7 thoughts on “Letter “I” Oodlectible

  1. Hi,
    When will the results of the auctions be published? The last auction results posted were for week ending 6/11/17. Thanks

    • Hi b_burd, we are having issues with the tool that allows us to access the winners to post. It’s being worked on, and we’re catching up on posts as we’re able. Hopefully we’ll be back to weekly winner postings soon.

  2. I clicked to purchase the Letter “I” Oodlectible and received a Letter “H” oodlectible instead which I already have. I found the Letter “I” Oodlectible in the prize center and purchased it, but I do want you to know that when I tried to purchase it in the player news it does come up as the “H” Oodectible and would like to get my 250 Oodles back due to this.

    • Hi Barbara, apologies for the wrong link, I’ve fixed it in the post. Player Services has refunded your Oodles. In the future, please reach out directly to them by clicking on Help at the top of the page. They’re the people who can provide refunds or assist with any account issues. 🙂

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