St. Patrick’s Day Oodlectible

Your Collections Box is going to be looking lucky with this festive St. Patrick’s Day Oodlectible. Buy it now for just 250 Oodles!

Get it here before 3/22 at midnight ET


6 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Oodlectible

  1. When will there be new prizes???? I wanted to order a magazine and couldn’t believe all of the prizes had disappeared!! I’d hate to think that I’ve been playing and collecting oodles and all I can purchase is an oodlectible! Please bring the magazines back at the very least!

      • I agree with Stephen’s post above. I went to look for prizes and found very little. I was going to get a magazine, (since yours stated they don’t auto-renew it was a plus over other magazine prizes offered elsewhere.) I was all ready to choose one, but they are all gone. I’m not really that interested in an oodlectible. If I had known you were only going to be offering oodlectibles, I wouldn’t have spent all that time diligently saving oodles.

        • Hi Claire, the prize center is still in the process of being revamped. There will be different things coming, I just don’t know what at this time. There are sweepstakes and auctions you can take part in with your Oodles, no need to buy only Oodlectibles.

    • You people should have spent them oodles when there were still prizes. Now everyone has millions of oodles and nothing to spend them on. So if they ever do offer prizes again they will cost a million oodles.

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