Today Only – Cyber Monday Auctions & Sweepstakes!

Cyber Monday is back this year at GSN Games. A $50 gift card of your choice for each auction & sweeps winner! Bid and enter every 2 hours to win your prize. 

~Each winner will have a choice of either an, Home Depot, Target, or Walmart gift card. 

You can bid in the Auction AND enter the Sweepstakes. Bid and enter now by clicking on the tabs above the prize. If you don’t win, you can try again in 2 hours! 

P.S. Today only, check out a surprise bonus by clicking here

All winners will be notified via email, so be sure to check your email. 


44 thoughts on “Today Only – Cyber Monday Auctions & Sweepstakes!

  1. 500 oodles for a CHANCE at a gift card!? Why is GSN giving us no choice but to throw away our hard earned oodles? I’m now down to zip, 100’s of thousands wasted on sweepstakes that I never won. No sweep should cost more than 50, imo. The auctions used to be attainable, but now people are bidding over 2 million and still losing. What is going on? This used to be fun and you won a card to pay you back for the endless task of winning oodles Now its work for nothing…

  2. I won, it took my oodles & shows as a prize in my oodles collection, but I have not received an email to tell them I would like a walmart card. Any way to check on these emails?
    Thank you,

  3. I wish GSN would right away post how many oodles it took to win the previous auction. Because if it is taking over 2 million oodles to win, why keep bidding if you have less.

  4. People are bidding over 800,000 oodles for just A $50 gift card? It takes a long time to earn that many oodles and think it more wise to use those oodles to bid for something of a higher value. Just my opinion.

  5. I know it is probably a little late in the game to ask this now but for future reference. Are the sweepstakes a random drawing or is the winner picked based on the most number of entries? I tried to read the rules but the font was way too small for these old eyes. thank you

  6. I had fun bidding on the $50 gift card every 2 hours. I hope that you have this opportunity again someday before the next Cyber Monday.

  7. I had bid a million oodles several times and never even won a gift on Cyber Monday. I woke up this morning and found that my bid of around 1,120,000 must of won because they are gone, but I never received an email telling me that I had won. A lot of problems with this site lately.

  8. The exact amount that I had bid was 1,102,900 oodles for a $50 gift card. I can remember when I had won a $100 Ruby Tuesday gift card for just $400,000 oodles. How times have changed on the bidding here …… I received my Ruby Tuesday gift card right away. I’m still waiting for an email for the 1,102,900 that I had bid for the small $50 gift card.

  9. Over a million oodles to win a $50 gift card? Unbelievable. Congratulations to the winners though I dont want to take anything away from their victory.
    I have been playing all the oodle winning gizzmos for over 3 years and I am only about half way to the million oodle mark. Some will and some wont buy tokens to get extra oodles. I am one of the some wont. The sad part is I will eventually get to the million mark, but do I really want to spend 6 years of time for $50. I doubt it. I would rather just shut off my computer.

    • I get over 1000 Oodles every day just by playing games for free by playing gsn games about 30 minutes a day. Maybe you need to look over gsn once again to learn how.

  10. A rare South American bat has a tongue that is 150% the length of its body. Chameleons tongues are typically twice the length of their bodies. Who knows basic grade school level arithmetic?
    BTW I have missed very few trivia questions of late and this is the first mistake I’ve seen for some time. (y)

    • Well, according to my calculations:

      150% bigger = 1.5x so that would be one whole bat length extra + another 1/2 of a bat length extra.

      Twice the length for chameleon would = 100% or 1x bigger so that would be one whole extra chameleon length

      So the bat has the longest tongue based on their body length 🙂

    • gpop420, we don’t allow bashing posts directed at GSN, such as claims of “scam.” Please reach out to player services on the Help page if you’re having difficulties, but player news isn’t a platform for disruptive posting.

  11. Just forget my comment…I didn’t in my wildest dreams ever think recalling past prizes at GSN would or could be perceived as “negative”, I thought it would be fun to remember, but it must be because it’s being overlooked and/or delayed for approval . 🙁

  12. Im just gonna stay calm and have fun playing all the games GSN offers for FREE.But I do wonder about one thing.Why we don’t visually get to witness the drawing of numbers every hour for the ever exciting Chachingo ?.

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