Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Sweeps & Auctions!

Happy Black Friday! Enter sweepstakes and auctions TODAY and CYBER MONDAY  in the Prize Center for your chance to win big:

$50 Gift Card Sweeps & Auctions:
Sweeps: Enter to win EVERY HOUR!
Auctions: Bid 12am-12pm ET and then 12pm-12am ET 

500,000, 250,000, and 100,000 Token Sweeps:
Enter all day for your chance to win!

21 thoughts on “Black Friday & Cyber Monday: Sweeps & Auctions!

  1. Is it only going to be Amazon, no Walmart or anything else? I’m at Walmart all the time. This is how many times i have used Amazon….NEVER!

  2. Never mind my previous comment. It was confusing about the bidding for the gift cards I guess Bid 12am-12pm and 12pm-12am. means you only get to bid twice a day and not every hour. Not as fun as bidding every hour, but it is what it is.

  3. I am very disappointed. I saved my oddles all year for Black Friday hoping to snag a gift card. And what happens? There are only 2 chances to win by bidding, Sure you can enter a sweepstakes every hour but it is going to cost you potentially all your oodles. Lets say I have 800,000 oodles and I make a bid. The worse case scenario is if I dont win I only loose 75 oodles. On the other hand lets say I enter the sweepstakes and dont win then I loose everything. Who is the real winner here? I think mostly not the dedicated players. You may as well not even have Black Friday or Cyber Monday next year.

    • I’m sorry you’re disappointed Dudly, I’ll be sure to pass your feedback to the prize team. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!

    • I agree 100% Dudly. The couple of giftcards were for $50. total,
      so after you save ALL year, who would spend ALL those oodles for only 2 possible $50. cards?
      as far as Amazon goes-
      I love them. ❤ They ship everywhere- usually free.
      …Better luck next year!

    • I agree with you Dudly…very disappointed in this years Black Friday & Cyber Monday gift card giveaway. Not as many chances to win this year & for Amazon cards only. Don’t understand why Amazon gift cards is the ONLY gift card GSN gives away anymore. Even only Amazon ones now in the gift card drawing that is now weekly, not daily.

  4. I have been playing on gsn for a few years now and I didn’t know about the black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on this site. I will pay attention next year cause I don’t want to miss out on the deals. I am thankful for anything you can offer me to win. I am happy that I won a Amazon gift card the end of October. I still haven’t spent it yet cause there are so many things I want and need. I have never been on Amazon before I won the gift card and I was surprised about how much they had to offer. Thanks gsn for my gift card I really appreciate it and will be put to good use.

  5. I won the $50 Amazon Gift card for Black Friday. Does this disqualify me from the Turkey drawing? I’ve got over 6,000 entries for that.

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