Coming Soon: Prize Center Updates

We’ll be making some updates to the GSN Prize Center. Please know that we’re committed to bringing you great prizes, delivered quickly – and we appreciate your patience and feedback!

We’re also working on the process that posts winners. We know they have not been posting, and this is being worked on. Thank you for your patience!

131 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Prize Center Updates

  1. Looking forward to the updates. Currently in the prize center there is a way for players to bid with their oodles to win tokens. Will GSN ever consider a way for players to bid with their tokens to win oodles instead? Just a thought 🙂

  2. I’m hoping there will be more auctions…eagerly waiting to see the updates.I have always been disappointed that high value gift cards, etc. have all been by sweeps. That’s like playing the lottery….you’re more likely to get struck by lightning. 🙂

      • I agree with you, 2jellybeans. I remember when you could bid on high value gift cards, now they are by sweeps. I tried once and lost thousands of oodles and haven’t bothered since.

        • I remember when we could buy nice things with our oodles—not magazine subscriptions and/or old very outdated DVD’s.

          • For us baby boomers, I like the idea of getting the old tv shows on dvd. I would like GSN to bring the TV shows on dvd back as prizes. I redeemed many of my oodles for these when they had them.

    • I too am crossing my fingers and hoping for more auctions! I have been saving my oodles for over 5 years, and have never won anything. I really would like a true opportunity! Thank you!

      • You and everyone else have been saving oodles so to win a bid you have to have a million oodles. I think a far thing would be have sweepstakes and limit the number of entries.

        There are so many oodles out there that there is tremendous inflation of what you need to spend to win anythjing.

    • Whether bidding in auctions, or buying more sweepstakes tickets, there have been many complaints in the past that folks who get tons of oodles as a bonus for buying tokens have a great advantage over those of us who don’t. Given the choice, I’d rather take my chance winning a sweeps than knowing I’ll never be able to make a high bid.

      Most of all I’d like to see more Buy It Now items, like we used to have. Meanwhile, because I am a pest, I’ll again request a few hobby based magazines – knitting for me, please.

      • I understand your position; however I have a lot of oodles but have NEVER purchased any tokens. I worked hard for my oodles and have been saving them up, from back in the days when there were things to save them for. I just want to clarify that buying tokens isn’t the only way to get lots of oodles.

      • hi, Kitten With A Whiplash, just FYI neither I nor my family members who play GSN buy the token packages and get bonus oodles. Yet, we have bid on and won some nice gifts/prizes, in years past. We just accumulate oodles the old fashioned way, by logging in daily (if able), playing as many games as possible to land on the leaderboards, completing the promos of the day or week, etc. I’ve/we’ve saved up a LOT of oodles that way. Hopefully, that’s encouraging to you 🙂

        • I never said that everyone who has a lot of oodles got them thru bonuses – my oodles balance is just under 1/2 million now, and I’ve never bought tokens either. I was just putting in a reminder that in the past there were complaints when the bids suddenly got outrageous because of the folks who had. And a reminder that with a sweepstakes you can still win with only one ticket – if it’s the right one.

          • No problem, I didn’t take it you were saying that you way 🙂 It can be discouraging, so wanted you to know you could still accumulate lots of oddles in other ways. I have over 2 million, been saving a LONG time and finally got enough to buy nice prize and they have been converted to sweeps. And yes, bids did get outrageous. I could previously get a $25 gift card for less than 200,000 oodles or a little more. Now, people are biding 2-3 times that and that is crazy. So, I understand. Best wishes to you!

      • Hi Kitten, I wanted to comment on what you wrote. I copied & pasted this from your comment on Feb. 7th @11:27 pm
        {{{ There have been many complaints in the past that folks who get tons of oodles as a bonus for buying tokens have a great advantage over those of us who don’t.}}}
        My experience is I do buy token packages every once in awhile. For a $19.99 token package you only get 1,100 oodles. That is not tons. Now say you buy a $399.99 token package you get 40,000 oodles. Now that’s a lot of oodles. Whoever buys token packages for $399.99 has to be rich. Anyone can earn almost 1,000 oodles daily. 🙂 Sending You Lot’s Of Luck on future play. I too would like to see hobby based magazines. I personally would love to see scrap booking & jewelry,beads,etc mags.

        Much Love,
        Carrie Culp
        AKA CCLynn

        • Thanks for your thoughts, CCLynn. Maybe you can teach me beadwork, and I can teach you to knit? Good luck to you too.

          It seems like no matter what happens with the prize center there’s going to be a lot of (frequently negative) reaction from the GSN faithfuls. There was kerfuffle when they dropped most the buy-it-nows prizes, when they dropped the DVDs, when they switched from prizes to discount coupons, etc. etc. etc.

          We may not like the changes, but I’m glad and grateful for the item’s I did get, and for the fun I had getting them. Thanks GSN.

          • Hee, I can vouch for your knitting! 🙂 I’ll be sure to pass your thanks along to the Prize Center.

  3. OMG-‘ve been asking for better prizes like the “old days” where I won gas cards, a juicer, there were lots to pick from. Lately only magazine subscriptions. Maybe I can finally use my oodles-I was beginning to think they were useless currently. Thank you GSN angel

    • I agree. A couple years ago I won a Kitchen Aid Mixer for my daughter for 500,000 Oodles. Now I have 4 times that many Oodles and there’s hardly a decent prize to bid on. I guess I could bid on and win four $25 Amazon Gift cards..but really?

      I still wish they had an exchange to get Oodles from people who like tokens. I have 96 Million tokens I’d be happy to exchange for some Oodles…

  4. I’m hoping some of the updates will be to bring back more bidding on gift cards (the $100,$200 & $500) and less sweeps. When you bid, you at least have a chance to win without forfeiting a LOT of oodles, except the entry fee. With the sweeps, you give up lots of oodles for a chance of 1 of the 8 winners. Chances are not too good Lol Look forward to seeing the changes!

  5. I am hoping for some bigger gift cards to bid on like $100 and $500 ones. I have been saving for over 3 years now to try for a biggie and nothing there to bid on. This is great to hear they are updating the prizes. I have slacked off playing like I used to because of this reason. Thanks to GSN for listening to us players on getting some new and hopefully better prizes!

  6. They Daily Cash Sweeps went from $500 down to $100, then they upped the cost from 75 Oodles to 100. Hopefully the ‘update’ won’t include a lot more little ‘surprise’s’ like this one!!

  7. I am wishing and hoping you would put in gift cards or something good that we can actually buy. I dont do auctions or any of the things you have as rewards so oodles have been just a waste for me.

  8. I would LOVE to see either auction or BUY IT NOW gift cards.
    Agree, I don’t like sweepstakes!!!

    Can’t wait to see what is offered.

  9. Wow, Great for the players who save up their oodles for 10 years for these auctions…..The rest of us, well, guess we will just have to read our magazines ! 🙂

    • LOL you don’t have to save up 10 years. I’ve just been saving so long because there has been nothing to bid on or buy it now that’s been worth getting. You can still boost your oodles balance by playing games, logging in daily if you can, getting your spins on the wheel every, promos, etc. They will add up in no time. Best wishes!

  10. Will GSN ever connect back w/Game Show Network as a few years ago? There were decent prizes 4 the auctions back then plus prizes for calling in to answer ?’s.

      • GSN stands for the Game Show Network, but yet they don’t partner with them? I always thought they were connected…Weird!

          • wow didn’t know that it is not part of GSN TV–used to be. I guess when gambling with World winner started the site it went down hill. THE tie with the TV was much better–what a shame

          • J, we are the same company but the focuses are different. Games here, TV there. When the games first started,, there was more TV involvement, but now they stand on their own. It’s normal for things to evolve and change over time.

  11. I have contacted the support line. I am very frustrated with ads freezing games. I have collected over 19 ads in the past few weeks that either knock me out or freeze the games. E. g. in the video bingo, when it freezes, the numbers can’t be marked, but numbers are still being called. Now with new ads the games thing is same thing is occurring. I’ve already collected 3 ads between 2/8 and 2/9. Please help. If it’s Google that’s doing ads, they need to fix it!!!!

  12. I’m with you, Dorothy. When I started on GSN, there were nice Buy It Now prizes. I had my eye on some good binoculars, which only cost about 35,000 oodles, but they were gone before I got a chance to get them. I’d like to see stuff like that in the prize center again.

    They also had some very nice prizes like big-screen tv’s and high-end jewelry. And there was a monthly sweepstakes for $5,000 cash. I really wish we could have a shot at stuff like that again.

  13. Hi. Is there an estimate on when these updates will be done? My National Geographic subscription has lapsed. Also how will we be notified of this completion?
    Snooty Jim

    • I’m sorry Jim, I really don’t know (and I don’t know if magazines will be back). Your best bet would be to reach out to Player Services, they may have a better idea.

    • I’m sorry you’re having difficulties. If you have not already, please contact Player Services for assistance so they can investigate. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

  14. I miss the magazines TOO, Hope they bring them back. It’s nice if they change one or 2 every 3 months if they aren’t being bought. Then they could try another one some of us may like and use our oodles on. Please pass along my concerns NOT to do away with the magazines. Thanks so my Angel. You are a SWEETHEART.

    • Hi Anthonyfenwick, I’m sorry, the Oodles prize center can only ship to the US and Canada, which is why your postal code isn’t being allowed.

    • in the uk we have a law on gaming that says’if you cant win you cant lose your stake or investment. therefore GSN is illegal in the uk. i , like you was fooled into buying tokens to win oodles only to find out that we cannot use them. for 4 years i have been told by GSN that they are trying to fix this but now it seems that that is not true.

      • slotpeter, I’m sorry if you got confusing information, but from day one the Oodles program has only been available to those in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec). It’s in all of the official rules, as well as the Oodles Terms and Conditions. There’s no plans to expand it in any way. Besides the morass of legalities involved with each country, can you imagine the shipping cost of sending a sizable prize to England? Plus if it’s over a certain amount (£50), you’d get to pay tax on it.

        GSN Cash Games is open to people from different countries, and you can play for cash there.

  15. Holy moly a sweepstakes entry for a $25 gift card is 750 oodles. Is that a typo?

    Daily Gift Card Auction & Sweeps
    CATEGORY: Cash and Top Prizes
    SWEEPSTAKES ENTRY FEE: 750 ENDS IN: 9h :40m :26s
    EVERY DAY we are giving away $25 Gift Cards of your choice.

  16. Hello there Angel!!! I’ve noticed in the Prize Center that they took away the Daily $25 your choice of gift card auctions and sweepstakes. I can see it’s replaced by weekly gift card auctions and sweepstakes. This weeks gift card is a $25 Amazon gift code. It’s sad because anyone loves to bid every day instead of waiting every week to see if they’re the highest bidder. I didn’t go for the daily gift card auction and sweepstakes as I’m saving my hard earned oodles throughout the course of months. Now Angel, is the daily gift card auctions and sweepstakes gone forever or just temporary? Because if it’s every week, anyone can be outbidded easily and costs far more oodles than they expected on their oodle budget.

    Also Angel, I’m putting in suggestions if they can possibly stock up fast food gift card auctions like Mcdonalds, Burger King, Jack In The Box, etc. I never see them in the prize center and I extremely strongly like to get my wish granted. I love fast food but only go to those places like every month or so. I’m also wishing about them putting a Cheesecake Factory gift card up for auctions please. I love cheesecakes especially that Oreo Dream Extreme and anything with chocolate!!! And the foods are decent including happy hour items. Please work my suggestions offered to the Prize Center team and see what happens then. Thank you

    • Hi sanbull60, I’m sorry, I don’t know the answers to your questions. We’ll have to wait and see. I have passed on your concerns and suggestions.

  17. So far,. I see the Daily $25. Gift card chance is GONE,,m well, it’s kinda there in “another way”,,, ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  18. Hi angel I was just wondering what happened to this months spin a thon. I thought in goes on til the 22nd and it is now gone from any page on here. Not in my Gsn or home page or even news of winners here. Thanks for your time

  19. Someone won on hourly bingo– 2-20-17– listed as “nieloncal” when I tried to send message system said such listing !! How can that be???

    • Hi, that can happen when the player has a very long user name, it gets cut off in the posting (please note the …):

      nieloncal… won $6,780
      on 2/21/2017 at 00:00 AM ET!

  20. Angel, do not think Spin your heart out is the correct name for the tournament that ended Feb. 20th?????? You picked your game to play. I chose buffalo. Wondering when winners will be posted. Thanks.

  21. Hi GSN Angel,

    Please ask them to bring back the DVD’s and the books. Even better would be to add Blue Ray disks, and digital options: to movies, TV series, books, magazines. Bringing back the magazines would be nice. I really do like the gift cards. I like that we can bid or enter the sweeps for the Amazon gift cards. Maybe, they could give more opportunities to earn gift cards.

    Please do update us on the Prize Center status.

    Thank you for all your help. Please also thank everyone at GSN for all the work they do. Have a great week!

    • Hi ilock21, I have passed your suggestions on. Please know all of the concerns and comments are being forwarded to the Prize Center team. The Prize Center is still being worked on and the feedback is very important.

  22. Coming Soon??? That phrase usually means faster than a month? Where are the new prizes? As previously stated, the magazines were nice & lower value gift cards, where we might actually have a chance at winning for bids. The over $500 prizes were nice, but as also stated above – felt like there was nooooo chancer on winning.
    Thank you,

    • Hi Flo, my apologies, I missed your post. Please know all of the concerns and comments are being forwarded to the Prize Center team. The Prize Center is still being worked on and the feedback is very important.

      • FEB 7TH – COMING SOON – APRIL 10TH – STILL WAITING – my patience has been ignored! Any idea if there will ever be more prizes than you have now?
        or just for gsn cash games?

  23. Any idea if there will ever be more prizes than you have now? Sort of not the same drive playing with what little we have to play for… but I am trying to hang with you all. May God Bless…
    Keep up the great work!

    • Hi Kathie, I’m sorry, I’m not sure what future plans are but I have passed along your post for consideration to the prize team.

      • Thank you for getting back with me. I might suggest that you put out a posting more recent explaining the prize section is still under constructions. We can all be happy as long as we know there is more coming… Thank you for all you all do for us!

        May God Bless…

  24. Why is the prize center now basically gone? When you started, there were TV’s available. Then movies, magazines and other good stuff. Now there is almost nothing. It’s not worth playing without the prizes.

    • Hi John, please know all of the concerns and comments are being forwarded to the Prize Center team. The Prize Center is still being worked on and the feedback is very important.

    • I agree. I just noticed there’s nothing for me to collect oodles or tokens for. I did get a few magazines for the months and months of playing but may give up playing here if it doesn’t change in a month.
      Hope someone is reading the comments.

  25. Really disappointed to see the prize center downgraded to such a large extent. It was why I really played. Trying to find another motivation to keep playing.

    • tech0707, hang in there! Please know all of the concerns and comments are being forwarded to the Prize Center team. The Prize Center is still being worked on and the feedback is very important.

  26. Have to say if Prizes (NOT Sweepstakes, Oodlectibles, Discount Codes (usually on unworthy places) or even Auctions, but the ones we can reasonably use, like the magazine subscriptions or even some Buy-It-Now lower denomination Gift Cards for well known and used stores) are not restated or implemented within the next 2-3 weeks many Players will abandon GSN and will be far more difficult to get them back.

    In my case I’m playing to replenish my Oodle account for whenever the Prizes come back, but if not done in reasonable time other competitors might “fill the space left”…

  27. I was looking forward to saving enough oodles to get a prize, but I was disappointed to discover that now there really aren’t any with the downgrade of the ‘prize center’. Please add my ‘voice’ to the many requests above for prizes we can actually get as opposed to entering a sweep with little chance of winning. It would also be nice if TPTB could give us an update on when the Prize Center will be updated. I’m trying to get a little motivation to even go through the motions to earn a few oodles. Thank you, Angel.

  28. When I first started playing in 2005, there were some really nice prizes in the prize center. I don’t check it every day, but I just went in there and there are only 2 pages of prizes now. I think the gift cards should be brought back to purchase with oodles, not just in sweepstakes/bidding fashion.

  29. WILL they be bringing back walmart gift cards. i was one day late for the $100 walmart gift card. i rarely shop amazon,

  30. just visted the prize center you only have 2 pages of prize which is very poor and nothing that I would be interesting in it would be nice if you could bring the gift cards back or some of the magazine to buy. at the point now it is not worth winning any oodles or tokens because there is really nothing nice to try I might just opt out the game because of this I have been on this site since 2006

    • Hi sugarpie09, thank you for reaching out and sharing your thoughts. Please know I’ve passed them on to the prize center team.

  31. I have not been happy with the prize center for a long time. I have over 500,000 oodles but nothing to spend them on. Also I have noticed that it is more difficult to earn tokens. I play a minimum of 10,000 tokens on each bet but all I see is that my total goes down a lot faster than I can earn them. I wonder if anyone else has experienced the same results.

    • I’m sorry you’re unhappy Helen. I have passed your post to the Prize Center team so they can know your thoughts. Regarding your Tokens, please know the Casino games have highs and lows, and wins and losses are not evenly distributed. They are random

    • Hi Lila, do you mean Swapit? We generally update seasonally months end because of the leader boards. The first day of spring was March 20.

      • No Angel, not Swap It, ” FIND IT”, you have to find all the items in the picture as quickly as you can. It would be nice to have seasonal ones also, 4 per year, get tired of the same one all the time.

  32. Any idea when the prize center will be updated. I keep looking at the prizes and there’s nothing there. It doesn’t make it very encouraging to continue to play.

    • Hi Sarah, I don’t have specifics, but I am forwarding all posts about the prize center to the prize center team.

  33. Angel, you were the one who started the “hope” in your post that new prizes were coming. It got our hope up that prizes would be added. Now your only response is the same “I’ll forward to the prize team” over and over. Why did you state that prizes would be coming with no results?

    • Hi J, I’m told there will be updates. Please know what I originally posted came directly from the Prize Center Team. And while I know you’re tired of hearing it, I have passed this post along as well (doing so lets the prize center know the concerns on here)

  34. Any updates on when the update to the prize center is going too occur?
    The prizes are pretty slim pickings and it looks like it has been that way for a while.
    I use to try new magazines from my oodles on this site now there is nothing really worthwhile in the prize center to keep going for.

  35. I went to buy the flag day oodlectible, and this is the message I got:
    We’re sorry – you have redeemed the number of prizes you are eligible to redeem for this period. Come back again soon to redeem a prize! Or use some of those Oodles and enter one of our fabulous sweepstakes! Is this something new? I don’t understand the reasoning behind this, please explain.

    • I’m sorry for the confusion MickeyP1229. I had a setting wrong in the prize center for this Oodlectible. You should be able to get one now!

  36. I thought they would post the winners of last month’s Fireworks in Philly contest winners. I am still waiting for my $100 cheque I won on June 4th daily sweep.

    • Hi Sonia, Player Services let me know they’ve been in contact with you regarding your check, and when you should expect to receive it. I believe I’ll get the winners soon to post.

  37. Love GSN !☺But I am saving my Oodles for better prizes,such as Gift Cards!! I do not go for all of that bidding stuff! .wish we could convert our Tokens to Oodles!.Thanks Angel for the things you do for us!.

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