You’re Holding all the Cards!

You’ve been dealt the perfect hand! Play any card game in the Casino to score bonuses:

• Pocket 150 Oodles when you play 10 rounds. Repeat 5X each day.*
• Score 2,000 Tokens INSTANTLY when you play 50,000. Repeat up to 10X each day.**

Take on the dealer now – you’ve only got until midnight ET 12/25 to collect. Details on My GSN.


2 thoughts on “You’re Holding all the Cards!

  1. I am wondering if anyone else is experiencing what I am. I have not had a bonus on any game for a long time. I have never got the bonus on the Christmas in Las Vegas since it started. I would be interested to hear from others about their experiences. I usually bet 10,000-15,000 tokens per game so I don’t think that is being ” cheap”. Thanks for any input.

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