Community Update: July 20, 2017

Hello Island Hoppers!

The flying Monkeys from Tiki Skies say thank you for all the feedback you have been giving on our new feature – Club Contests! We have some big plans for it in the future and are eager to share it with you, but until then here’s what’s coming up for our next update!

Upcoming Changes:

  • TriPeaks Friends Help: We have permanently increased the amount of helps per day from 10 to 20.
  • Free Plays: The Coin payout for Free Plays will now be the same as games entered normally with Coin cost.
  • Club Point Leaderboard Calculation: A Club’s weekly Club Point total will be equal to the sum of all current member’s individual contributions. When a player leaves or is kicked from a Club, their Club Point contribution will be subtracted from the total. A member rejoining during the same event will have their contribution added back. Perk progress will not be affected.

What’s New in 3.10?:

  • Treasure Shrine – Congratulate the Winner: See who’s won before and congratulate them to win a free Medallion. (See “Note about feature testing” below).
  • New Club Gem Shop item – 30 minutes of Free Play.
  • Results Screen Update: Keep an eye out for a new widget on the Results screen where useful and fun stuff (inviting friends, etc) might appear.
  • Player ID: You can now find your personal Player ID by tapping on the GUIDE button from the Menu. Your Player ID will be at the bottom of the Tiki Island Guide.
  • Battery Optimizer: We’ve optimized the battery performance of the game. Solitaire TriPeaks should use less battery power now.

Note about feature testing:

  • Many of you have noticed that some players will see new features while others may not, due to how we test features.  Our feature testing process allows us to test new and updated features with a small group of players before we expose it completely to the entire community. It’s important, not just for us, but for players too as it helps us get experiences/changes/new things in a good place based on how you as players actually use them.

567 thoughts on “Community Update: July 20, 2017

  1. I don’t like the fact them when a member leaves their points leave with them that doesn’t seem fair those points belong to the club

        • Why should a member get to enjoy all the perks at the end when it is clear they have not contributed as much as others…in most cases just enough to get by…or been idle…or in communicative….they should be booted…and the points should stay with the club…

          • I agree completely. As a organizer it’s my responsibility to keep the club as active as possible. Idle players do not contribute to the goals but we should keep them to reap the rewards the other members worked hard to achieve? Fine deduct their points if they are booted but if a player chooses to leave near the end the entire club is penalized and may not have sufficient time to make up the points therefore losing a perk….I believe that is unfair and is going to upset the entire club morale in the game. I hope you reconsider this penalty.

          • Som members like me, save up credit, then play like bugery & build the club up

          • Omg! Didn’t know that happens! That truly isn’t fair not right! If the points r earned while in a club, then that’s where they should stay! I’ve been in other games with clubs & points have always stayed there.

          • I agree. I boot members only after days of activity, and my long time players only after much consideration.

          • I totally agree, I boot people only after it’s been at least 6 days since they have played. Why should the club carry them and allow them to profit on our hard work and if they have contributed then that’s the price they should pay for being an active participant.

        • I totally agree . I got kicked from team and I played daily and earned 26 thousand points and over 500 tributes in one week. No explanation given. So NO if booted that club should NOT get to keep what YOU earned. We should be allowed to take it with us to new our new club

          • If you played daily and earned points for your club they should NOT HAVE REMOVED YOU. That is ridiculous. The only time I’ve ever removed someone is because they were idle for over 36 hours or were active but did not contribute any points to the club title for over 36 hours. And if they posted in chat that something had occurred and they would be idle for longer but would be back….I was fine with that and left them in the club. If you need a new club I, would be more than happy to give you a place in ours!

          • i am wondering why I don’t get my toten pole rewards and I have complainant many times in the last 3 months.yjesterday 07 20 17 I earn over 35.000 points that I never received.i have ask the same questionsmany times and all i get is to fill out all this information and i don’t hear any thing but my case number. can anyone help me with this?it is getting old.i love love this game but I am about about to stop playing this game

          • Same thing happened to me I had 36345 points and they booted me right at the end I was so upset and wasn’t sure why. I was the leader three weeks in a row they shouldn’t be able to keep our points we should be able to keep them. I agree

          • Sorry that happened to you. My club would Never have booted an awesome member like you. Feel free to join us Game of Thrones we welcome and appreciate hard work and all contributing members ✌️

    • Yeah that’s crazy.. we should not be penalized for someone leaving or having to remove a player that isn’t playing

        • Rhonda…not really they are taking up a slot in the club that could be used by someone who wants to contribute to the goals for the club contest…so yes the club loses out when they keep a idle player.

        • Yes we are. It’s as a 6 cylinder engine working with only 5. Why should a slacker reap the same benefits as us who do all the work?

      • They should do it so if someone leaves the club they take points but club keeps points if they need booting if a player leave there must be a reason to cause them to leave why should the club benefit however if they aren’t playing or anything club should boot and keep points as penalty x

        • You should HAVE to give a reason to boot someone though it’s frustrating when you go one the game and suddenly you’re out, my other comment I meant the other way lose if booted as the only reason to boot is being a bad player not earning points to be worth keeping but if you choose to leave then you forfeit your points to the club, if your club is that bad then wait til the end of the perk to move, organisers should be able to see your points average so you don’t look for a new club with nothing they get an idea of your gameplay x

      • Am i going to be penalized if i don’t play? I baby sit my grandson. He don’t like me playing. Sometimes i have no choice.

      • Please keep in mind that you may also be booted for what you may think is “no reason” if you do not respond to chat posts when you join a club. I will not keep a member who is unaware of chat postings. I boot shortly after they join if there is no response to a dozen posts aimed at a new member who is active. So my time, in that case, is absolutely wasted because my club would lose those points, as few as they may be.

        • Lost 7000 points today for booting a member that didn’t follow perk order or respond to chat or club motto stating perk order.
          That is slot for an up and coming team

    • I’m sorry, but i have to disagree with you. The player earned those points so it’s only right that they follow the player. I don’t like that, we have a player that should be booted off because he had idled over 2 days, but we can’t afford to lose his points.

    • That’s how it should be. some members boot people when they have worked hard just so they can be top 3. That’s isn’t fair to the player who worked hard for those points. So they get the points for the club, but ultimately they’re the players points.

      • I started my own club because of people using others to get points and then booted for no reason!
        If a player is not playing, boots them, if they are, they deserve those points, not you.

    • I think it is fair. I paid for every coin that I used to gain club points. They belong to the individual, not the club.

    • I agreed with you cuz been played with a team that I earned so when leave team to a new team which I have to catch up with them seem take forever

    • I agree with you! Some players jump clubs at the very end to join a club that has more perks, so now the club they’re leaving is not as far as they projected. Do those points just go away?

      • The points leave with them it will not affect the perks u earned but will affect what place your in on the stats.

      • Yes it seems we get 3-5 players each game that club hope just to get daily bonus from clubs doing well..I understand this works both ways.maybe if a player wasn’the allowed to take their points except if they are kicked off team it would be fair for everyone,just saying.

    • You worked hard for those points and when you’re removed from a group for no reason, your points should go with you. I played everyday, earn perks and had accumulated a lot of points my past group. I even make comments. One day I logged in to play and was told I was removed from that group. No reason, no nothing. I think when you’re removed from a group there should be some sort of explanation given. I love this game.

      • I have been removed also without an explanation. I love this game. I am glad I can use my free play anytime.

    • I agree. It it is good it does not affect the perk. I would love it if the Organizer controled the perk order on the manage scree add a place where the perks can be placed in a specific order for example an entry point where you can put 612-3457

      • The club I’m in puts the perk order in the motto. We play as a team and are rewarded as one. Knowing going in the agreed rules idle no more than 24hrs unless you communicate with the organizer. We also help each other with tips for levels or quests. It’s probably difficult to find such a great group but they are out there, keep trying n good luck =)

      • The idea that the organizer can control the order the perks are listed in is a great idea! When one perk is finished the whole team is automatically set up for the next part that the organizer prefers. Love that idea!

    • OK so anyone who is kicked out of our club has been idle for more than 4 days, so very little coin is actually left to the club, but what about people who join a club on the last day and play for just a little and collect perks? Its a 2 handed sword. It goes both waysl

    • I think if someone voluntarily leaves a club they should forfeit their points, but if they get kicked out their points should stay with them. This would be most fair to individuals and clubs

      • I like this idea. It seems more fair to everyone. Very well thought out. I hope gsn reads this and changes.

      • That sounds good, best way to handle departures, Yep. You leave, you leave your work to the club, but if the club curb kicks you then they lose the efforts you made to the club.

    • Love this new change. Will hopefully keep players from being booted for no reason. Some have contributed everything to their club and then they are booted.

    • If the player leaves the points should stay . It’s not fair to original team if the leave for a better one. If the member is cut from team the team loses those points. It was the managers choice and the consequence is lose of points. If they are not playing then it’s not much points.

    • No the points belong to the individual not the club, They leave or get booted their points should go. BEST part of the update to me

      • Hi, you can request coins (3000) from up to 20 friends. These coins do not come out of the friends’ coin balance, they are ‘free’. In the same way friends can request coin help from you. Again you can help but the coins don’t come out of your balance. A friend, for this purpose is someone who who you are friends with on Facebook and are TriPeaks players

  2. I like that you can keep your points if you leave your club. Especially if you get kicked out for no reason!!!

  3. Thanks for update! Looking forward to them 🙂
    I am liking the treasure shrine and will be interested in seeing winners. Got OH so close twice, another time maybe.

    • I completely agree! It is incredibly annoying and bugs me no end every time it comes up, which is CONSTANTLY.

      Here’s a quote from the Big Kahuna talking about them adding a small indicator to show everyone where to go to chat with their teammates:

      “When we originally decided to add chat to the game, we were trying to be sensitive to the fact that it’s important for you to be able to access it while playing levels, and we didn’t want the little indicator to be too much of a distraction.”

      So they think a little indicator to help people know where to go to chat with their team would be too much distraction?

      Then they go and put these huge items w/ friends’ pics & everything, shoving it in your face, over and over, encouraging us to invite friends? This is just ludicrous.

  4. I don’t like the fact the member takes the points if they’re kicked either. I kick players for being inactive and our group should not penalized for me kicking a player who hasn’t played in but still has a few points on the board. Means we can’t improve our overall numbers by welcoming active players if we’re gonna lose points already accumulated.

      • I think this is unfair! Issues arise that are unavoidable.
        I had a problem with my device I play on. Issue was that usb port was broken and device would not charge. I had to order a wireless charger & this took about 4 days to arrive, during which time I could not play. This was unavoidable and I don’t think k I should be penalized for that!

  5. I also don’t like that when a member leaves their points leave with them and here is why: 1) if they are kicked out of is usually because they are sitting back and not doing their part and just collecting all the gifts and club treasures. 2). If they most of the time it is because they have collected everything they can and are going to jump before they get cut. I have left 2 teams and left my very high points behind and did not mind (ok a little) because I knew I would show my new team now fast I was working to get my points back and you are still getting their hard work in treasure and so it all works out in the end.

    • If someone deserves to be kicked, they usually don’t have enough points to affect your team, therefore, goodbye.
      If they have a lot, then they are unhappy with your club.

    • Maybe this will stop clubs from kicking out members after they’ve only been in a couple of days. Some contribute a lot to show they want to be there then get kicked out .

      • Ive been kicked out of 3 clubs for no reason. 1 i joined was there 5 hours before i got kicked out. Im an active player im glad my points leave with me.

    • I don’t agree, I play most days. But there are times I am in an area that I has no signal. When I first started playing I was kicked out of 3 clubs,I would play all my chips and go to play the next day and find I wasn’t in a club any more. I finally found a club that wouldn’t kick me out before I could make any points. I don’t think there are people sitting back and thinking I’ll just let everyone else play and I’ll just get the perks. That’s paranoid thinking.

      • You must have been in Faithful Tiki’s, she was horrible! Kicked everyone out before they had a chance! Was so happy to get out of that club!!!

  6. Let us choose to disable the fb friend profile button that you have added to the end of each game. I do not want to see my friends Facebook photos. I do not want to be nagged to bother my friends. I will not invite them. Ever. The button is ugly & distracting. I watch all the ads for you, so you can get revenue but I refuse to bother my Facebook friends. Please remove this or give us the ability to disable it.

    • I agree with this. I don’t like feeling like I am being pressured to ask my friends to play. My friends who want to play, already play. A way to disable this button would be nice.

    • I COMPLETELY agreed with every word you wrote regarding disabling the “invite Facebook friends” feature. It is truly annoying and if I accidentally hit that button I will be very irritated that I was put in this position. I spend a lot of money to play this game. It should be my option to disable feature.

    • I also don’t like this feature. I have invited people I know play games.. But to be bothered and feel like I am being pushed is not cool.. t hete ate some peeps on fb that do not and never will play games.. the ones that do usually get invited.. please revive this feature

      • agree, Agree, AGREE!!!
        Also, it’s ugly, and it’s HUGE. What were y’all thinking? You game developers really got their thinking twisted on this one.
        I want to say, you have made lots of great changes for the better. I love the fact that the game developers keep trying to make this beloved game better for ALL of us.

        But please, Please, PLEASE remove this behemoth, annoying, distracting and hated feature: Posting a different FB friend & bugging me to invite every single one, over & over. Everyone hates it.
        Thank you.

  7. I really enjoy this game I’ve got a couple of friends to join me and I’m trying to get other ones too they just don’t know what they’re missing out on thanks for keep for keeping us in mind in and thanks for adding the new features

    • I agree with you … it’s way too expensive and some levels don’t give enough cards to possibly win without boosts or buying more cards 🙁

    • I hate buying extra cards, then none of them help you. I’ve spent 30,000 coins buying 5 extra cards just to remove the last few showing & sometimes it still doesn’t help win! Too frustrating to waste all your coins & still lose.

  8. I have to admit I hated this game when I bought a new phone and installed the game I not only lost the level but all my coins what made me even more upset is not receiving a reply from the administrator of the game,so I quit playing for awhile then decided to reinstall the game and play again im happy with the game .

    • If u link to Facebook you are registered and will keep your points and coins and levels on any device. U only lose out if u play as a guest.

  9. Hope some of this will help others teams get in the top fifty. Don’t understand how they can be done 6 question two day. With millions of points.

  10. I understand having a “test group” however how long is the test group last? The Luau for example, some of our club members have it and some of us don’t. It’s been “testing ” for a very long time now.

    • Agree! Testing is taking too long with the kahuna/luau thing. Those who have it have an advantage over the rest of us!! 🙁

  11. Ok I’m back, thought on it more. I guess it would be nice to leave with your points and if you like the team you are leaving and don’t want to hurt them you can just leave at the games end. Problem is how do you let the team that invites you know you are waiting, so you don’t lose your place? Or that you are waiting to get your red star coin cash out?

  12. I think when someone is removed from a club, they should have an opportunity to know why and be ankle to ask bless for a vote. It should not be up to just one person whether or not someone is removed. Especially from a public club. You lose your points, your perks and no explanation as to why. I think that is very unfair.

  13. I just wish I could get what is owed to me in loss coins/money. Can’t get any help from anyone. Please someone call me. @ 762-436-9219. Thank you. I hope you can fix the game so it doesn’t restart in the middle of a game.

  14. I also don’t think when a player leaves or gets booted their points go with them. The points should belong to the club. Otherwise can’t wait to see new update.

  15. I love this game. Been addicted to it since day 1 and the changes that have been made just make me want to play more!

  16. I think if a player voluntarily leaves a club, their points should remain with the club. If the player is removed by the organizer, they points should go with the player.

    • I agree with Dee! Voluntary leave should be equal to voluntary loss of points. If a member is booted for idleness, then their point contribution is probably low. So…an organizer’s boot is also a voluntary loss of that player’s points. I do think the player should be able to take their points if booted.

    • Excellent suggestion! Everyone is talking about the downside if you are booted, I am looking at it from a Club where we have people come play for a few days, help us earn and benefit from the perks, and then leave. The player may have earned the points, but they did so using the perks earned by the entire team. I think your suggestion is perfect – if you choose to leave, your loss; if the team choose to boot you, their loss.

      • This is a very fair suggestion. It wouldn’t be fair to the club if a player leaves on their own accord, to lose the points. But losing the points of a member who has been removed is ok. It would put an end to some clubs using new members continually for points. Such as the Aloha!!!! Club used to do!

    • I totally agree with Dee. I was booted from a club 20 minutes before the end of perks with over 20k points all collected while on vacation. Not as high as my usual week, but no warnings or explanation. Plus they knew I was on vacation and told me it was fine. Guess it really wasn’t!!

    • I think out of all the comments on this topic, this seems the most fair. It would prevent jumpers & keep oganizers from cutting people just because they aren’t friends anymore. If you’re booting someone for lack of play, they prob don’t have that many points anyway.

  17. I would love to get more than 20 helps per day. I am pretty sure that I’m giving out way more than 20 to people who ask me for help. 30 would be better. Every day I’m leaving around 15 helps in my inbox and have to wait for the next day to collect. There seems to be no limit on the amount of received requests I get for help and I am sending all of them out as soon as I see them.

  18. How about a suggestion, when you offer those super hard perks, maybe a slight advantage should be given. Like the 30 minutes free play you can buy with gems

  19. So when a member leaves a club, his/her points go into oblivion. Doesn’t seem fair. They should at least go with them if the club doesn’t get to keep them.

  20. All this new stuff is awesome. Whoever came up with the idea for clubs is a genius. Give them a raise. I know I play more than ever now and you keep a lot of happy players with all the extra stuff being a club member gets you. Keep up the good work!!

  21. I wish you could check into players hacking and cheat they post what going on in chat some of the scores are unrealistic thanks for always helping me and making the game fun exciting a joy to play

    • I agree. Yesterday’s winner won more than 700 games in 24 hours. It takes at least a minute per game, if they played for an hour and won every game they could only win 600 in 10 hours straight. I have a hard winning 1 of every 5 games played.

  22. I think this is a great update. In the near future, I would like to see where the top contributors get a little something extra, more as an incentive to other club members and to thank the ones who end up at the top. Thank you!

  23. We only have two club members. New members stay for a couple of games and leave. Any consideration for small clubs? Do I keep all my coins if I join another club. Can our club get rid of all the names listed as members that haven’t played for months?

  24. Holy Cow! You’ve really listened to players feedback & suggestions. This is great! Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

  25. I don’t like it when i have a whole deck of cards to flip and one card on the board and my card never comes to play.

    • That is what I find irritating about this game. Otherwise I am enjoying it, I am new and still learning the ropes.

  26. I like the points leaving when a person leaves or is kicked off simply because some teams trade off players on a regular basis in order to manipulate their rank at the end of the week while others kick people off the team even if they are contributing and following the team rules. This sounds like a good idea to me.

  27. Good updates but kind of not feeling the one about that when a player leaves the points leave with them but let’s see how it works out

  28. Also, can we get an update that allows us to save our progress through and email and not just on FacebooK? Not everyone has a Facebook.

  29. I’ve noticed that for quite some time, Android users receive 1 wild card each day after all the daily videos are watched. Are there any plans to add this perk for iPhone users?

    • I agreed, the game restarts in the middle of a game after you have used coins for ex cards, bam there all loss.. I been trying to get help for ove a week now… also when buying a gift , if the game restarts when you hit open the gift, sometimes you don’t get the gift, and the one who bought it..for$19.99 don’t even get there thank you Points…. Come On!!!!

    • I agree also getting booted off as I finish the game and of course No credit received. No telling how many points and chests I have lost and wasted perks. I hopes this improves with site.

      • I agree. This last week I was booted to restart near the end of 3 different games. Game doesn’t resume. I lose tributes, coins to play, points earned, bonus cards used, and purchase of any extra cards. That really adds up to a BIG loss for each one of those ‘little’ glitches!

  30. I agree with Rita, above. When you leave a club, you cant take your points with you and they are also deducted from the club. That is really NOT fair, so come on game makers, sort that bit out fairly PLEASE!

  31. I have a featured and I do not like it. Very annoying and unnecessary.. take the ‘INVITE blah at the end of a game.. this is lame.. also, when are you going to ‘fix’ it so we can play 5he game in gsn and FB on the desktop?? And mg usage?? Way too high..

  32. I have not gotten any jackpot.i blew it up. Lag in jack potshould have be insink. Bounced out.whats up with medallions. You aren’t winner. What is the whole concept of this.should we get 2medallions? Why can we pay 3000. For extras instead 6000. Just saying K

  33. Moi, je n’aime pas le widget inviter des amis fb. Cela me déconcenotre et je suis moins dans le jeu et c’est une perte de temps si on invite a partir de la. Surtout lors des quêtes.

  34. I understand the need to test features and while it’s great that you are introducing new features to the app with the new update, some of us still don’t have features from the previous updates. For example, almost everyone in my club has The Great Race in quests. I have never had the great race, therefore have never been able to complete those extra special quests and haven’t been able to collect those rewards. When will the rest of us get that feature?

  35. Love the game, but need to get new players information about going to the gift shop to unlock prizes. Keep it up. I am addicted to the fun!

  36. Please move the more cards. Iron to the top of the screen. Many times I have gone to press the end game and got more cards in stead losing 6000 coins each time.

  37. I love playing but I would love it if you added and opaction that after so much time passes with no playing you are put in a subsended status. We have people on our team including the creater who has not played in 6 months! Can’t add new players to help

  38. I agree, the points belong to the club. It’s not other members that should be punished because someone leaves or must be removed

  39. I like everything except for the idea of changing the coin payout for free please to be honest it seems Petty even though we have been getting more free place than normal you still don’t get that many free please I think the only thing this does is force the customer to buy amore but everything else does that anyways I like to be able to get at least an hour of play out of a game without having to pay even though I do put money into them but there’s a good population who doesn’t

  40. Suggestion for next time, catching up to poi should give better rewards in later levels since levels are increasingly harder. It’s so disappointing to catch poi and not even earn enough coins to play one game.

  41. I agree with Rita. Our club will boot out non-productive members before the payout. If they didn’t help much=no rewards. It’s NOT FAIR to take away the points they DID make while still in the club!!

    LOVE the 30 minute free play idea!!

    NOTE: On the 2nd set of islands, when you have one more card to clear, AND that card is needed to complete the Tiki Stack also, you presently DO NOT get credit on the Tiki Stack if you use your card to clearthe level. Could you please consider changing this? Thank you!!

  42. Love this game! As a leader I’m glad players leave with their points… I’m booting some players tomorrow for not following the team, call it severance pay…. Everytime I turn around, I find new exciting things to do, that keep me wanting to get further in the game. Thanks!

  43. I love that we will be using less battery power! But if someone leaves a club, why would we lose what they have contributed up to that point? That doesn’t make any sense at all. The new club they join doesn’t receive their contributions, why should their old club lose them?

  44. I still want to know why we can only ask for help and not share like other game I/we play. I’ve been waiting for that answer for weeks and no response!???

  45. I love this game I do wish that teams 28th players not as good could earn perks Easter Some spend alot of time trying it’s just so hard for them to get perks

  46. Thanks for all this stuff! I have only one issue. The club points. My reasoning is from my personal experience, and the struggle to find a club that fits me. I am a pretty active player. I have been through 4 clubs, struggling to find “the one” (until now I finally found a good fit.) Most clubs I left were for 1 of 3 reasons. First club, I was far more active than the rest of the members (getting most of the points, perks…etc), at the end of the week I felt that it wasn’t fair that even the members that had contributed 0 points and 0 time were taking all my hard earned points. 2nd club, I joined due to their description: “non-active players will be kicked-out”. I thought to myself, sounds fair, you work for what you get, you play-win-and earn. Sadly I left these clubs, bc they didn’t own up to their description, (again I was far more active than the rest). To sum this up, even though it would be fair to me as an individual to keep my points if I left a club (giving the circumstances from my prior examples); If a club kicks out a player for not following the club’s rules/description (ex: stay active, unlock chests..etc), it is not fair to the current members of the club, (as a whole), to loose points due to this individual’s choice to disobey they rules.

    • Thanks for the changes. Please make there be some playable cards in the deck when you buy extra cards. It cost a lot of money to do that. I agree with the change where the player takes the points with them. The club does not Pay the players to be on their team. If players are like me they spend their hard earned money to buy coins to play this game. The club should not get the benefit of that if they boot a player for no reason.

      • It does not say the points would go with the player, it says the points would be subtracted from the club’s points.

  47. Maybe this will stop clubs from kicking out members after they’ve only been in a couple of days. Some contribute a lot to show they want to be there then get kicked out .

  48. What is a friends help? It says they have been increased from 10 to 20 a day. I have no idea what they are referring to. Thanks !

    • I had the same problem, I think I figured it out…when u click on FB friends and request coins, if u get one in return (they request coins from u) ur helping a friend. Please correct me if I am wrong anyone. I also have been trying to figure this one out myself. You get a portrait for it.

  49. Those are all great additions, thank you! But really only 20 helps per day? If we’re playing enough to use all of our coins and we have friends playing then why should there even be a limit set???

  50. I am furious, as are my Club team members, about the NON-RESPONSE via the current help request method. Many of us have improper charges to our Google Play account, as well as registered complaints from an apparent Club “hack.” I’m still confused by the UI of the “comment” portal.
    PLEASE – at least have a policy or procedure in place that acknowledges receipt of our comments/concerns!!
    Thank you, Big Kahuna!!

  51. Looking forward to the new updates! I would also like to see an update to the “perks” section as in: while working on each level (or chest) – there needs to be a “remaining points needed” showing on each level!!!

  52. I would like to see coin rewards more in line with what it costs to win a game. I’m getting discouraged. It just seems that the coin play vs rewards is designed for spending a lot of money for in game purchase in order to keep playing and get ahead for the team.

  53. The game turns itself off during play, it also freezes. This is inconvenient during quests. The directions could be a little clearer for the “mirror”.

  54. Is it possible to show actual progress for a team on how much they need to do to complete a perk, instead of just a sliding scale that we don’t know any real numbers for? For instance the team has collected 100 points against a total of 300 needed to complete the perk.

    • Yep, our club was discussing that too. We would still play a lot and not feel so bummed when we really pulled together and 2 1/2 – 3 days later we still have 1/4 of the way to go. Makes you not want to play as much, even if it say extremely hard.

  55. Thank you for all those upgrades but i have two more to think about.
    Perks: how about a running total so we know where we stand in the perk.
    Red Star Boost: how about a way of winning those boosts.

  56. You should make it where a players points go with them when they join another club, especially if you are taking the points away from the team they left.

  57. Don’t agree with a leaving Club member taking their points with them. I can’t think of any instant in life where you can contribute to a team effort in a competition, then take what you have contributed away with you. That’s not team play.
    Regardless of whether the player left voluntarily or was kicked.

  58. I believe that points earned while in a club, should stay with that club because as a member you are receiving benefits ( perks, gifts from members, etc.) from the club when you work as a team.

  59. I would like to leave the group that I am currently in I’m the one doing all of the work not enough of them are actually playing frequently enough. So if I leave this crew I want to take all of my plants and everything with me

  60. I agree that the points should be subtracted from the club point total. There are clubs out there that kick people out for any reason, after a person has contributed a great amount of club points. Hopefully this will stop that practice. My question is what happens to the club points? Does the player bring them to their new club?

  61. I agree that points shouldn’t leave that have been obtained in the current club their in. I’m new to being in a club and appreciate all constructive perks and shortcuts. I’ve played without being in a club for a long time. I only wish there were more teams to join that are actually seasoned. It doesn’t seem too good to have club members entering and quitting within an hour of each other. Keep up the good work!

  62. Sounds great! Love the game! Can anything be done about a club organizer who is no longer participating? With her a absence several other non participating members cannot be removed to make room for players who could be helping our team. Thank you for your time

  63. I think the points should remain with the Club. Someone is usually not booted with out cause. It is like rent or dues to the club for the space they took up. Our Club we don’t boot without a warning. There is always a validated reason.

  64. I would like to see the daily quests be able to activate when the player is ready. I miss out on 10-15 minutes of play especially in the mornings before work because I don’t want to forfeit a quest and do not have time to finish one.

  65. When it says to sign off and then sign back in for coins. It doesn’t work for me. Can you fix this problem. It’s beginning to make me ill.

  66. Thank you for the update. It was informative and appreciated.
    I do have a concern, occasionally I am dropped off of the club (no name on clubhouse and points earned are not added)

  67. I love the club feature and I am in a great one! I am excited for the new changes! Thank you for listening and making changes based on the players wishes.

  68. I don’t like people carping that if a player leaves for a while they should have their points wasted it should be something for everyone a happy game and atsmostphere the player may return and should be able to pick up where they last left let’s all share something and smile it costs nothing

  69. I’ve played this game all the way threw to the end. And started again because I like the calming effect of the game. Also was able to keep every every thing that I had at the end. I like how our bonuses are given to us. Some things I’ve forgotten were they at in some levels. Yes it’s been more then a year to finish. Can anyone find out or give some in put how far they have finished. Thank you for your great game . Maybe a new game can like this one can get started.

  70. All sounds great but how about working on the problems of being pushed out of room as you are going to play and in between watching videos and game freezes. If I were you guys I’d work on the problems before adding more to the game and I’ve been playing this game since about the time it came out.

  71. I’m glad you finally will make free play winnings equal to when you have to spend coins. I never thought that was fair. Also I agree with the others that the points should NOT be deducted from the teams total club points. Those points were earned fairly while that player was on the team.

  72. Our team has 10 players who have been inactive for several months…including the club creator. It would be nice if we could remove them so others could join our team. Right now we’re stuck with them. Most of us like playing together and don’t want to join another club.

    • Why dont one of you create a new club and the rest of your friends can join. Then if people dont play for a long time you can remove them from the club

    • I was on a team like that and a few of us made a plan for me to leave, start a club under a name they knew, then 5 minutes later they followed… that was last year and we’re doing great

  73. I get frustrated when an ad is offered and then says there are no ads at this time. What gives. I do, however, enjoy playing this game.

  74. I agree with the club points staying with the club. The club earned them. 2nd there are to many shoppers for high scoring people now with the contest. Don’t reward a club for taking away another clubs member.

  75. I would like to see an option for removing players that haven’t played for 30 or more days. Our “organizer” hasn’t played for more than 90 days. It would make room for others who want to play. Thanks…

  76. Love, love, LOVE the new feature about when someone gets kicked or leaves!!! So many times I have seen great players kicked from teams that did not deserve it and the team gets to keep points!! This way their points go with them and can only be added back if they are allowed back on team! Good thinking Tri Peaks!!

  77. Love game Need more coins and prices for extra cards n things used to help beat level are way too high bit i play daily n love it

  78. For those who have an inactive club organizer, you can get around that by simply starting a new club. Set it to “invite only” so it doesn’t fill up with random people before those who want to continue playing with the group join.

  79. I can’t think of anything to say except, if the day comes, & you don’t want to make me mad. I love this game.

  80. Glad fot the usage of the battery being improved. Yes it is the players points not the clubs. Joined together everyone helps the club.

  81. So all the points do not follow the player if they are kicked out and join another team? If I were to be kicked out, they don’t say anything about my points staying with me and moving to the next club during the same event. If that’s the case, they are not the player’s points, they are lost, they belong to the game developers if you ask me.

  82. I love the game but get thrown off most of the time when I choose to watch the video. Seems like it’s better than it was but still about every 3 times.

  83. I HATE the new banner that crosses in front of game when you use a booster!!! You can’t see the cards for a second or two
    I’ll even put up with the fb profile invite at least it doesn’t get in the way while your playing.

  84. I think its great that u are keepimg the game interesting, exciting, and trying different things. The only problem I have is after u have finished playing, ur friends from facebook, pics appear. We all know that if we refer a friend n they accept, how many coins we get. But i dont believe in bugging my friends. They know about all the different games n if they wanted to join, they would do so. A lot of my friends dont like any games, and dont like getting game requests even more! Its fine if u put an invite button somewhere, but not their pics and after each game. Keep up the great job and please, really consider doing invites a completely different way. Thank You

  85. I don’t like that everyone that has Facebook gets extra benifits than the ones that don’t. Every game I play has it and it stinks. I’m penalized because I don’t join a social media group!

    • Create a gaming only FB account…use a pet’s name for example…you really won’t ever have to use FB but you get the perks that are offered through Facebook.

  86. Oh no!!!! So, clubs may need to treat members respectfully now???!!?!?!!!???
    People don’t run away with their coins when they are being treated fairly. Our club has steady membership because we are respectful towards each other.

  87. Our club would love if the perk meter had a numeric value rather than just a bar. The f that could be added that would definitely help strategy and we would probably play more!

    Love this game and all the updates and changes, keeping it fresh!!

    Thank you!


  88. I love the game and it is better than the last game I was playing.I . Lost all my points but I was able to relocate it. And playing again love it love it.

  89. I like the new improvements except when you finish a game in the ight corner a pop up of a friend invite. I do not care for that. It is like those annoying pop up ads and would really like that removed. If I wanted to invite people to play I would do it and not that way!

  90. How about they get to leave and take points. That way it’s fair for both, if you are kicked for unfair reason, keep your points and the team gets to keep them as well. That way if they need to kick an inactive member, they don’t lose points and neither has to start over. Seems fair to me.

  91. Please release the luau – some members have it and we all want it. I completely disagree with members taking their points – we remove members for being inactive or after repeatedly begging them to follow our perk order – the points belong to the club. No one would ever be removed for no reason or ranking – that should be an offense
    Love this game thank you so much

  92. So if someone has not played to your expectations when that perk period has ended, remove the offending player. Otherwise, it won’t seem fair. However, when you are booted out of a club for no reason and you’ve worked hard to help meet the perks, that’s when it’s unfair.

  93. I am reading about battery optimization but since the newest update this game is draining my battery. If it continues will have to delete. Please look into this. Also don’t like the invite a friend widget

  94. I first joined a club that was advertising for new players. I got to play just ONE day and they kicked me out!!! WHY??!!??!!? I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE! This certainly doesn’t promote relaxation and happy feelings

  95. Played the new drop game and have had the medallion bounce back out several times, so no win of the million coins. What’s up with that????? Not fair at all!!!!! Otherwise luv the game.

  96. Why are you limiting us to how many players we can remove. If we get 20 who don’t play at all or dont follow rules why shouldn’t I be able to remove them and why punish the club if they leave. If they leave why not punish them and if they are removed let them keep the points. I get there are clubs taking advantage but now players will take advantage of the system. I haven’t removed anyone yet it tells me I have reached my removal limit.

  97. I really wish you would fix the free play. Without fail, you can very rarely win. It’s extremely frustrating and obviously rigged.

  98. Wish there could be an update with the amount of points needed to complete each perk. This would be really helpful.

  99. It’s cool that you now pay out the same coins for free plays but what’s not cool is you have increased the amount needed for extra cards to the amount needed when playing regular games. So free plays no longer have a big advantage.

  100. Regarding the huge feature showing fb friends that I could tap to invite is unacceptable. It reminds me how much privacy I give up to play the game. That’s a big deal! My friends would be mad if they realized how much of their privacy was being given up, as well. Why would I want to invite anyone to see how much of their privacy I am participating in violating?

  101. Thank you for providing info on changes. I think it would be more fair to the player getting booted to keep their points and the ones who jump clubs or leave of their own choice to leave the points for the club, therefore reducing the amount of last minute club hopping for extras and then leaving the club with less. I also feel that it shouldn’t take up to 5 or 6 wild cards or real money to win the majority of Tiki Seas levels. When there are only one or two cards that can be played from the draw pile to advance just makes the game frustrating and costly, instead of challenging and fun. Perk games should be the same levels for all players.

  102. Under the new rules if a player leaves or is booted, the club points they earned are subtracted from the club they left. However, the club points do not go with the player to a new club either. I think it would be better for the club points to go with a booted player to a new club. However, if a player chooses to leave a club of their own accord, their club points should stay with the club they chose to leave. Seems odd to me that the points just disappear altogether. Also, it would be helpful if there was a way the organizer could leave a reason why they booted a player from their club.

    • Sometimes a player is booted because they spend their time working on a level that does not benefit the club. That sabotages the club effort and their presence takes up a space that could be used for a player who is willing to help the club achieve its goals. If that player is booted, the club should be able to keep the points.

  103. I agree that the Facebook invite should be removed or the players should be able to disable it. I would like to see something special awarded for the perfect game. Also, if some people have added benefits to their game, like the luau thing, then the non benefited people should get something to keep the playing field level. I have heard that the luau is a nice bonus, so I think us non
    Luau people should get something….maybe an extra wild card or two, or a couple of other rewards for being in your non testing control group.

  104. I’m having fun playing this game and it help me to problem solve for solution that occur in my daily life by getting my mind to relax, think and focus on solving issue that I am facing.

  105. The game is fun and I love it. However, my game is stuck, I have congratulated 5 winners but I have not won the free medallion and it will not allow me to congratulate anymore players. Help please.

  106. I absolutely cannot stand the tiki seas levels, not enough cards per level, I am trying really hard to enjoy them but when you constantly redo a level like 50 times and still only get like 200 coins each time, it’s annoying!

  107. Why is it that there is know comment tab with this ? Had to scroll throw all comments just to get to being able to comment myself … sux realy , please add a comment tab
    Thank you

  108. How ca I get back to the higher level that I was playing,,,opened up a new port and now I am on level 2,,,totally different island, , ,and I don’t like it…

  109. Hello. I am stuck at level 216, although I’ve won. Although I press the next button, I keep being directed back to the same game. I play on an iPad. Help !

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