GSN ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Alert!

UPDATE: $19,068 and growing as of 6:40pm ET 7/21

At $18,192 and counting,  the GSN Chachingo Bingo jackpot is getting up there! Tell us how you  would spend the money if you win.

We have hourly drawings. Pick your numbers here for your chance to win.


107 thoughts on “GSN ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot Alert!

  1. I would take my wife of 30 years on a vacation to anywhere she wanted to go. and a few bills would get paid off.

  2. This is certainly the highest I have ever seen it. That’s more than half of what I make in a year. If I won that, I would likely by a modest used car for my mother because she needs a car, get a good gaming computer that I’ve been wanting, and likely put most of the rest into savings. Of course, there’s also the tax to think about…

  3. I am surprised the jackpot has gotten that high; never thought it would after introducing the second pick. I, like many, would use the money on bills but save some for fun. I desperately would love to go on a nice vacation something i haven’t been able to do in years. Best of luck to all.

  4. Whoohoo! This is one of the highest jackpots ever! Would love to win and join my daughter’s youth orchestra on their tour next year. We are fund raising just to send her but winning this ChaChingo jackpot would let us go too! Good luck everyone!

  5. We would splurge a bit….upgrade to smart phones which we haven’t been able to do. Buy a new recliner as my husbands is broke and hurts his back. The rest would be put aside to help us make ends meet every month which has become quite a challenge with my mother in law’s hydrocephalus and our sons muscular dystrophy. Please let us win!

  6. 1 – Pay ALL our bill balances
    2 – Take hubby on a much-needed vacay
    3 – Buy unemployed son and his family groceries every week for the rest of the year
    4 – Save the rest in a NEW emergency fund

  7. Mine was out earlier- kept getting an “error”
    Glad it’s back- I put in numbers if I wake up in the middle of the night, lol.
    Looks like we all have bills to pay- and then deserve a splurge. 🙂

  8. Get repair work done on my car so I can drive to South Carolina to visit my​ aging aunts and uncles
    Pay off some their bills
    Hold on to the rest for a rainy day

  9. i would make sure i have any owed money paid, get a good workin a gas friendly vehicle, and pay daughters cell phone bill for a year and get me a cell phone, buy my boyfriend clothes he lives on nothing, and have a shoe party taking 3 other friends to buy a new pair of shoes and remodel roofs on my sheds and they will then have floors and have food to back me up in hard times and save for emergencies, would love to be in good shape, a one night stay at the surftides hotel at the beach, need to be home

  10. I would go invest in a few cars down at the auction, turn them over then build my girl an office / warehouse for her E-Bay Biz she desperately needs !! and hold a little back to take her out for a week-end :’)

  11. what a hugh jackpot !!!! I would pay on my bill, help my kids with their bills, and we would all go on a weekend vacation,and the rest that is left will be save for a rainy day!!! Good luck to some lucky player and hope it is me !!!!!!!!

  12. I am an Uber driver. I drive part time doing full time hours trying to get caught up with some bills. A week ago Saturday, two passengers I was transporting got into a fight in the back seat. When I reached the alleged location, one got out of the car and threw a punch at the other in the car through the back windshield. I had to borrow with a bad loan to get it fixed. In the meantime am still waiting on a reimbursement. If there is a god, he can show up at any time and help me match the numbers I have been playing for over a year (14, 22, 42, 56, and 87) or (10, 28, 43, 65 and 80)

  13. As it seems with most, I to would pay off a few credit cards, and since both my wife and I work all the time, I would like to take her and I on at least a mini vacation.

  14. Since I have been walking the last of couple of years, transmission went out, no money to get fixed and my chronic rheumatoid arthritis is making it harder for me to work, I would love to win and buy me a much needed car and pay off some overdue bills! I would also help my daughter who has this rare stomach disorder and can’t work like she used too.

  15. I definitely would pay my bills off first! Then, I would buy me a new car. My hubby and I need a car bad! We just broke down yesterday and had to have the car towed. Hopefully, the auto repair guy will have it fixed today. I am cringing at the thought of the cost!

  16. I’ve always wondered if people pick their own numbers or do quick pick. I have played the same numbers for years 🙂 And what would happen if more than one person had the winning numbers? If I won I put try to help some friends who are struggling more then I am, put some toward my sons Marching Band costs and maybe splurge on something small for myself. Good luck to all GSN enthusiasts!

    • I always use the quick pick, I figure it doesn’t really matter. The numbers are randomly drawn, so I may as well randomly draw myself. According to the official rules, each player that selects all five numbers is deemed a winner within a particular entry period and receives the specified grand prize. So if more than one person had the winning numbers, then any that did would receive the full prize, at least according to the official rules.

      • Thanks ProfessorTofty! That would make sense. It never occurred to me thats what would happen. Good luck and have a fabulous day! 🙂

    • i do not think it matter if you pick your own numbers or do quick pick,it’s the luck of the draw !!! I have tried both ways for years!! So goog luck to some lucky player !!!!!!

      • Hi Vernice.Thanks for your reply. I have played the same numbers for years and am afraid if I changed it that would be the time my numbers would come up. Good luck to you and all Bingo players! 🙂 Have a fabulous day!!

  17. Good luck everybody! Today would be my mom’s 85th birthday. She died 3 weeks ago. I would buy a headstone for her grave first. Then remodel the bathroom in which she died, then put the rest towards my daughter’s college tuition this fall.

    • My condolences to you on the loss of your mom. I understand, I lost my mother April 2016 (she was 70). I remember how important it was to keep my promise to take her back home to be buried with my dad and it was a miracle that came at the right time that allowed us to get the headstone they both so much deserved. Best wishes to you, comfort and peace!

  18. Well I would pay some bills, take my husband of 48 years to dinner, bank some of the money and, of course, I would fill my GSN account with enough money to play cash games every day…What a “score’…Thank you GSN and wish me luck on playing cash games, luck and skill is a winner on Cash Games………

  19. We’ve been without a car for over two years so definitely would get a car! And pay vet bill for my kitty that went in a week ago and is still there.

  20. we didn’t get to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary last year,but wow if we could celebrate our 51st this year wow. and maybe take his 99year mom lol.

  21. I would fix my car (it has not worked for several years). It would be awesome to not have to rely on someone else for transportation!

    I would also take my daughter on vacation as a graduation gift.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  22. I would have the a.c. fixed in my husband’s truck and would have a septic thank put in at the farm so we could have a bathroom and water !

  23. I would help my parents with medical bills my father has been in the hospital with kidney failure they had to remove 1 of them due to cancer but the other one is not working. I would love to take away some of there worries. That is what I would do if I won.

    • Sorrow to hear about the illness of your father. God is good and he is with you and your family. We all would love to win that Hugh jackpot, so good luck to everyone!!!

  24. I work at a nusing home, I would the pts some very needed thing that they need. some mandy don’t have family members to buy things they need. then I would pay off some bills with whats left..

  25. Just having fun dreaming of it Have to pay pay taxes on it first ..than I have always wanted to pay the person’s bill in line with me buying groceries’. I am alone w/pets so what little I do have I am so grateful for so mostly I love to give then maybe I would buy me little something ..Gl to all who play 😉

  26. Let me tell you how I would spend that chachingo money. I would thank my lord and savor GOD and my friend’s at G.S,N. that as of the day I got the money I would no longer wonder if I would make it thur a month and if I could pay my bill’s. and let’s all not forget FOOD that most costly of all. being in a wheelchair for more than 37 year’s now some month’s I wanderer if it has been long enough at life totally disabled and then I think of my beautiful granddaughter and a wonderful son. So you asked what would I spend the money on? making my life and those I can help in anyway I will be able to make life easier and better sign me BOTH FINGER’S CROSSED 🙂

  27. I would pay off my vacation, give some to the food pantry, and tear up my carpet and refinish the hardwood floors.

  28. I would give all the money to charity!!!!!!!!!! ok not all but some and life would be so much better for my family….p.s. I would also like to thank my new best friend Keith for the number’s to pick..thank’s Keith.

  29. i would take care of my health as cancer & i been taking turns at each other since 2004,,,and i find out friday am if its back,,BUT the blessing is my daughter is 8 months pregnant with my 1st grandchild! and i am Blessed to have seen her graduate highschool , as dr’s at john hopkins said i would have 6 months tops! now 14 yrs later i have seen her graduate not just highschool but her masters degree in education! i would help her pay off student loans,,its always been just me & her & i am BLESSED!,so if it is in the “plan” i win & help her…and help me rip!

  30. We recently lost *everything* we owned but the clothes on our back, in a wildfire and had to start over… and we’re not spring chicks! So, first we would give back to the ministries that have been helping us get back on our feet, then take it slowly and take stock! This mega jackpot will help us with a deposit for a home and some household items we badly need. We haven’t had a holiday in over 17 years, which means we’d love to get away for a few days, if there’s any money left after taking care of the necessary.

  31. If I won, I would put it towards my moms’ heart transplant. There isn’t much time left. Some towards my children returning home from medical issues. And, thank God for all his blessings; including GSN for being so gracious.

    • You are so right to thank God first!! Then everything else will fall in place!! So good health to your family!!!winning this jackpot would help a lot of us,so good luck!!!

  32. i would definitely help both my kids….my son and his wife and grandson and my daughter who has been trying for over 2 years to get pregnant….i would also spend some my husband and myself since we don’t have alot….thank you gsn….for the opportunity……i see not to many canadians win, but i could break that streak….

  33. Would get needed car repairs, pay bills and get groceries, and save most in case we lose the house to foreclosure and then would need to find another place quickly. Rough times!

    • Hi eric the highest I remember it being was about $25,000.00. It was a few years ago and I was on vacation. Every hour I was trying to get on the computer to put in my numbers 🙂 unfortunately I didn’t win that one but I keep trying 🙂 Good luck to you and have a fabulous day!!

  34. I would of course donate some of my winnings to St.Jude’s & The Dakota Children and my church, then I would take my wife on a trip to her favorite place in the world, Cherokee, NC. Good luck e1, we all crossing our fingers lol!

    • I. Also support St.Jude and will give them a donation! So we all have our fingers crossed for good luck .☺☺

  35. I would help get my daughter and grandsons away from an abusive alcoholic and help my 93 year old mom with things that she needs.

  36. If I were to win, i’d have to save it for when my dad doesn’t need me anymore. while taking care of him has many rewards, a paycheck isn’t one of them. also, being out of the workforce for 5 years and counting, may make it difficult to find work and a place to live when that day comes. good luck everyone.

  37. what if more than 1 person picks the same winning numbers?
    I would take my family on vacation and the rest i would use to pay for my kids college tuition.
    good luck to everyone…but more good luck to me : )

    • Hi kc I asked the same question about multiple people having the winning numbers. I you scroll up a little Professor Tofty answered that for us on July 19th. Good luck to you (and me 🙂 ) and have a fabulous day!

  38. I am unemploy now. If I won I would pay all the bills I have and then go grocey shopping. What was left put my car in the repair shop.

  39. After taxes, I would donate 10% to the local Feline Feral Friends to help trap, neuter/spay, vaccinate and feed cats who live outdoors. Some can be socialized to like life with hoomins but some don’t. This reduces the number of kittens being born (most of which die) and keeps the kitties in better health while they live out decent lives.
    Then, I’d buy a $10K CD at the best rate I could find and blow the rest on dining out, food fests, cultural events, movies, clothes, etc.

  40. It gets split 4 ways. 25% each to my wife, my son, myself and the IRS. My wife is heading to Macy’s. My son is heading to the bank. I’m buying survival stuff. Uncle Sam is wasting his share as usual.

  41. I would take my husband, which has just got out of the hospital after one year in there for cancer and bring him to Newfoundland, cause he always had dream to go there. As we see now, life is short and we should enjoy it while were here, so winning this money would make our dream come true. thanks. Huguette

  42. So many needs would be met. It would certainly be a blessing. The Lord would come first because it all comes from Him anyway. He uses different vehicles and you just never know! I would also give some back to my daughter as she has been so faithful to help my mom and I over the years. And if y’all could see my bathroom you would tell me to use it there! lol Whoever gets it is truly blessed!

  43. “When” I win the jackpot I will do as I do with all my money:
    Spend 1/3, save 1/3 and give 1/3 away. (unless it’s under $100, then it’s 100% treat money!)

  44. First, I would thank the Lord above for his power and grace to bless those in need. Contribute to my church, pay the taxes, prepare & deliver dinner to the homeless for at least a week… then use the rest to help find my Mom, who I have not seen since 1998. She’s 71 years old now and suffers from a debilitating mental illness.
    Good luck to everyone and congratulations to the lucky winner… my fellow GSN player. That sure is A LOT of [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°̲̅)̲̅$̲̅] !! Spend it wisely! 😀

  45. Oh my gosh if I get my hands on that massive jackpot, I’ll save this for a wonderful vacation cruise ship. Also, if I win which I haven’t yet for months and months, I’ll have my dad invest the money that I’ve won on the site. I’ll donate some money too for people that really need help and to trust in the Lord. This is Gods wealth on this Earth so I don’t hog all the money that I hardly use. I must contribute to provide shelter, clothes, food, etc for the people that don’t have any of those things such as in Africa.

    Hildbob73 just won the jackpot of $19,536!!! Unbelievable, congrats on your outstanding win after weeks and weeks of raising the jackpot prize!!! I would like to find out if he picked his own numbers or selected quick pick. Once again, enjoy your victory in claiming the prize and have fun.

    • Hi Tom, speculating about other players and their playing habits is not allowed. It would be the same if people wanted to talk about you. Political correctness has nothing to do with it.

  46. I would do the same as everybody else. Pay some bills off and put some away for emergencies!! it would just be nice to pay off my medical bills!!

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