Pick Your Play and Score!

Kick back with your favorite casino game or try a new one! Whatever you play, you’ll rack up the rewards this week:

  • Score 150 Oodles when you play 25 games. Repeat up to 5X per day.
  • Pocket 2,000 Tokens instantly when you play 50,000. Repeat up to 10X per day.

Get started now – this deals only around until midnight ET 7/27. Details on MY GSN.


11 thoughts on “Pick Your Play and Score!

  1. Hello Angel!!! Awesome, thanks for giving us another promo where we get to play any of our own casino games again!!! I’m having so much fun with Play Your Faves and now we’re extremely excited to rack up more easy oodles with Pick Your Play. Angel, I wish it can only be promos where we pick and play casino games for indefinite weeks and months. If this turn happens, then it will be gathering rewards easily while being addicted to certain games. I love this and giving anyone a fair chance to pick games they like and which ones they dislike the most.

    Please allow me to talk off topic from the Pick Your Play discussion. I’m still waiting for the update on the Prize Center. When will they include more new gift cards and new auction prizes that we never seen before? The Prize Center is still almost bone dry and hasn’t completed yet. Angel, will you announce the update in August or somewhere in the fall? I’m still frustrated and eager to find out if the Prize Center team will give the good news to all fellow players. Once again, I know you kept your promise to announce the transformation to the Prize Center on Player News. Everyone, my fellow chat friends, and me need the one answer if our dreams will promise to happen on the changes. Will it become a holy miracle in our souls or an atmosphere full of sadness in every human being? I will see the brand new Prize Center no matter how many months and years I played on the site. Please help all of us including me on the renovations to the Prize Center. Thanks very much

    • I absolutely agree. I have tons of oodles (tokens too but that’s a whole other matter) and nowhere to spend them. Everybody is probably just piling up oodles in anticipation of more options. It would be nice to know when that will happen. If I don’t hear soon, I may just go crazy on the current card auction and blow off this site completely because there’ll be nothing left here for me. 🙁

      • Hey Sassymmmm!!! Yeah I know you’re not the only fellow chat friend to complain about if new stuff will eventually be added to the Prize Center. And yes too, if a Token Prize Center will be developed in the future, many even more valuable prizes will be available for more exciting fun. The Prize Center is just mainly Sweepstakes and Oodlectibles, which I couldn’t afford either!!! They are so expensive causing me to stop buying them and decorating my collections box. Please bring back our low costs oodlectibles or our new memories will be in the void here. I also don’t even care about sweepstakes. I will lose my oodles no matter the entry fee and whether I’ll be drawn placing as a new winner or not. I may not win anyway on those hundreds attempting to score that valuable prize. Sassymmmm, all we can do is to calm down and work this out with Angel and our answers. We can talk in the chat room if you wanted to in a group discussion.

        Angel, when will you respond to my posts on the Pick Your Play promo pages that you posted on 7/24/17? Do you have other players that you needed to respond to and not mine on these extremely serious things? Don’t you have any answers in a timely manner about this Prize Center issues? Sassymmmm and I aren’t leaving GSN and we’ll continue to see if you are going to announce the turn around on Player News. I won’t leave GSN until I say so like when I have enough fun or win many exciting things.
        Please respond to my posts and Sassymmmm’s post waiting on these pieces of the jigsaw put together.

        • sanbull60, I’m sorry, I do not have any answers for you regarding the Prize Center. As I’ve said, when I do, I will be sure to post something. Until then, all I can do is keep telling you I don;t have updates. I’m sorry, I know that’s frustrating.

    • GSNAngel, you forgot to respond to my long post that I typed to you.
      Please talk to me when you get a chance based on my comments and concerns. Thanks very much.

    • Everyone has been piling up oodles because there is nothing to spend them on. I think they are not giving anymore prizes to non cash players.

  2. I love having this as the promo for the second time in a row!!!! I wouldn’t complain if this happened every time.

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