GSN Cash Games Announcment. Coming Soon – New Name, New Game!

We have exciting news today! GSN Cash Games will soon have a new name – WorldWinner! It’s a brand many of you know and love, and we’re thrilled it’s making a comeback.

If you’re a cash games player on GSN, this change will NOT affect your account information. Your login and everything else will remain the same, and you can still play Casino and Oodle games at

To celebrate, we’ll be kicking things off with a brand new game at that time, Solitaire TriPeaks. Get ready to compete for cash prizes in a tropical paradise! If you’re not a cash player, you can also check out the game for free at that time. Here is a link to our new Cash Games landing page, so you can see how it looks!

21 thoughts on “GSN Cash Games Announcment. Coming Soon – New Name, New Game!

  1. Prize center update coming soon…..

    New name, new game coming soon…..

    Yeah, right…HAHAHA

    Had to be snarky!

    • Stop making me giggle when I’m trying to put my serious face on! Yes, the new name, new game is coming soon for sure. I don’t know what’s up with the prize center, but I also continue to pass on posts about it. #2snarkybeans *teasing* 😀

  2. The new Tri-Peaks has GOT to be the lamest game I’ve seen since Pong! I’ve played this on other sights, so I know something much better could have been chosen! It is just……blah! (And slow, and few cards, and………zzzzzzzz snore….)
    To bad out of so many choices, this is the Tri-Peaks GSN decided on! (Really following with Worldwinner picking bomb the ‘New and Improved’ changes recently made that are ‘New and Un-approved’!!) (Rant for June 2017…so far….??!!))

    • Ps… Hi Angel! Happy to see you over at Worldwinner! It’s so quiet over there!!! (Lost ALOT of players when they got rid of all the games!)

      • Pss…just had gone over to Worldwinner, and the homepage showed a different Tri-Peaks was coming than the one on GSN. HOPE it is a different one?? (And I will NOW be on my best behavior…..kinda…..)

        • Oh yes, I see what you mean now (I forgot we had a Tri-Peaks under All Games). This is definitely different! I’m a huge fan of Solitaire Rush, and I LOVE the upcoming cash games version of Solitaire TriPeaks. I hope you will too!

    • Hmmm. it’s truly one of my favorite solitaire games. We recently had a sneak peek on GSN Cash Games and it went over very well. I wonder if we’re thinking of the same game? The new version has a tropical theming, with Tiki and Poi the dog.

      • Yeah…that sneak peak is why I thought it was the one on GSN ‘All Games’ page. When I clicked on the sneak peak, it took me to that page. Then arrowed down and found it! Since I love Tri-Peak games, I hadn’t noticed it there before!
        So, a bit confused about the name change. Will THIS GSN game and pages be the same with just the ‘GSN’ changed to Worldwinner? Or….will you be combining the two sites into just one? AND…how many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie-Roll Pop??

        • Hi Cindy, only GSN Cash Games will be rebranded to WorldWinner. will stay the same. The 2 sites will not be combined into one. The only difference you will notice is GSN Cash Games will be called WorldWinner, and the look will be a little different, but nothing will change as far as accounts, etc goes. Regarding the tootsie pop, it’s been estimated it takes 364 licks to get to the center (I cannot verify this, as I have no patience and chew it up much sooner!) 🙂

          • I just KNEW you could answer everything! (You ARE the boss, right?!) (I really never like Tootsie Roll Pops because nothing should keep me from chocolate! And JUST chocolate!!) 364….hmmm…open my bottle of Hershey syrup is so much quicker!

  3. Last night on the Worldwinner page, and now on GSN’s ‘MY GSN’ page, clicking on the ‘More Info’ for the Tri-Peaks…BOTH take you to the same page…NEITHER works! (Press on the Arrow….all you get is same page minus arrow!) So now, all we can hope for is your answer to Tootsie-Roll Pops… many?

    • Hi Cindy, the new Tripeaks is not available yet, it will launch the same day we re-brand to WorldWinner. Hee, it’s been estimated it takes 364 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop (I cannot verify this, as I have no patience and chew it up much sooner!) 🙂

      • Yeah…Hershey’s syrup…. (Site/Pages not working is that there IS no ‘more info’. Page doesn’t say do anything! (I’ve taken enough of your time, so don’t feel you have to keep replying to my comments! You are just always so nice and helpful (even to the very rude players you sometimes get!) that I hate troubling you more than I already do!) But Angel, YOU ARE THE BEST!

  4. I hate what GSN has done to Worldwinner. What happened? Why did you feel the need to change things? I liked having the option of playing different levels.

    • Hi just me, I don’t believe the game play has changed. If you have questions, please reach out to player services under Help.

      • GSNAngel, did you every play on Worldwinner before it became part of GSN? I have been a member of WorldWinner for years and believe me it has changed! Drastically changed from what it used to be. Used to be able to go on ANY game and find a competition of 2-5 players. Where did that go???

        • just me, no I did not play on WorldWinner before it became a part of GSN. I’m a recent addition to the community myself. I thought you were asking about recent changes going from GSN Cash Games to WorldWinner. I’ll be happy to pass your observations on to the WorldWinner team.

          • just my opinion but they have ruined what Worldwinner was. Why did they take it over if they were not going to keep the format the same? I think the only thing they were interested in was Worldwinners player base. If they wanted to keep us they should have left well enough alone.

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