Today Only – Black Friday Auctions & Sweepstakes

Black Friday is back this year at GSN Games. A $50 gift card of your choice for each auction & sweeps winner! Bid and enter every 2 hours to win your prize. 

~Each winner will have a choice of either an, Home Depot, Target, or Walmart gift card. 

You can bid in the Auction AND enter the Sweepstakes. Bid and enter here by clicking on the tabs above the prize. If you don’t win, you can try again in 2 hours! 

P.S. Today only, check out a surprise bonus by clicking here

All winners will be notified via email, so be sure to check your email and spam folders


16 thoughts on “Today Only – Black Friday Auctions & Sweepstakes

  1. I haven’t been receiving the emails from when I win at ChaChingo Bingo lately. If I was lucky enough to win one of these, I sure hope I’d get that email.

    • You can reach out to player services and ask them to investigate. But remember winners are also listed on the chachingo page, so if you see your player name, and got no email, make sure to reach out. Check your spam folders too.

  2. Question, on Players News home page it states click here for Black Friday secret bonus, but it brings you to the prize center. Is there a bonus????

  3. Even if I don’t win that is ok. There is just something about Black Friday that gets me excited. Thanks GSN for bringing it back!

  4. Been bidding on Black Friday gift cards all day and night…not quite as exciting as the last time when you offered the individual gift cards; Home Depot, WalMart, Amazon, etc. every hour. Plus, it takes far more oodles to win this time I noticed.

  5. Apparently I won a gift card on Black Friday. They’ve taken the Oodles out of my account, but I’ve not received an email to let me know I’ve won or to ask which gift card I’d like to choose. Will someone get in touch with me soon?

    • ssparsons1, congratulations! I would think on Monday you would get it once the prize center manager is in the office. Be sure to check any spam folders as well.

  6. Thanks for bringing this back & Congrats all winners-
    How many did they take out ssparsons?
    Anyone know how many (ballpark) it took?

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