Solitaire TriPeaks First Monthly Update!

Hello Island Hoppers!

Thanks for all your great ideas, suggestions and feedback. Here’s just some of what we’ve got coming up next to address some of the issues raised. We know this doesn’t cover everything, but there’s more on the way that we’ll share in future updates.

Upcoming Changes:

Free Plays: Thanks for all the feedback last month regarding Free Plays. In response, we will change Free Plays to ensure the Coin payout is the same as games entered normally with Coin cost. We will roll this out to a small group of players later this month to ensure that it’s working correctly and release it to everyone once we feel that Free Plays is meeting everyone’s expectations. (See “Note about feature testing” below).

TriPeaks Friends Help: Per your feedback, we will be increasing the cap from 10 to 20. Expect to see this get rolled out to the community this month. (See “Note about feature testing” below).

Reward Chests: Starting in Update 3.9, rewards in Chests will be more consistent by giving a fixed number of Reward Cards that guarantee a minimum amount of Coins, Free Plays and Wilds based on the Chest type. Better Chests have more cards with bigger rewards. Chests will also have a small chance of containing Gems, a new currency that can be spent in the updated Club Shop. (See “What’s New in 3.9” for more details).

What’s New in 3.9?:

Gems: Gems are like Coins, but instead of spending them on levels, you can spend Gems in the updated Club Shop on unique rewards. Gems can be found randomly in Reward Chests and by ranking in our upcoming Club Contests.

Updated Club Shop: Take your Gems and spend them on unique rewards in the updated Club Shop. Buy a pack of Boosters and Free Plays or spend it on getting the new Diamond Chest.

Club Contests:  Every week Clubs will have a chance to earn Gems in the new Club Contests. The Contests will coincide with our weekly Perks event. Ranking requirements and Gem rewards will change each week.

New Reward Chests:

Diamond: Will always give out 11 Reward Cards, including a guaranteed minimum of 16,000 coins, 2 Free Plays and 2 Wilds.

Double Diamond: Will always give out 13 Reward Cards, including a guaranteed minimum of 20,000 coins, 3 Free Plays and 3 Wilds.

New Island: 

Journey to the Mermaid Manor meet Marina the Mermaid and her seahorse pals as you play 100 new levels!

Note about Feature Testing:

Many of you have noticed that some players will see new features while others may not, due to how we test features.  We call this “Feature Testing” and this process allows us to test new and updated features with a small group of players before we expose it completely to the entire community. It’s important, not just for us, but for players too as it helps us get experiences/changes/new things in a good place based on how real players actually use them.



177 thoughts on “Solitaire TriPeaks First Monthly Update!

  1. Still no videos , one at all, can’t get enough coins , emailed you guys and all I get is , no vends please try later

    • The number of videos I get is nominal as well…if any in an entire day. This bonus definitely went down hill

      • Same here. support responded by saying that there are sometimes no videos available. I will go days without one while some in our club get 30. Ridiculous!

        • I would like to test anything new. I love this game, but never received the free. Coin links. I’d like to play even more, but I’m on a limited income, . can’t afford to pay for play. Thanks for having a great & fun game

    • Hi Cynthia – the short answer is “No”. The longer answer is that it’s not currently something on our radar. We would suggest sharing an email address with another member if you want to speak privately.

          • Would be nice for all members to have an inbox. I think too many people get kicked out because they do not go back and read the new club notes or the blog on the side. If I saw I had 23 messages in my inbox I’m sure I would be checking that

        • How long for new world??? Says coming soon??? Do you have round about date?? I play tjis gMe everyday and will be going through witj drawals soon lol!!!!

        • You are facebook friends. She then clicks on the facebook icon in the upper left corner of the game screen, clicks on tri peaks players and selects the help button.

          You get 3000 coins per person who helps you and you can get help from 20 peoole a day (total of 60,000 coins a day in helps)

    • We use a chat app (Kik) in addition to creating a Facebook site for our club where people can either openly talk, or pm each other.

  2. TriPeaks is my favorite game. I play it everyday. Have played it for a number of years. I’m almost done with Tiki Seas. I am enjoying the updates and improvements. I am having a problem with the screen locking up when I watch a video for coins.

  3. Well least you are taking notice of the players feedback which is a good sign i wait patiently for the above to happen, and thanks for the explanation of how some of us have certain features and others dont been playing the game since summer last year and the game has changed so much.

    • Hi Nadia – It’s random. We essentially roll out the feature to a percentage of the players (maybe 5% to start, then more as we become more confident everything is working as designed)

      • So beta testers for free? I was given information that suggested you were soliciting beta testers for compensation. This small group with the upgrades which will get the silent treatment so to speak when reporting errors and bugs.

        • Hi Dawn, sorry for the confusion – we do not have a beta test program. What we do is launch new features to a small percentage of players before releasing them to everyone. 🙂

          • You’re reason for why your method for testing new changes is the definition of forced uncompensated beta testing. I did my 20 years at Microsoft lol

          • I have enjoyed the test programs. I can tell the game is still being tweaked. I see when the changes have been made.

            Nice game still needs a little work.
            but overall its fun to play I love the perk challenges.

  4. You’ve been listening very well to your gamers! I’m excited about the new features that you have coming! I think I will stick around a little while longer to see how it goes! Thank you for listening!!

  5. I want to thank you for listening to our comments and suggestions. Your improvements will only enhance the game and make it less stressful and costly. Great games from those that listen to their players.

    • Hi Grit,

      Alas, we don’t have any translators who can do that. 🙁 You might try a translation program on the web, although those are often hit or miss.

  6. I would still like to know how many points are needed to fulfill each perks level. Our club works hard but has had a hard time earning enough points to finish level 5.

    Who determines the gifts we earn for having 15 people tag the gift box?


      • We’ve tried to do perk 5 first and even with 20 people it takes forever. It would definitely be nice to know how many points are needed for each perk. Right know there’s actually 3 of us focusing on perk 5 while everyone else is working on perk 4. In 2 days perk 5 has barely moved.

    • I too would like to know how many club points it takes to complete each perk level. This game is amazing and very addictive!!! I love it!!! I also have a problem with not getting my daily bonus coins. If i have 65,000 coins and then get 1,000 coins, it will go to 66,000 then right back to 65,000. There was a time that I won a quest for 20,000 coins. I stopped playing, then when i came back to the game my 20,000 coins were gone.

    • Hi Don – contact us via the app by going to MENU and then HELP. You can fill out a Player Services Request Ticket. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the updated news. Communication is key. Really appreciate it. Looking forward to the new features

    • I am having a problem of the game loading….I have been playing this game for awhile…now I am having a problem…how can you correct? I do not have a problem with any other game….says my internet is too slow……

  8. thanks for the info. I would love to play this game on my lab top. It is easier to play on my lab top then to hold my phone and play.

  9. It would be really helpful if the 20 helps each day were to start now for everyone. I feel it is an unfair advantage for some to get it while others dont. This is just one more thing that is driving me away from the game that I truly liked.

    • I do agree all should get 20 helps immediately. I got them once, then they went back to 10. One day test can’t be very helpful, and frustrating to me.

    • I agree completely. Something like that is not fair to only give to a few people, people who have already shown it to the rest of us, having us think we’d also have it any day. So they have all these extra coins and the advantage of such, while everyone else gets to continue on struggling on with HALF the coins, every day, that they get to play with. It’s a distinct advantage and I don’t appreciate you not giving it to everyone NOW.

      You already know without a doubt that no one would object, no one would say no, to being able to have 10 more friends’ gifts added to their balance. Ten extra friends’ coins, who most of us already have anyway, while we see the balance of coins we can’t get yet, there in our account every single day, but not being able to use it, that adds up from all the other friends sending coins that some people get to collect now, while we just get to watch that balance staying there and not being able to touch it. It is a blatantly favoritist policy and you shouldn’t pick something like that for “testing” with only a small percentage of people getting it while knowing ALREADY that the rest of us have been asking for it, for what seems like forever.

      So on competitions like today, where people are competing to see who can win the most games? Are they going to be among the folks that have the highest number of winning games, mostly because they have SO many more coins to use to not only play more games, but a much higher chance to win as well? We all know how it goes for these games. The higher balance of coins you have the more chance you’re going to win that game.

      This whole thing really stinks and that is one of the features you should have given to everyone immediately. “Testing” it is a joke.

      Next thing you know we’ll find out that the majority of your players who are selected for “testing” and thus for an advantage, are those within the Top 10 groups.

  10. Great! This sounds promising indeed. I have always been “nagging” about not given full score when on freely for instance. Doesn’t feel fair really since a I’ve been spending a lot of coins to get to those free plays.
    Great news!

    • Sorry to hear that, Francine – when that happens, you can contact us via the app by going to MENU and then tapping HELP to fill out a Player Services Ticket. 🙂

      • I use to send in help tickets, but customer support has gotten worse and worse. Whenever​ they claim manually added, they never appear. Please send all thru inbox.

          • I have the same problem – support just said that shouldn’t happen. I have the guy a bad survey and he responded back to restart phone – really? Never have gotten my coins lost

  11. Our club has only 3 active members, the rest haven’t been on in weeks/months. The club manager doesn’t kick them, how about an automatically kicking them out of the club after 2 weeks? Thanks, we love the game.

    • Hi Donna – we are looking into a variety of ways to better serve Club members. 🙂 Until then, you might consider switching Clubs.

    • My personal reaction is! Why are you in that club? Leave that club and join one where there is more interaction. You will have a lot more fun playing. I know from experience cuz that’s what I did and now I’m in a wonderful club. No, it’s not in the top ten clubs but we are usually in top 100 and everybody is happy cuz we all are trying to pull our fair share. Just sayin 🙂

    • Donna we are always looking for members who play! Look for Perk Sevens. If you type in Sevens. You will find us easier.

  12. Pour votre prochaine amélioration, pourriez vous mettre une vraie messagerie pour chaque membre du club? Merci

  13. Just a thought and may have been stated before: wondering about a way to separate invite only and public contests? The club I am in is public but we get and lose players quickly . It eliminates us from competing on an equal level. Just a thought. Thanks! Enjoy the game immensely!

    • If players are leaving the club, there is a reason they no longer want to be there. Do you use the difficult for some to locate Chat feature? Communication makes a huge difference. You can get to know fellow club members somewhat. When you enjoy playing a game with those whom you enjoy, you are much less likely to leave the club.

    • Hi Eileen – Is your Club set to Public or Private? If it’s to Private, then it’s going to be tougher to find players. You might try switching it to Public. 🙂

  14. Really pleased that you are amending the coin payout on Free Play games.
    Disappointed that you haven’t allowed us to choose when to use them.

    Couldn’t careless about the rest of the changes. They’ll probably just cause my game to dropout or freeze even more than at present.

    But thankyou for putting out this bulletin. Great idea. I hate being left in the dark.


  15. I’m a real player and I wanted to know how come some players have kahuana/Luau and others don’t. It’s not a new feature I’ve known people who’ve had since last year. How do you get it??

    • They explained, here in their newsletter, how and why only some have some of the features. It’s easy to understand and makes sense.

    • Also curious.about how to gualify. The folks in my club say it’s a great feature. Is it tenure, or stats? Could it be spending, like a casino perk?

  16. Great job to all of you who bring us this fun….ignore all the haters but notice they are still here lol…..only game I

  17. Hope this happens soon for me.there r a few in my club that r getting these now i love this game and play to much need these to play much run out of coins

  18. Why can’t I comment on anything on facebook??? Can you fix that. All I can do is basically look at comments and post.

    • Hi June – Alas – you used bad language in one of your comments and you were blocked from chatting. 🙁

  19. Thank you for listening. I would love to be one of those chosen as I have maxed out on aloha! Keep up the great work!!!!

  20. I have been playing this game for 4 years and love it and all the new updates. Would recommend it to anyone wanting something fun to do in these retirement years

  21. Thank you very much! I’m excited for these new features, especially the gems. While I’m aware you said this is just the beginning, I want to touch on the communication issue amongst club members. This problem interferes greatly with a clubs ability to participate in the weekly challenges. My club has taken to Facebook messenger to enable us to communicate better. But, we are only able to do this with the few that have happened to stumble upon the available chat feature. So many are still unaware of it’s existence within the game. The little arrow and the occasional bubble of when there’s new messages has not worked. Please address this soon. Thank you again, and much appreciation for making this a community game.

  22. Absolutely NOTHING mentioned about the very, very poor excuse for communication inside clubs. Thousands upon thousands of players know nothing about the Chat feature. Since last August, when I started my club, I have personally booted over three hundred players because they did not respond to dozens of posts aimed at them while they were in my club playing. I welcome each new member. No response after dozens of tries over an hour or two means I have no choice but to remove them. It seems like it would be such simple thing for you to post Something about the chat thing in your News thing in our Inboxes. This would help thousands and thousands of organizers and the hundreds of thousands of people we would not have to remove. What do those people do? How many never play the game again? How many go away angry because they were booted “for no reason”? For whatever reason, they just DO NOT SEE the chat thing. Please, many organizers have been begging you for months to please do this to help tens of thousands of people. Please! Please! Months ago, you said you were working on this. Now, I believe nothing you say. I am so very disappointed in you. You should be encouraging things that will help clubs, not tying our hands. Happy players will spend money on the game, frustrated and angry players will not. I spent $400 on coins during the most recent sale you had. If that sale were this next weekend, I would buy nothing, because you are doing nothing about that chat thing.

    • WOW, I personally have always used the chat feature. I didn’t know how widespread it was that so many players don’t use it, and are ignorant to its existence. Maybe that explains some of the earlier clubs that I was in that I had to quit because of so many inactive players, the volcano going off constantly and losing our benefits until we were able to bring it down which took forever because nobody cared, and I’d try to rally support thru Chat but I thought they all thought I was some kind of freak because no one ever responded.

      GSN, you should really listen to this player/Club Organizer who sounds like she knows what she’s talking about.

    • Great post! I so agree, communication is important. Booting people and they are unaware could definitely discourage players from continuing playing the game.

    • Hi Shelley – we don’t have a beta test program. It’s really just the luck of the draw if you end up as one of our Feature Testers. 🙂

  23. I want to test features also. All my club teammates have the changes but not me . I am sad !! I uninstalled and reinstalled but nothing . How long before I get the new changes .? Everyone will be so far ahead of me !

    • Hi Jill – it depends on the feature. We try to get things out as quickly as possible, but some things do take longer than others.

  24. I wish after a trial phase you would allow all players the option to obt in. Most members on my team have had the khanhauna bonus for over a year yet I spend a lot of money and never get asked to trial anything. I consider a year way more then a trial , which put the ones that don’t have it at an extreme disadvantage. So how are we supposed to compete with these players that are getting multiple bonuses a day!

  25. It would be nice to know how many points it takes to finish a perk and how many points has been accumulated.

    • You can figure it out for yourself by paying attention to what the top ranked players are doing. It takes a little time and a little thinking but it is easily done. Perk amounts change almost every week.

  26. I’m still kinda NEW to the GAME and SO FAR I am TOTALLY ENJOYING IT!Thing of it is, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m DOING, LOL!
    I mean, I know HOW to PLAY SOLITAIRE, however, I’m pretty confused about everything else, clubs, mostly.
    I also don’t think that we should have to PAY for the GAMES.
    I mean, I thought that the GAMES WERE FREE TO PLAY?
    Thank you so much for an GREAT “NEW” GAME for me to learn!

  27. I’m still kinda NEW to the GAME and SO FAR I am TOTALLY ENJOYING IT! The thing of it is, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m DOING, LOL!
    I mean, I know HOW to PLAY SOLITAIRE, however, I’m pretty confused about everything else, clubs, mostly.
    I also don’t think that we should have to PAY for the GAMES.
    I mean, I thought that the GAMES WERE FREE TO PLAY?
    Thank you so much for a GREAT “NEW” GAME for me to learn!

  28. I would like to comment on interaction with face book or email. Thays an interuption in the game. I really dont go pn facebook that often and i don’t have messenger and wont be hitting messenger. A way to communicate provayely in our clubs would inhance our experience. Thank you

    • Look for the brown/orange tab on the right edge of your screen between the inbox icon and the club icon, tapping on this tab will open club communication

  29. I am So happy to have been chosen to get gems! Thank you! Excited about the new updates. Getting 20 helps per day will be very helpful to the players who go through coins fast. Also looking forward to new levels as I have completed all of them including experts! Glad you are changing payouts on free play. That never seemed fair to me.

  30. Please allow organizers to review prospective members profile. I have people request to join, yet no way of knowing if they are likely to be a good fit. Waste of time for me, my team, and the person requesting. Thanks

    • Gemma – I so totally agree with you! I never pick a player who requests to join my team because I can’t find out anything about them. I research and invite players. All the messages in my inbox are a waste of time! If I click on info, I get details on my own team. How informative! Fixing this would be great!

  31. Thanks for the updates! I was wondering if there is anything in the works to allow the players to decide whether they want to use a free play on a game or coins?

    Thank you again!

  32. I wouldlove to be able to choose which level I want to use my free plays on. I don’t like playing my tribute levels while I have free plays and then a tribute is on a lower level and I have to use it and play the lower level so I can get done with tributes to restart the timer on them. We should have the buying cost for the level and a free play button beside that. Thank you!

  33. So Awesome! Thanks for the updates and for listening. One question. I was a part of a small group trying out a feature. I loved it and had just bought more time and it went away. Any chance of returning?

    • Hi Peri – it depends on what feature you are talking about. Most features do end up being launched, but on occasion one won’t, for whatever reason.

  34. I update the game on my iPad mini 4 and now it won’t open. I even tried uninstalling and re-installing it, but nothing happens when I click on the game icon.

  35. Thank you for all the work you do to keep this game running. So far I like all the recent changes…plinko for coins and such, and watching multiple videos for an extra bonus are great and I am happy for the change from 10 to 20 helps. I do have one thing that bothers me a bit tho. The videos for Solitaire is brought to you by are too frequent for my liking. I play the game on my breaks at work and having that video pop up more than once in 15 min of play is annoying and when there are 5 tributes I don’t always have time to finish.

  36. When is the new island coming specifically? I am bored. Nothing to play. No expert levels, bash levels, and i went to get more on gsn and that did it work.

    • Hi Susan – look for the New Island, and Marina the Mermaid to light up your life and give you hope to carry on very soon. 🙂

  37. You should have an option for us to see what help cards we have on hand, and also an option to sell back or trade in cards we don’t use for one’s we do – for example, I never use the magic eye card. I have over 20 of them. A club member has wave cards she never uses, and I would love wave cards. A way to trade with members or trade them in or sell them back would be really helpful.

  38. I wanted to tell you I appreciate the changes I have already seen and also the ones that are upcoming. You are doing a great job of trying to meet many players concerns, wants, and needs.

  39. It would be nice if the top three players in a club would receive extra coins or boosters. That might motivate players at the bottom of the club to play more.

  40. It would be nice if there was an option under/insure MUNU that let the user see what the version is being run.

    Thank you

  41. I have been playing this game since November on a daily basis and love it but now I am considering not playing anymore because level 69 on Tide Pool Lagoon has been “nerfed”. I used to win tons of coins by completing the level because of the streak bonus and time bonus. As of today, I’m getting those same streaks and not even getting the coins back that I used to play. The time bonus for completing with 30 seconds left was 750, today I got 375. I don’t understand how you justify this?! How can I not get back the coins I put in when I get good streaks quickly?! I feel cheated.

  42. As organizer of a club i would like to communicate with my members, some people dont know how to navigate around or refuse to, alot of people dont like adding strangers to their facebook, so like having the option maybe of when clicking on “view member” habe an option to send message?
    Just seams unreasonable to have to use facebook messenger or personal email. I nor most people i know dont use messenger, and im not handing out my email

    • While in game, look for the brown/orange tab on the right edge of your screen between the inbox icon and the club icon, tapping on this tab will open club communication where members can chat. It is not private however, everyone in club can see.

  43. I am a daily player and spend a lot out of pocket . Here’s the problem I have to spend so much to get perks who has time to level up. I’m in a group so that’s a must getting perks!!!! It’s so costly, secondly heck we guess what we need each perk due to not seeing the line move. Can’t you put a amount instead of blue line? Those of us with our jobs can’t sit around and collect coins every 20 min ideas how we can get coins. My piggy bank is running low.

  44. I was invited to a club via mail in the app. When I clicked”accept” it said that I do not meet the requirements. I don’t understand. I was invited! Also, how does one know what the requirements are for any given club? Thank you.

  45. 2 of my teammates received the 20 helps per day which were both exciting and encouraging. Then 2 days later their number of allowed helps dropped back to 10….what gives? Can you please give them back and also let the whole team receive them? How about letting some of the club’s between 50 – 100 try some of this “test” features and not just the top 50 teams.

  46. Love the game. I would like to see the user be able to choose if they want to use a free play or not. Why would i use it on a board that cost 1000 coins. I would rather pay for that one and save my free play for a more expensive board.

  47. So many players want to know approximately how many points are needed to complete each perk 1-6. Would it be difficult to include this info on the perks screen? We can see what we might win by completing a perk but not how many points it will take to complete. This would be very helpful. Thanks. Great game, btw 🙂

  48. What is Luau Pass and why can’t I find any information on it? We have a club member wanting to buy for our club but no one knows anything about it.

    Thank you

  49. hey I’m playing in tiki seas on mermaid island but I’m been stopped by a symbol with a hammer on it I’m on level 231 i need to know how to get by it so i can finish playing my game

  50. How do we know how many points it takes to complete each perk? It is good to know how close we are to completing them to keep people motivated. I know you posted the last special perk as 250k, could you put that in all perk descriptions?

  51. does anybody else have trouble playing the video bingo and not get the extra balls when called the only time i get an extra bonus ball is when the last number is called and then i get it but not during the game sometimes i miss out on 3 extra bonuses a game and i have the number called on the cards

  52. I got booted out of the game when I clicked on the large club chest I was supposed to receive yesterday. I sent in a message with my email but haven’t heard from anyone. Am I going to get it?

  53. Hi there. I missed my chance to earn the birthday bash portrait. Is three gong to be any way in the future that I can try that again, our have a single chance to earn a special portrait again? I’m o.c.d. with completing all the portraits in the sections to get the special portrait, and the absence of this one is bugging me. Even if I have to wait until jan 27th to come to complete the challenge is fine. It’s haunting me that there will be a different group of portraits for 2018 and my 2017 will never be complete. thanks for listening!

  54. Hi! I finished the penguin level & nothing happened after that. Should the mermaid manor come next? If so I don’t have it for some reason. I go in everyday for the rewards so i’m constantly checking. I have the most recent update as well. Very bummed, love the game and want to keep playing.

    • Christine, in the app click on menu, and then click on help. From there click on contact us. Player Services can assist you. 🙂

  55. Can anyone tell me how am I allowed to play the game in my country but when updates are needed same game states ” this game isn’t available in your country “???

  56. I’ve been playing for over a year I’ve been asked to update but when I open the game it just goes back to update its very frustrating cause I love this game and I’ve probably been kicked out of the club

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