Stack the Rewards in Solitaire Rush: Stakes Edition!

Race to rewards this week when you play Solitaire Rush: Stakes Edition!

Pocket 150 Oodles when you play 7 games. Repeat up to 5X.*
Score 2,000 Tokens INSTANTLY when you play 50,000 Tokens. Repeat up to 10X.**

Get started now – take advantage of this bonus event each day before 6/1. Details on My GSN.


29 thoughts on “Stack the Rewards in Solitaire Rush: Stakes Edition!

  1. Used to be one of my favorite promotions because it was one of the fastest to clear. But ever since they made it so that you have to do a full reload for an ad page between each session it’s become one of the slowest. Very uncool.

  2. I enjoy Solitaire Rush but I do not like having to watch an ad after each hand. You did this once before and I commented on this same subject and the next day they went to an ad after 3 hands which was a lot better! It would be nice if they would do this again.

        • Camit, I’m sorry, I’ve forwarded all feedback. It may have been something they were unable to resolve for this promo, but feedback for the future has definitely been heard.

  3. this game really sucks because you have to listn to adds after each game and when you play duces wild you just keep playing till you quit .. the game was changed a little while back and it was fun to play . thanks

      • To the poster (sorry, Angel)… Since this game is SO INTENSIVE to make the Oodles promo work (it takes 2-3 HOURS DAILY STARING AT THE MONITOR ALL THE TIME) and there are NO GOOD PRIZES (sweepstakes and auctions DOESN’T COUNT) I won’t be playing this promo, giving me time for “other point-getting stuff” that PAYS ME.

        Meanwhile. there are other promos and GSN games that will keep me getting a few Oodles every day ’til GSN decides to put some REAL BUY-IT-NOW PRIZES in their “Store”.

        Let’s see what’s next on Friday…

  4. Hey Angel, A Commercial Every Hand Played. No Prize Center Update. Prizes

    Available Are Less Than Rewarding. It’s Like You Guys At Gsn Are Trying To Sabotage
    Your Own Site.

  5. First, I don’t even bother playing this game. Second, the wait for the prize center upgrade is coming to an end for me. I believe others should join me. I’m giving them one more week and I will stop playing. Until we all come to this conclusion they will not fix the problem. Soon, farewell This should not have taken months!

    • Thank you for your thoughts Brant. I understand your concerns and have passed them on to the prize center team.

  6. It took me four hours to get through one set of promotion one day. It started running extremely slowly, freezing, going to a white screen with an exclamation point in the middle of the game, or going to a blue screen. I lost a lot of winnings.

    The next day, the same thing and took at least 3 – 4 hours to complete. Just horrible. Sometimes the games would get interrupted with getting kicked out, with some advertisement or warning popping up on the whole screen. So upsetting.

    Hope the next promotion is better.

  7. I agree. So many adds just sucks! Also, off subject. Why are they getting rid of Mondo Bingo? Why?? Seems like all the games I enjoy are slowly disappearing.

  8. Interesting I know my comment hasn’t been posted. Still waiting for moderation? This, in itself, would be reason to stop playing now.

  9. Solitaire Rush is such a struggle to play. I played 7 games and am done forever. Too long between games. I do the minimum bet and quit as soon as i can.

  10. This is the slowest game to play ever. It took hours to play 7 games because it was slow to load and stalled very often. Refreshing does not help.

  11. I play Solitaire Rush S/E regularly and have noticed whenever this promotion runs, it is extremely difficult to get not just compete games, but also scoring more tokens than wagered. Maybe it is because of a larger number of players?

  12. my post was deleted because I stated GSN gets paie for every ad we watch. All GSN angel can do is copy and paste her/his same response—“thank you for your feedback I’ve passed it on” This site was so good with the old angel this one has no wings!! sorry to be so caustic but nothing gets done with customer comments-no priizes, many ads, and the annoying header that is still there.

    • Hi J, your post was deleted for other reasons. Please feel free to reach out to me in email if you want more specifics. It’s good I compile, and pass on feedback. It’s part of what I’m meant to do. I don’t have the ability to change anything, but I can make sure players are heard which is very important to me. Please know this “old” Angel hears you loud and clear. 🙂

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