Coming Soon: Weekend in Vegas Slots

A brand new game is on the way! Weekend in Vegas Slots features 243 ways to win, with a Money Wheel, Double Up mini game, and more. We’ll let you know when it arrives — in the meantime, get ready for the strip with Mr. Vegas Slots!

33 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Weekend in Vegas Slots

    • can we ever get oodles for promos for regular games. I love eggs word games,spades, splitature etc. All we are offered are promos on slots. It seems it would help players that like strategy games like me that take some thought. Slots are so boring, just going around and around–no thinking involved. Also I think it discourages people from playing the regular games-not slots-because no oodles are offered.

      • Hi J, I believe the Oodle promos are only for casino games, but I’ll pass your suggestion on for the others. 🙂

  1. Will this be a regular slot game or one meant for mobile apps. The ones made for mobile apps don’t play as well on a regular computer. Just wondering.

  2. Tried Weekend in Vegas and it looks promising. Lost consistently today but will try again soon. Still having problems with ad interference with games. Had problems in all Wheel of Fortune slots and Deal or no deal. It appears the biggest problems come with the Google administered video ads. Had to constantly refresh pages. The “credit” based ads are not affected because they take up the entire page with no room left for ads. I love the GSN slots but have limited my play due to frustration with this problem. Thanks for the sounding board, Angel.

  3. Oops, I meant to say the “credit” based games (not ads) are not affected……
    After 83 years you would think I would have learned to type!

  4. Another “Million Oodle Sweepstakes.” Not doing it. Not touching it all until and unless they announce the results of the “More Gold Diggin’.”

  5. I’m not a fan of these games that can be played on the computer or mobile,although this has been a more rewarding game than the previous games introduced. But tell the game designers to give us a break on this type for a while.

    • 2jellybeans, I will do so. Thank you for checking it out! I’m off to play it myself, haven’t had a chance yet.

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