Maintenance Starting 4am August 23

We wanted to let you know in advance that on Wednesday, August 23, we’ll be doing maintenance. You may experience being temporarily unavailable for about an hour starting at 4am EST. Your patience is appreciated as we work to get everything back up and running as quickly as possible!

Please know the game issues have been reported (Lingo, Wheel of Fortune, and Lingo)

22 thoughts on “Maintenance Starting 4am August 23

  1. I figured something was wrong because when i looked at the WOF leaderboard all scores were posted before the site went down for maintenance. It’s only showing like 83 people played it and nobody played after 6 am. LOL

  2. well unfortunate for me ….my lingo started acting up yesterday…..not good….driving me crazy…..a lot of the ads are not crediting either……at least bi see an end now unless the ad problem persists……

  3. Thanks for getting the WOF and Lingo issues resolved!!!! And thank you also for the customer service gesture as well.

  4. 8-24-17 6:47 AM ET
    I cannot play ChaChingo Bingo. Trivia Question Wonder Wheel of any other game on GSN. I’m assuming that the Maintenance had some thing to do with that. I have reported it to Help. I can go to another website that offers games and play without any problems.

  5. today August 24,2017 the betsoft gaming feature is not available. I have checked my computer etc, and the error shown say …error occurred @ sign in. Is it down for maintance also.

  6. I am having a problem logging into my GSN website its telling me something is wrong with my internet, but nothing is wrong with my internet. I can’t log in to play my buffalo slot.. Is something wrong with the webpage?

    • Hi, if you’re still having issues today please be sure to reach out to Player Services. Make sure to redeem your promo code as well. Post is here.

  7. Went to play my favorite casino games for happy hours and there not available.Pinochio,Godfather slots etc..guess no 750 oodles for me tonight.I do not have Adobe flash player and do not wish to install.

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