27 thoughts on “Play Now! Video Bingo Deluxe: Fireworks in Philly

  1. You guys should let people be aware that the Shake Rattle and Daub game is still available to those who are finishing up to win one million tokens during the remaining of June 30. I thought I had missed out on finishing, when I saw Fireworks in Philly was available on the All Games page.

    • Al2000, generally when a game ends on a certain day (example 6/30), it ends mid-morning when we switch a new one over. That’s great you were able to play it longer, but that’s not a norm. Hope you got your million!

      • I understand what he/she meant, Angel! Usually the VDB ends at about 1000-1100 ET of the following day of the announced end (in this case July 1st), but the following VDB doesn’t upload until at least the following day.

        In this case GSN’s tech people JUMPED THE GUN and uploaded the Philly Fireworks VDB BEFORE Rock and Daub VDB ended. The R&D VDB was available for 6/30 ONLY on the My Promotions section while the Philly VDB has been available THE WHOLE DAY OF 6/30 on the All Games section.

        Those members that played AFTER 0000 ET on 7/1 couldn’t reach back the R&D VDB once they got out for whatever reason, about 10 hours EARLIER THAN NORMAL.

        Yes, I did get the million (49 & 50th mini bingo on a single game) on R&D VDB after 0300 ET on 6/30.

  2. WoW ! I love Philly, I’m a Phillies Phan !!! Had many lucky times there…hope the luck carries over here. I’m formerly from the Philly Burbs .

  3. Uhhhh, I don’t think so Angel. Promo’s read “ends midnight ET”. on ending day. I was surprised to see new one on All Games too. Got my million awhile back but still playing for entries in Beat the Heat Sweeps which is how one can still access under My Promotions. If you look above you’ll see the Fireworks in Philly ends MIDNIGHT 7/31. I didn’t go back to look at the June announcement but would bet it says Midnight 6/30. Just saying. Hope all have a safe and fun 4th!

    Added: What the heck? Now the word midnight is gone from the above announcement! I swear it was there. And I don’t imbibe. Ha

    • Aww, sorry! I removed it because it ended and I didn’t want people to get confused looking for it. I didn’t mean to mess with your head! lol
      Have a safe and happy 4th as well!

  4. I made an interesting discovery. I had a rocket that I didn’t use at the end of last year’s game because I had gotten my million tokens I didn’t bother to use the last one. So when I logged into the game tonight, the remaining rocket from last year was waiting for me to start the game off right. 20,000 tokens and I have even played a game yet. lol

    • I had a rocket to launch at the beginning too, before I ever played a bingo game. I’m thinking it was a freebie. I don’t remember having any left over rockets from last year.

  5. I figured it out. When I had moved my cursor over the star next to the bar that keeps track of your numbers you daubed in order to earn a star it didn’t showing anything even though I had completed enough to have several rockets. I went back and ran cursor over the bar and star and then it showed on the star I had rockets and was able to get in and launch them. Everything’s fine now and it’s fun to launch. Enjoying another million token bingo!

  6. Here is it July 2nd and I have finished the Philly rockets video bingo. It is a shame that we cannot play it again from the beginning and earn the 1 mil tokens again.

    • pearl556, I should have the info soon. I’m having issues getting the updates, and the help desk is working on it. I’ll post all winners as soon as it’s resolved!

  7. Thanks for the free tokens. I just finished the game. It only took about 20 rockets. I have never used so few rockets to complete the game. I used no cash and still got lots of FREE tokens.

  8. When are we going to have this as an additional promo to whatever slots promo there is? I expected it starting today since this was the start of the first full promo period after the first of the month. I’m a little disappointed that it isn’t.

  9. I have finished playing and you can keep going and earn extra tokens I have been playing for extra tokens for three days and some are 2000 ,500 a776 so you can keep playing ( fyi )

  10. hey, what’s up? I’ve fired 300 rockets and have not received all the picture pieces for the million tokens jackpot. How can that be? I was sure the first 150 would be enough to gather all of them, and 300 was not enough. I got all but the dollar bill. This has got to be some kind of record with no million-token jackpot. I’m REAL disappointed with GSN!!!!!!!!!!!

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