$6324.00 ChaChingo Bingo Winner – artpar26

Congratulations artpar26 on your $6324.00 GSN ChaChingo Bingo win on 3/9/2017! We love the picture of you and your lucky dog!  🙂

Being retired it is always good to have some extra money. Playing on GSN is fun, easy and enjoyable. Sometimes people use the phrase, lucky dog…I have my “LUCKY DOG” on my lap. I’m not sure but he might have used his paw to pick the numbers, I’m just not sure but he will get a reward anyway.

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7 thoughts on “$6324.00 ChaChingo Bingo Winner – artpar26

  1. Your dog is so beautiful…My friend Dawn which is still my best friend since the 3rd grade and I’m now 51 almost 52 so we have been friends for many years, she had a dog Max who looked a lot like your dog. They are great friendly and loving dogs and so pretty. My family has a white peeka-poo Simba and he is the most awesome dog ever….he was the biggest of the litter so he’s not too small like his sister Nala which our niece has her and she is the one who got us Simba cause she was dating the owners son at the time. They were going to keep Simba but then their mother got pregnant again so they gave him to us….was sooo happy….love my doggy he is the best….never barks ….unless he’s catching someone breaking into our neighbors cars…we got up and seen what was going on thru our front window and called the police and they came and tried to find the burglars…still don’t know if they ever found them or not but my dog who never barks did that night cause he knew those kids didn’t belong around here and were up to no good. Dogs r the best! By the way congratulations on your win…your dog probably had something to do with it. Omg while I was just typing this note to u I noticed that dog spelled backwards is god. That explains a lot ……

  2. hey artpar,, How you dong Art?
    Congrats on your win, Did you pick your own numbers?
    How often do you play?
    Hope you will log in & say hello here sometimes….

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