Leaderboard Update

We apologize for the issue with the GSN Leaderboards not crediting.Β The issue has been resolved and you will be credited yesterday’s Oodles somewhere between 4-5pm ET today. Thank you for your patience!

If you have any further issues, please be sure to reach out to player services by clicking on GSN Help at the top of the mainΒ GSN.com page.

15 thoughts on “Leaderboard Update

  1. I’m not positive yet, but I think my Chachingo problem has been resolved. I’ve had no issues today. YAY!!! I’ll let you know if anything changes.

  2. Any update on the prize center issue – seems like I remember in February the message was – look for updates in the near future or something like that – if it’s not gonna happen could we get an update. Oodles are really of no value – other than fun in playing for them.


  3. Why has the auction/sweepstakes winners’ list not been posted for more than 2 weeks? On August 14 the week ending August 6 was posted but nothing since. I like to know what the winning bids were.

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