Enter the Junebug Sweepstakes!

UPDATE: Winners listed here.

There is $4,000 up for grabs and 5 lucky winners will win their share! Enter HERE now for your chance to win your share of $4,000! Ends 6/30. 

8 thoughts on “Enter the Junebug Sweepstakes!

  1. It kinda is bid for it. If you got lots of oodles you can enter more entries. I wish they would just come out and say there is no more updates of the prize center and that there will be more contest and sweepstakes.

      • Hopefully not for a while, I just got a message: you have already redeemed the number of prizes you are eligible to redeem for this period. I only buy oodlectibles so I don’t know how long this period is and when I will be able to redeem more. I didn’t know I was limited on how many oodlectibles we are allowed. 🙁

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