12 thoughts on “2018 New Year Oodlectible

  1. Happy New Year,
    We have waited over a year for the “New Improved Prizes in the Prize Center” STILL WAITING – & now the daily $100 (which was $250 – before it was improved) is gone too? Why do you continue to take things away from loyal GSN members?
    Thank you,

      • Again, still waiting a year later for new and improved – Amazon in my opinion is not new nor improved, I do not bid for such nonsense prizes. So I guess I just keep adding oodles for the hope of having a couple million to get a real gift card on Black Friday, Cyber Monday, but know how GSN is, those will be retired also!

        • Hi Flo, I appreciate your feedback, as always (and it’s been passed on). I’m sorry for your disappointment, and I do understand. I have let the prize center know other kind of gift card prizes like Walmart would be appreciate as well, so hopefully we’ll see something along those lines at some point.

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