16 thoughts on “Canada Day Oodlectible

  1. Good morning!

    Something is wrong with Chachingo Bingo. It is stuck on an 8:00 am drawing, even though earlier, I was able to enter #s for 10:00 am drawing. Please look into this & advise. I am missing out on several opportunities to be a gazillionaire. LOL 🙂

    Thank you!

  2. Chachingo Bingo is not working…my numbers have been locked since i got up this morning; i haven’t been able to pick numbers since. I sent a message to player services, but if nobody’s there since it’s the weekend i don’t know how it will get resolved. I have done everything i can possibly do on my end. Angel, i hope you see this and contact tech. I’m having a fit over this since the jackpot is high. HELP!!!

    • Yep, saw this and all the other posts too! Got everything forwarded to the help desk. I have started a thread here. I’ll post any updates we get on it.

      • Hooray….glad you saw my message and the others. I was chomping at the bit because it’s a weekend and a holiday weekend at that. I will be patiently waiting. Thanks Angel, you’re the best!

  3. Happy Birthday, Canada. That is not why I am posting. ChaChingo Bingo is stuck right here on July 1st. Will it be fixed today, or have to wait until July 5th?

    • CSNAIL, I’m sorry, we’re not sure what the issue is yet so I can’t say when it will be resolved, but I have started a thread here. I’ll post any updates we get on it.

  4. I am posting to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the wonderful country we have to the north of us. We need Canada to stand tall with us.

  5. Dear GSNAngel and folks;
    Thank you so much for the special Birthday Oodlectible!
    We had a great day and an amazing party (hope we didn’t disturb you too much with the noise).
    Thank you again!
    Happy July 4th!!

  6. Hi Angel hope you are having a good day my problem is VBD it either freezes up after 2or3 games or keeps calling #s and they don’t click or have to double click them I hit refresh and astrip comes up saying GSN is not responding due to a long running scrip my question is what does this mean and con it be fixed ? windows also pops up saying try to find a salution but to no avail cannot play because I lose tokens. Thank you for your time Mary

    • I’m sorry Mary, that sounds frustrating. I am not very technical, I think your best bet with this would be to reach out to player services and see if they have any thoughts. You can reach them by clicking on the help button at the top of the main http://www.gsn.com page.

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