Deuces Wild Poker Updates

Happy Friday! We wanted to let you know the top prize (Natural Royal Flush) in Deuces Wild has increased to 500x, and the Straight Flush prize has increased to 10x to allow for some bigger jackpots! Note: The Four of a Kind prize is now 4x. 

3 thoughts on “Deuces Wild Poker Updates

  1. The increase would be nice if you ever hit it. Odd are slim that you will hit a Natural Royal flush. On the other hand it is very doable to hit a four of kind and now the payout has decreased. Sorry but I dont see the benefit for the player here.

    • I agree! Why would players be happy for you to reduce 4 of a kind? it is so exciting to hit this hand and very doable. Why should it be worth only as much as a flush? Are payouts too high on 4 of a kinds’s? This is my favorite game and I think I hit a royal flush twice in all the years I played. Wrong strategy on GSN part

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