Community Update: July 20, 2017

Hello Island Hoppers!

The flying Monkeys from Tiki Skies say thank you for all the feedback you have been giving on our new feature – Club Contests! We have some big plans for it in the future and are eager to share it with you, but until then here’s what’s coming up for our next update!

Upcoming Changes:

  • TriPeaks Friends Help: We have permanently increased the amount of helps per day from 10 to 20.
  • Free Plays: The Coin payout for Free Plays will now be the same as games entered normally with Coin cost.
  • Club Point Leaderboard Calculation: A Club’s weekly Club Point total will be equal to the sum of all current member’s individual contributions. When a player leaves or is kicked from a Club, their Club Point contribution will be subtracted from the total. A member rejoining during the same event will have their contribution added back. Perk progress will not be affected.

What’s New in 3.10?:

  • Treasure Shrine – Congratulate the Winner: See who’s won before and congratulate them to win a free Medallion. (See “Note about feature testing” below).
  • New Club Gem Shop item – 30 minutes of Free Play.
  • Results Screen Update: Keep an eye out for a new widget on the Results screen where useful and fun stuff (inviting friends, etc) might appear.
  • Player ID: You can now find your personal Player ID by tapping on the GUIDE button from the Menu. Your Player ID will be at the bottom of the Tiki Island Guide.
  • Battery Optimizer: We’ve optimized the battery performance of the game. Solitaire TriPeaks should use less battery power now.

Note about feature testing:

  • Many of you have noticed that some players will see new features while others may not, due to how we test features.  Our feature testing process allows us to test new and updated features with a small group of players before we expose it completely to the entire community. It’s important, not just for us, but for players too as it helps us get experiences/changes/new things in a good place based on how you as players actually use them.

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