9 thoughts on “Memorial Day Oodlectible

  1. I honor all men and women that has served and is serving our country. I have 2 Grandsons serving our country and iam so proud of them.

  2. Why are they doing away with Mondo Bingo? I think that is the most fun to play of all of them. Rather they did away with Wheel of Fortune Bingo; never thought that paid out big and is slow.

    • I’m sorry 2jellybeans, not sure why regarding Mondo Bingo. Generally when games are retired, it’s because of low usage.

  3. Hi GSN Angel,

    The Secret Word for today 05/31/2017: Aproador is incorrectly spelled. It should be Arpoador. It is a district in Rio de Janeiro.

      • Thank you, I did get it right and also learned something new.
        Also thanks to everyone at GSN for the beautiful Memorial Day Oodlectible.

        Angel can you please have the technical personnel look into the Menu Frame on most GSN.com web pages. The frames are now covering the webpages when you scroll down the page. It is interfering with games, videos, etc…
        Many people have written to them, but so far no fix.

        Have a great week.

        • ilock21, you’re welcome. I have been passing along the posts to the web team regarding the header issue. I’ll be sure to pass yours along as well.

  4. Memorial Day is a wonderful way to honor those who love our Country.
    ★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆ ★ ☆★ ☆★ ☆ Thanks GSN

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