Wheels & Deals for Oodles & Tokens!

It’s all about wheels, deals and a whole lot of Oodles & Tokens!

  • Play 100 spins of ANY Wheel of Fortune Slots game or Deal or No Deal Slots (or a little bit of all!) and we’ll give you 150 Oodles. Repeat up to 5X each day for 750 Oodles.*
  • Plus as an added bonus, for every 50,000 Tokens wagered in ANY Wheel of Fortune Slots games or Deal or No Deal Slots, you’ll earn a 2,000 Token Rebate. Repeat up to 10X each day for 20,000 Tokens.**

Don’t miss out – both of these offers end at midnight ET 7/20. Details on My GSN.


3 thoughts on “Wheels & Deals for Oodles & Tokens!

  1. Do you know if they’re ever going to get some good prizes to bid on or just buy like they use to. Just seems like a waste of time doing all this spinning to get oodles and have nothing to spend them on

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