Happy Kwanzaa Oodlectible

Kwanzaa celebrates family, community, and culture. There are 7 principles, 7 candles, and 7 days – which is exactly how long this Oodlectible is available! Get it here until 12/30.

One thought on “Happy Kwanzaa Oodlectible

  1. Angel???? Aren’t you back YET???!! Are you taking longer on your private Greek Island vacation home?? Did your Private Jet drop you off at the wrong place and you lost your cell phone so can’t call him back?? It’s Wednesday, and I have gone too long waiting to see what’s new/interesting/put my 2-cents-in-without-being-asked-to, so….you are supposed to be back to work already, that private staff you have isn’t cheap! (that includes your ‘Pool Boy’….tho you don’t own a pool…..)

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