Play for a Share of 300,000,000 Tokens in the Slots Tournament.

UPDATE:  Winners listed here.

Ready, set, spin! It’s time to enter the Spin Your Heart Out Tournament featuring fan favorites American Buffalo Slots, Wild Savanna Slots, and Wheel of Fortune Slots. Outspin the competition and you’ll find a share of over 300,000,000 Tokens.

To complete you must enter ONE of following promo codes in the promo code field on My GSN:

After entering the promo code, play your game to compete. You can keep track of how many Tokens you’ve played on My GSN. Good luck! Ends 1/22.**

NOTE: Be sure to only select one tournament and insert one promo code.  If you use more than one promo code, you will be disqualified.

The top 500 players who wager the most Tokens will win a share of 314,250,000 Tokens. **Tokens to be credited by 11:59pm on 1/31/17.

Payout Table: 

Place Tokens
1 3,000,000
2 – 50 1,250,000
51 – 100 1,000,000
101 – 250 750,000
251 – 350 500,000
351 – 500 250,000

*NOTE: Promotion starts at 12:00am ET on 1/13/17 and ends at 11:59pm ET on 1/22/17 (the “Promotion Period”). To earn Tokens, you must be logged in at and play either American Buffalo Slots, Wheel of Fortune® Slots, or Wild Savanna Slots on any given “Day” throughout the Promotion Period. For purposes of the foregoing, a “Day” shall mean the period between 12:00:01 a.m. ET and 11:59:59 p.m. ET. To enter into the Tournament, you must enter the promo code associated with the game of your choice (either American Buffalo Slots, Wheel of Fortune® Slots, or Wild Savanna Slots). The top 500 players who wager the most Tokens within the time frame will win a share of 314,250,000 Tokens.  Tokens will be credited to each eligible user’s account by 11:59pm on 1/31/17. Players who enter more than one tournament will be disqualified. Your participation in the program is subject to the Oodles and Tokens Terms and Conditions. Please review these regulations carefully before participating for eligibility restrictions and complete details.


83 thoughts on “Play for a Share of 300,000,000 Tokens in the Slots Tournament.

  1. This is so neat when you give old people like me tokens. Thank you from an old vet who looks forward to this site each day. Sometimes I win and that makes me happy. Thank you, J

    • Tokens can’t be turned into cash Michael, but Oodles you earn playing promos can be used towards sweepstakes that offer cash prizes! You can read more about our prize center’s Oodles auctions and sweepstakes here.

  2. I am so happy that your slots tournament is back ! I won in the last tournament and I am playing in this one! you guys are awesome!

  3. I am a retired caregiver for my wife of 48 years. She has been sick for 13 years in July. The GSN games really help me get through the days and nights. Thank you very much. I wish you could get the daily bonus working better as I cannot afford to buy tokens. I don’t mind watching the videos but some of them don’t play out to give the rewards. Thank you for fixing them. There is a video that says sponserd by links by Tbooda that says watch video to get rewards but there are 4 choices and do not say which one to watch. Thanks for deleting this video. I really enjoy your games but it is getting harder to get tokens unless you get lucky playing a game.THANKS AGAIN !!!!

  4. Enjoy these games and challenges.. Maybe you should add some type update so players have more incentive,, like totals as to show were each player stands!!!!!!

  5. i love playing all the games on gsn but i would like to know why im stuck at 75% in bingo bash when i play everyday if the percentage never changes how will i become a vip

    • Hi , Bingo Bash has it’s own support area. Please look for the “Support/Report a Problem” button once the game has loaded.

  6. Unfortunately, the token counter is not working properly. I spun 50 times with a bet of 1,000 tokens each. My counter only shows a total of 32,000.

    • I apologize for the disruption to play (as well for the copy & paste reply). I have posted here and will update as I get something back. Please be sure to reach out to GSN Help as described in the linked post.

  7. How can this be a fair sweepstakes when the counters aren’t working correctly? I played 1,000,000 tokens in wild savannah slots and only got credit for 620,000. This has been happening repeatedly all weekend.

    • I apologize for the disruption to play (as well for the copy & paste reply). I have posted here and will update as I get something back. Please be sure to reach out to GSN Help as described in the linked post.

  8. I played american buffalo over this past weekend I must of spun over 40,000 in tokens and I noticed I did get enough credits on the sweepstakes. Thanks for looking into this matter,zom

  9. Thanks for having such an enjoyable gaming site. I truly love playing all the games and look forward to visiting GSN games every day.

  10. I like to play that game but the fact was I kept losing after a while and you don’t you know it’s like you want you to buy money when you don’t have money you can’t how do you get tokens

  11. I would love to play these games they are my favorite however I unfortunately lost most of my tokens (14 million) in Nov for no apparent reason I have e-mailed written and tried to call gsn to see how this happened but to no avail they will not respond hope everyone has fun playing and good luck I would have been a fun competitor for you guys!!!!!

  12. Love all the games and hope this challenge gives me a few tokens but even the oodles are great – very time consuming though .. oh well the housework will have to wait.

  13. You said, “Ready, set, spin” and I said, “Let the Buffalo Roam,” and they did.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win tokens without money being involved.
    I enjoyed playing very much.
    Thank You

    • Hi Nancy, you didn’t post anything here to reply to. If you’re talking about player services, please reach out to them.

  14. I have tried to find a phone number for them.. my e-mail no longer works
    please have them call me OR give me the phone number for me to call them please

    thanks nanc14

    • I’m sorry Nancy, player services is not equipped for phone support. You can create a free gmail account by going to Once you’ve created a new email, make sure to change it in your GSN account because the email you have listed is the email replies are sent to.

  15. GSN Angel, approximately how many tokens did you have to wager in order to win a share of the “Spin Your Heart Out” promotion? Just asking, apparently 10 million was not enough.

  16. This am I have tried to open a gmail account (since 7 am) but can not get it opened because I have no cell phone or existing e-mail to get the code so I give up looks like there would be a way of getting in touch with gsn some other way I have played this website since 2008

    • I’m sorry Nancy, hopefully you’ll figure it out. Perhaps you can use the email or cell phone of a trusted family member.

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