NEW Bingo Bash Room – Mommy Marathon

The race is on – help mommies and babies collect trophies and score bingos in the new Bingo Bash room Mommy Marathon.* (*Unlocks at Level 13)

Collect all the trophies to win BIG prizes!


2 thoughts on “NEW Bingo Bash Room – Mommy Marathon

  1. This game is really too hard to bingo. I don’t usually complain but I won’t be playing it again. Back to the eggs.

  2. I really enjoy playing this games and actually I prefer this game to all others but it is too hard to win a bingo and the balls that are called are too slow which allows the bingos to go to fast. I would love it if you could make it a separate game and not be in with Bing Bash. I think you should give more for a bonus. It use to be where you could watch videos and more bonus balls can be given. Just giving 36 balls it’s gone in 20 minutes if that. Please fix

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