Maine Oodlectible

We continue to celebrate the United States of America. Ready to explore our beautiful states? Add this view of America to your Collections Box and let’s learn more about the State of Maine! Ends 11/22. Find this Oodlectible here

~Capital: Augusta
~State Nickname: The Pine Tree State
~State Cat: Maine Coon Cat
~State Vessel: Schooner Bowdoin
~State Dessert: Blueberry Pie
~State Berry: Wild Blueberry
~State Gemstone: Tourmaline
~State Tree: White Pine

4 thoughts on “Maine Oodlectible

  1. The Maine Oodlectible is so pretty☺.That blue color is a very beautiful sight to see! it. Makes my collection looks real nice..Thank you!!!..

  2. not getting credit for video bingo deluxe. this site keeps getting worse every day .i know you dont want to hear it……but you need a change in personel……sorry.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance so they can investigate. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

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