It’s a Bingo Bonanza With All These Deals!

The daubing never has to end! Why would you stop when there are bonuses in Bingo Bash, Video Bingo Deluxe, and Wheel of Fortune Bingo?

  • Earn 150 Oodles when you play 7 times. Repeat up to 5X per day.*
  • Earn 2,000 Tokens when you play 50,000. Repeat up to 10X each per day.**

Grab these deals B4 they’re gone midnight ET 6/22. Details on My GSN.

9 thoughts on “It’s a Bingo Bonanza With All These Deals!

  1. Hi, Angel — glad you’re back. Don’t know if anyone else is having problems with For the past several days the site is extremely slow and must be refreshened often. All games on the site are slow and show “problems” almost every session. It’s taking all the fun out of playing. Don’t believe it’s my computer because this is the only site with these issues. Some of the blame lies with the video ads trying to run at the same time — when it’s between ads, the speed is back up.

    • grannybiv, I’ve not heard anything but I’ll let player services know what you’ve said. Have you reached out to them as well?

  2. I agree with grannybiv. It does make playing not fun. Just get on for the question of the day and wonder wheel spins. I think it is the ads too.

  3. grannybiv is absolutely right . i have been saying all along that the ads are the problem. theres one on top of the page , one on the bottom, and one on the right hand side of the page, and now they even put one on that pops up right in front of your game while you`re trying to play . this site has become very frustrating over the last few months.and i don`t think it has anything to do with our computers. i believe it`s all on your end because this is the only site i have this problem with. please fix it.

    • gpop420, I’ll be sure to pass your feedback along. When anything pops up in front of your game, please try and get a screenshot of it to send to Player Services. They have been working really hard to pass along nuisance ads to be removed. But they need actual screenshots.

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