$22,308 ChaChingo Bingo Winner – julieann4

Congratulations julieann4 for winning a record breaking $22,308 GSN ChaChingo Bingo jackpot on 8/2/2017! We’re very excited for her! Here’s what she told us:

Hi this is Julieann419,  I still can’t believe that I actually won!  I had a stroke 4 years ago and started playing GSN Games to improve my hand eye coordination, which has improved vastly. Now I play mostly for fun! My favorite games are majong any any kind of bingo.  My husband and I are both semi-retired so the jackpot is real blessing.  It pays to play!!  Thanks to everyone with their congratulations  Keep playing!!   Julie

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13 thoughts on “$22,308 ChaChingo Bingo Winner – julieann4

  1. Congratulation !! What a lucky break that was for you!! Hope you are having a great dayMaybe one day it will come my time to win that jackpot!!!

  2. Julieann4, what a beautiful photo of you! You look serene and happy!!!. ENJOY every moment planning the use of your winnings…whatever you do, God Bless…

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