Daily $100 Sweepstakes Winner – Phantom11

Congratulations Phantom11 on winning the $100 Daily Sweepstakes on 1/6/17. What a fun story relating to her dad’s 86th birthday!

This  1/6/17  would have been my Dad’s 86th Birthday.  I decided to place ALL of my Oodle bids on the $100.00 Daily Sweepstakes. AND I JUST FOUND OUT I WON DADDY!!!  THIS ONE IS FOR YOU!!!!    I have not placed a bid in a couple of years and just felt like 1/6/17 was my LUCKY DAY… and it was!!!!    THANK YOU VERY MUCH  GSN!!!!   I know he would want me to put my winning toward my credit cards. So, that is where the $100.00 will go. ( GSN knows about that  lol )

I LOVE playing games on the gsn game sight. And of course I LOVE WINNING!!!

Thanks to ALL of the workers at GSN  who make PLAYING & WINNING SO MUCH FUN!!!

What would you do with $100Enter now for your chance to win some cash.

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