hourly bingo game (chacingo), when someone wins, as well a cut in half the hourly increase — now you drop the daily sweeps and the monthly video bingo sweeps — DO YOU EVEN HAVE HALF THE PEOPLE (who were playing) PLAYING ANYMORE????

    • martian56, I’m sorry you’re frustrated, but please remember ChaChingo Bingo is a chance to earn real cash for free. I’m very happy we have it!

      • The only frustration I feel is the “fact” that I have not won nothing but tokens/oodles, in 5 years (hit the jackpot back in 2012), when I play.

    • Hi Brant, please reach out to player services for any account assistance. You can do so by clicking on GSN Help at the top of the page.

  8. I posted a message through my phone.. seems it some how got lost. I am truly sad that we still have NOTHING to bid on except Amazon gift cards. Can some Please let Prize control know, not everyone wants to Amazon.

    • Hi, I’m not seeing another message from you, but maybe it’s been delayed and will show later, but please know I’ve let the Prize Center know that players would be interested in other gift cards as well. I used Walmart as an example. I’ll also be sure to pass this post along too!

  9. HI there. So I’m playing the January Video Bingo Deluxe Archie’s Arctic Adventure for a million. Can you please post the amount of tokens for each post/stop?

    Thanks Bunches,
    Carrie CUlp AKA CCLYNN

  10. I won the $ 100 Daily Sweepstakes back on Thanksgiving and have yet to receive a check. With your having discontinued this and most other viable prizes, I and many others are wondering what’s up with you guys ?
    Daily $100 Sweepstakes 23-Nov mcm18416507.ids

    • Congratulations on your win Dennis! Checks generally take 4-6 weeks to arrive. This is the start of the 6th week after the Thanksgiving holiday. If you don’t get a check by Friday or Saturday, I’d reach out to Player Services next Monday and ask them to look in to it for you.

  11. Dear GSNAngel I hope you can put in the word to please keep the Amazon Sweeps at a limited # of entries.
    It’s the only thing I’ve won in a long time. Thanks:
    * Weekly Gift Card Auction & Sweeps 19-Nov incucrash

  12. I am very disappointed-fees are higher for for game credit drawings and sure not much for prizes.I would like to see more gift cards for fast food or restaurants. I dont use amazon at all. Most sites offer gift cards.

    • The trend has been for less prizes for quite a while. That is why i have said don’t hoard the oodles use them. The people stuck with oodles will face oodle inflation if they ever do bid on it again.

  13. Hi, Angel.. Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. The “prize center” is really a joke now — there is nothing worth accumulating oodles anymore. Surely some of your advertisers could pony up some real prizes in exchange for ad time. All of GSN’s new changes appear to be in GSN’s favor — with the appearance that the powers that be are either greedy or the site is in financial difficulties. I’ve been playing on this site for many years — almost every day, missing only when indisposed or have computer problems. I only play the token games (because I’m too cheap to play for real money). I’m close to being addicted to GSN. During all this time the only tangible thing I’ve “won” is a subscription to Readers Digest a couple of years ago. But, you’ve given me many hours of fun and distraction from the ravages of 83 years. THANK YOU!!

    • Grannybiv, thank you for your feedback as well, and it’s been passed on. I’m happy you’ve had many hour of happy fun here. To be honest, so I have I with you guys! 😀

  14. Angel can you please tell me if they are going to totally eliminate the auction for the $25 GC that we bid on weekly? I did not see that addressed but maybe I missed it. Thanks for your help.

  15. Yeah, this is about what I expected when I heard changes were coming to the Prize Center. They are NEVER changes that are better for us players. (Hey… whatever happened to the new and improved message boards? They became this… where all sense of community is gone. :-()

    So anyway… “$50 Weekly Amazon Sweeps: You’ll be able to enter an unlimited number of times!”

    This was a wonderful contest that you actually had a chance of winning because everyone was limited to the same amount of entries. If they need us to throw away our oodles, then raise the entry amount but PLEASE keep it to one entry per person. It’s the only thing we have left to try to win in the Prize Center.

    Thank you, Angel for passing these thoughts on and I still miss your weekend Oodles Games!

    Michelle (squishmar)

  16. Video Bingo sweepstakes is retired…so sad 🙁 I loved it and I won 4 times last year. will the $500 amazon sweepstakes be like Video Bingo where you play to enter?

  17. I have enjoyed playing on this site for many years. I regularly purchase tokens, mainly because I have enjoyed betting decent amounts on the video bingo game. With the chance to win fun prizes each month, this offered incentive to deposit and bet larger to attain more entries, thus more chances to win… I now view the token system as virtually useless. I feel no incentive to purchase them as they are basically now useless. I may as well use the free ones each day and bet very small to earn oodles for the day’s promotion. As a regular depositor for quite some time, just my deposits alone were enough to cover some of the prizes that were offered each month. I’m sure there are many others who feel this way as well. Even the chachingo is boring now, starting out smaller and climbing at a snail’s pace. I am very disappointed in the changes that have been made, but at least on the bright side, I guess this will save me a good chunk of money each month as I will no longer be buying any tokens unless changes are made to make them worth something again. I was spending enough paying for tokens that I could have bought myself most of the prizes on a regular basis. I will check in from time to time and hope for some positive changes. Thanks for all the fun I have had here over the years. They do say that all good things must come to and end…. So sad!!!

    • Shellie, thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your thoughts and have passed them along to the rest of the team. Thank you for playing with us over the years too.

  18. sad, today Monday, there is no chance to win a gift card, the bids are already burning hot ( 1 million oodles +) and the Sweeps have gone up, if you don’t win, you lose all your oodles ! 🙁

  19. Freakin games stink anymore. Can’t win anything. Things must be as bad as we think they are. You watch videos to play, and they steal it right back in minutes.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance so they can investigate. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

  20. my name is april perry I love to play the games on your web site but I don’t play cash games because I can’t afford it. For people like me that play only oodle games there is nothing on your prize list to use oodles on unless you go to the other web site called world winner and play cash games. So please put some stuff on your prize list for people like me so we will have the same chances at winning great stuff as everybody else thank you for listening.

  21. I agree with everyone here, how they feel. I feel the same way too. It takes time to win oodles and you have to redeem a lot for a $25.00 gift card. The only prize is winning the Bingo.

  22. I have played here for 10 years and I am finished no good prizes I just put a half of a million oodles on the game credit sweepstakes and got zero in return it WAS a good site but not now goodbye

  23. What happened to the Oodler of the Month? Oh them Golden Oodles, Oh them Golden Oodles lol. Haven’t noticed a winner in a while.

    • Hi Sylvia, the monkey can come and go. He’ll be back someday for you. You may want to try clearing your browser cache and see if that brings him back sooner.

  24. I’ve been having an ongoing e-mail storm with Players Service for over a week. Most of the correspondence was to explain the problem — over and over — before they eventually appeared to understand it, and then it was blamed on “3rd party” errors over which they had no control. But perhaps, I finally know why. The last e-mail came from “World Winner” and NOT GSN. My problem was with token issues, not cash games. I thought World Winner had taken over the CASH games only. It now appears World Winner is taking over the whole site. Therein lies the basis for all the problems, from a virtually non-existent “Prize Center” to game and/or other token based issues. Is it true, Angel? Has GSN been taken over by World Winner? If so, where is World Winner based? During my many recent contacts with Player’s Service, I had begun to believer that English was not the first language with some of the respondents. I don’t have a problem with that as long as they have a working knowledge of the site and how it works (or is supposed to work). Thanks for lending an ear, Angel. Please tell me this will not affect you and your job. You are the only ray of light on a site that appears to be going downhill.

    • Hi Grannybiv, no, WorldWinner is not taking over GSN. In fact, WorldWinner belongs to GSN. We’ve shared player service resources for years with cash games, that’s not changed at all. I’m sorry your customer service experience was disappointing, I’ve passed your post to player services so they can review. I do also work on WorldWinner, but I’m not leaving GSN! 🙂

  25. You can really get nothing with tokens so why add a new token prize? I prefer oodles,at least you can use them to bid..Who thought of the new prize center ideas?Mabey there should be more winning options useing tokens as per prizes,auctions,etc.I am not pleased..

  26. If I had known they were going to remove all the magazine subscriptions from the Prize Center the beginning of last year, I would’ve bought 10-years’ worth of National Geographic with my Oodles and then quit GSN.

  27. It’s boring to play the seasonal and monthly bingo games without sweepstakes. i stayed on gsn much longer each day to try to get ahead. I wish you would bring it back. I realize its for free just give smaller p-rizes if need be but please bring it back.

  28. Guess it’s time to get some prizes to buy back, don’t you think ? After all the previous comments. and on 1- 25.00 gift card for a half million tokens. that one took the cake. Put back the magazines and things to purchase again !!!!!!! This should tell someone it was not one of their best idea.

  29. Why doesn;t player services reach out to players to explain such horrible changes. We always go through you angel and your a great sounding board but nothing ever gets changed. why don’t they explain how it went froma site that was exciting to a site that is so boring what are we playing for.? Again thank you for being a sounding board and passing out information.

  30. Thank you for the 1,000 OODLES for February, also for the Love is in the Air , just finished it. Wish you could bring back books and other things we could win with our OODLES. Thank you for the Game Site

  31. I too hate the prizes that are available now. I remember when you could get a digital scale, atomic clock or a $10 gift card for McDonald’s for x number of oodles. Now, we are all betting against each other for prizes that are not really any good. It would also be nice to buy cash game credits for x number of oodles.

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