Cyber Monday Winners


Amazon Sweeps Winners
Username Prize
dorak1 $50.00 Gift Card
sharonscott227 $50.00 Gift Card
squishmar $50.00 Gift Card
squishmar $50.00 Gift Card
squishmar $50.00 Gift Card
LESANNEVANS $50.00 Gift Card
klippowitsch $50.00 Gift Card
BrownTurkey $50.00 Gift Card
atimothy6 $50.00 Gift Card
shellie5000 $50.00 Gift Card
gimpy329 $50.00 Gift Card
squishmar $50.00 Gift Card
willfromva $50.00 Gift Card
espygirl $50.00 Gift Card
lat3stngr3at3st $50.00 Gift Card
zekester3 $50.00 Gift Card
NothingNowhere13 $50.00 Gift Card
njc7777 $50.00 Gift Card
sblackmon $50.00 Gift Card
Animus13 $50.00 Gift Card
turtle297 $50.00 Gift Card
atimothy6 $50.00 Gift Card
gag3145 $50.00 Gift Card
phillip25 $50.00 Gift Card
Amazon Auctions Winners Bid
12am-12pm lightn76 2,123,875
12pm-12am AZNOAM 1,880,000
Tokens Sweeps Winners
Pitoscia 500,000 Tokens
carolinegdx.myp 250000 Tokens
murdockite4152 100,000 Tokens

9 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Winners

    • I know!!! Thank you! I didn’t think I had won anything for Black Friday or Cyber Monday and thought I’d check here again just to be sure…. I was stunned to see my name FOUR times here and twice for Friday! I spent in total (for both days) around 180,000 oodles. It sure was worth it!

      Thanks so much, GSN for the $300(!) in Amazon gift cards!!

        • just reading this on Christmas ..Hope you have a great won..and thank you for letting me know the oddle count..Alway wonder if i am even getting close so this is wonderful news.. WTG and keep this up ..You will have a great year..I just know it !! Bless your heart \0/

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