Play in the Spin Your Heart Out Slots Tournament

UPDATE:  Winners listed here.

Ready, set, spin! It’s time to enter the Spin Your Heart Out Tournament with fan favorites American Buffalo Slots, Classic 777 Slots, and Deal or No Deal Slots. Out-spin the competition and you’ll find a share of over 300,000,000 Tokens. Play Feb 11 through Feb 20. 

Enter through My GSN by entering ONE of the following promo codes:

  • Enter GOBUFF to select American Buffalo Slots
  • Enter GO777 to select Classic 777 Slots
  • Enter GODEAL to select Deal or No Deal Slots

After entering ONE of the promo codes, play your game to compete 2/11-2/20. You can keep track of how many Tokens you’ve played on the MyGSN page. Good luck!

NOTE: Be sure to only select one tournament and insert one promo code.  If you use more than one promo code, you will be disqualified.

The top 500 players who wager the most Tokens will win a share of 314,250,000 Tokens. They will be credited by 11:59pm on 2/28/17.

Payout Table 

Place Tokens
1 3,000,000
2 – 50 1,250,000
51 – 100 1,000,000
101 – 250 750,000
251 – 350 500,000
351 – 500 250,000


*NOTE: Promotion starts at 12:00am ET on 2/11/17 and ends at 11:59pm ET on 2/20/17 (the “Promotion Period”). To earn Tokens, you must be logged in at and play either American Buffalo Slots, Classic 777 Slots, or Deal Or No Deal™ Slots on any given “Day” throughout the Promotion Period. For purposes of the foregoing, a “Day” shall mean the period between 12:00:01 a.m. ET and 11:59:59 p.m. ET. To enter into the Tournament, you must enter the promo code associated with the game of your choice (either American Buffalo Slots, Classic 777 Slots, or Deal Or No Deal™ Slots). The top 500 players who wager the most Tokens within the time frame will win a share of 314,250,000 Tokens.  Tokens will be credited to each eligible user’s account by 11:59pm on 2/28/17. Players who enter more than one tournament will be disqualified. Your participation in the program is subject to the Tokens Terms and Conditions. Please review these regulations carefully before participating for eligibility restrictions and complete details.


35 thoughts on “Play in the Spin Your Heart Out Slots Tournament

  1. I successfully entered the code for Deal or No Deal Slots, but only needed another 50 spins of Wild Savannah Slots to complete the requirement for 750 oodles, so I finished that before going to Deal or No Deal. When I returned to My GSN, the box for this tournament had gone back to its original format. I tried to enter GODEAL again. Reply was that the code had already been used. Next, I went to Deal or No Deal and played 25 rounds to see if that would change anything on My GSN. It did not. Now I’m afraid that if I enter a different code – I’ll be dq’ed, per the rules. If one has to go to the chosen slots game immediately after entering its code, that should be made abundantly clear!

    • Crystal, you only need to enter the code once, and you can play the game as you feel (in-between other games, etc). You’re entered.

  2. I played my heart out in the Wheel of Fortune 300 million tokens game, used tons and tons of tokens and didn’t win anything. I played like crazy every single day and got nothing from GSN in terms of rewards from them. I won’t play in any more of their tournaments.

  3. Trying to play any game is very annoying because of the ads freezing the game – I am not going to play many more games until google fixes these ads from freezing the game playing

  4. Crystal, you can go to GSN and it will show Deal or No Deal, and how many you have played so far.l You can keep up with your total that way. This is where you go to look for your promotions.

  5. I am playing GO777 sorry I was not aware about only one game need to enter please forgive me and consider only my game to keep eye is GO777.
    Best of LUCK to all PLAYERS and Greetings.

    • As long as you only entered the one promo code (GO777), you’re fine. You can still play other games for fun, they just won’t count towards the tournament 🙂

  6. i have enter all these games with the right promo codes and payed all day and night but i never win anything. i enjoy playing but if i do not win i wonder why. then there are times when i win nothing shows up. i refuse to give up because this is my pass time enjoyment.

  7. I am playing gobuff but any place you can see what standing u are in it shows me how much I have bet but would like to know what place I am in

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