$21,912 ChaChingo Bingo jackpot — Pick Your Numbers!

Since last week’s cash prize went unawarded, we’re giving you another shot to win — and the jackpot is currentlyย at $21,912 as of 4:55pm ET!ย Play now, pick your numbers HERE!

90 thoughts on “$21,912 ChaChingo Bingo jackpot — Pick Your Numbers!

    • Hi, according to the official rules the jackpot is divided between the winners: “In the event there is more than one (1) Grand Prize winning Bingo Card in any Hourly Sweepstakes (i.e. more than one Bingo Card contains all of the Winning Numbers) the GSN ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot will be split evenly by the number of winning Bingo Cards and each entrant with a winning Bingo Card will receive the portion of the GSN ChaChingo Bingo Jackpot associated with the winning Bingo Card. “

      • Thanks for letting me know. I’ve always wondered. This is so exciting to have this opportunity again at such a large jackpot! Good luck to all who play!

  1. Wow! I was going to question if the big jump in the Jackpot was an error until I checked Player’s News. I prayed day & night to win so that I can finally after 5 yrs. purchase a tombstone for my mom’s grave. I am a poor sole survivor with no family. Oh God Bless whoever wins! Thank you.

    • Larry! If I win, I will pay for your mom’s marker!!!! Sorry for your loss. My youngest brother passed away unexpectedly July 17…it was a dreadful shock to all of my family as he never showed any signs of heart problems!

      God bless you…stay strong…life is always a lovely surprise…and there are a lot LOT of great folks out there, wandering around.

      Here’s a hug for you mmmmmmmmmpppphhhhhhhhhhfffffffff!!!!

    • Hi Larry,
      I am also the last living of my family. So sorry you are not able to purchase a headstone for your Mother’s grave. Maybe someone could start a GoFundMe account to help. Many prayers your way.

  2. gsn angel can you tell me when I will get told of the problem that I gave to the help support team I got one from world winners but not from gsn,com. I sent the question on July 24 still no response Thanks


  3. Thanks for being there for your players, best site on internet without a doubt! Hope to cash in on this huge chachingo jackpot, good luck players!

  4. WOO-HOO! When I first saw it. I thought What!!!?? I thought it was a mistake. LOL! Then I got an email. YAY! Good Luck TO Everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Wow! As soon as I saw it just now I wondered if maybe there was an error, then did a bit of math and figured that what you said above was likely the case, that you weren’t able to award it for some reason. Well, another chance for us. Neat!

  6. Last weeks announced winner must sure be disappointed he or she didn’t win the jackpot. But i guess you have your regulations……Good Luck everybody!!

  7. How do you notify the winners. I went back to read my emails. I usualy only win 500 tokens and such. I get an email for that. Would the winning numbers be any different for 6 numbers

  8. What a fantastic reprieve the T&C have presented us with … thanks for the second winning opportunity! I had no challenge with my 2nd bonus entry. Let’s have some fun winning this pot.

      • Hi Vernice, all GSN ChaChingo Bingo winners must be in compliance with our Terms & Conditions in order to receive their prize. We review all cash wins to ensure that ChaChingo Bingo is fair and fun for all players. Since last weekโ€™s jackpot went unawarded, we wanted to give players another chance to win!

        • Thank you Ms Angel for your reply!! Hope I am doing everything by the rules If I ever win that jackpot I sure do want my money!!!โ˜บ

          • You’re welcome! I think you’re OK, you’ve won a sweepstakes with no issue ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. I also could not get the bonus numbers when I played on explorer. So I tried on chrome and was able to get the bonus numbers. Hope this helps. Good luck to all.

    • I’ve tried a few times today to see if I only could get one, but I do get the two. I’m on a chrome browser as well.

  10. I would love to win this jackpot!!! Having only SSA and a small pension to live on, it doesn’t go far. I could really put this jackpot to good use.

  11. Surprised at the jump sorry for the person who didn’t win. I was wondering why today can I only get one entry. The bonus entry box doesn’t pop up to click on.

    • I’ve seen a few posts about that. Every time I test it, I can get two. I’m on a chrome browser, you may want to try switching browsers.

      • Hi GSN Angel,
        The problem is with Adobe Flash. GSN, needs to stop using Flash on its webpages. Flash is very buggy, unsafe, and crashes webpages very often. It also overheats the PC. It is not a reliable software. That is why people keep having issues on GSN.com.

      • GSN Angel,

        Can you please find out what is going on with the Video Ads/Ads for oodles. They been specially terrible since this July. It is now a full day job to get one that works and with a lot of luck.

        I and dozens of dozens of other players have been writing the help desk since October 2016 and no one can give us an answer. Whatever the issue, it seems to have started then and has not been fixed. In fact, it has gotten much worse.

        Please help us. Everyone is very upset. The site used to work so much better.

        • I’m sorry ilock21, you’ll want to reach out to player services. I know they are compiling information and issues are being investigated. I don’t have any other information beyond that.

  12. I just downloaded and installed Google Chrome and getting the second set of numbers was almost fluid like with how smooth it went. Ever since mid afternoon yesterday I was not able to get to choose a second set of numbers using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge is too slow but after Google Chrome it works. If anyone is still having trouble choosing a second set of numbers, get Google Chrome.

  13. I have had no issues getting both entries. Are you using a pop-up or ad blocker?
    On a separate note : Best of luck to all ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Julieanne415 from Oklahoma on the 22K jackpot…. This morning!!! So LUCKY!!!! Welp, sorry to the rest of us who didn’t win ๐Ÿ™ better luck next time I guess :p

    • Hi, we don’t comment on winners until they are contacted and verified. You should see banners up next week, and I just posted her picture here. Good luck in the future!

  15. GOOD. lUCK to the winner of all that cash!Better luck next time to me and all the other players! We will keep on playing and have our fingers cross

  16. He I am just trying to win a 25 dollar amazon gift card and Julieanne wins 22 thousand dollars.I hope you enjoy your winnings.

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