You Definitely Made Santa’s Nice List – and Ours!

Play the limited edition Video Bingo Deluxe: The Night B4 Christmas and help yourself to some early stocking stuffers!  

  • Score 150 Oodles per day when you play 7 rounds.
  • Score 2,000 EXTRA Tokens when you play 50,000 Tokens. Repeat up to 10 times for 20,000 Tokens each day.

Hurry, offers expire midnight ET 1/1. Details on My GSN

11 thoughts on “You Definitely Made Santa’s Nice List – and Ours!

  1. May the NEW YEAR be better for all.
    Your game site makes life a little more fun.
    Keep the old and the new games going in 2017.
    Thank you for the fun.

    I would like to take just a few minutes to WISH ALL OF YOU A BLESSED & WONDERFUL 2017!!!! For ALL of the work you do for ME & ALL OF THE GSN GAMERS you are ALL ANGELS!!!!!!!! TOM, on the the HELP LINE is to be COMMENDED ALSO! He is ALWAYS there to SUPPORT me when I have an issue. I LOVE PLAYING GAMES on GSN & it’s because of ALL OF THE WORKERS I CAN NOT SEE THAT make it SO MUCH FUN!!! THANK YOU & HAVE AN AWESOME 2017!!!

  3. your help desk is AWESOME! I asked twice to Angel for Winter swap it-no response. Winter swap it is back in one day with Help desk. Autumn swap it was getting old. thank you–Happy New Year!

    • Hee. I reminded them about it before Christmas (based on your asking) and was told it would be switched on the 3rd. They needed to wait until the month ended. But agreed, our Help Desk rocks!

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