The Dealer has a Bonus for You!

The cards may be wild, but your rewards are guaranteed with today’s bonus! Play Deuces Wild Poker now to stock your account.

• Pocket 150 Oodles when you finish 10 games. Repeat up to 5X per day.*
• Pocket 2,000 Tokens INSTANTLY when you play 50,000. Repeat up to 10X per day.**

Get started now – this bonus is gone midnight ET 7/30. Details on My GSN


6 thoughts on “The Dealer has a Bonus for You!

  1. Thanks for bring DeucesWild back! Love those cards games and all those Oodles and Tokens! You all are the GREATES!!!!

  2. can you tell me when I will get told of the problem that I gave to the help support team I got one from world winners but not from gsn,com. I sent the question on July 24 still no response Thanks


    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services again for assistance so they can investigate.

  3. Cannot connect to Angel on Facebook, so here goes: We are still do not have these new prizes you & the site said to expect months to almost a year ago. 2nd :
    Videos for the Oodles (that we do not have any real prizes to use them for – but us foolish gsners keep hoping) They do not show up at the time I log in for daily bonus or even all day – it has become ridiculous for us to try to get these bonus videos for oodles. Why did you change something that was NOT BROKE? If we get lucky the chest for videos will show up before the new midnight log in!

    • Hi Flo, I do not have any updates regarding the prize center, but will post them if I get them. Please be sure to keep reaching out to Player Services regarding any video issues.

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