Slots Tournament: Make Your Country Proud!

Update: Winners listed here

The final event of the Token Games is here! Give it all you’ve got in slots.


Slots Tournament, Aug. 16-20

Prize Pool: Over 300,000,000 Tokens!

Enter at My GSN with one of the following promo codes (Only use one, or you’re disqualified!):

  • Use promo code LUCKYBUFF to select American Buffalo Slots as your game.
  • Use promo code LUCKYBOOGIE to select Jackpot Boogie Slots as your game.
  • Use promo code LUCKYDEAL to select Deal or No Deal Slots as your game.

After entering the promo code, play your game to compete. You can keep track of how many Tokens you’ve played in My GSN, plus check out Player News for updates and more details. Good luck!

NOTE: Be sure to only select one tournament and insert one promo code.  If you use more than one promo code, you will be disqualified.

The top 500 players who wager the most Tokens will win a share of 314,250,000 Tokens. They will be credited to qualifying accounts by 11:59pm on 8/25/16.

Payout Table

Place Tokens
1 3,000,000
2 – 50 1,250,000
51 – 100 1,000,000
101 – 250 750,000
251 – 350 500,000
351 – 500 250,000

*NOTE: Promotion starts at 12:00am ET on August 16, 2016 and ends at 11:59pm ET on August 20, 2016 (the “Promotion Period”). To earn Tokens, you must be logged in at and play either American Buffalo Slots, Jackpot Boogie Slots or Deal or No Deal™ Slots on any given “Day” throughout the Promotion Period. For purposes of the foregoing, a “Day” shall mean the period between 12:00:01 a.m. ET and 11:59:59 p.m. ET. To enter into the Tournament, you must enter the promo code associated with the game of your choice (either American Buffalo Slots, Jackpot Boogie Slots or Deal or No Deal™ Slots). The top 500 players who wager the most Tokens within the time frame will win a share of 314,250,000 Tokens.  Tokens will be credited to each eligible user’s account by 11:59pm on 8/25/16. Players who enter more than one tournament will be disqualified. Your participation in the program is subject to the Oodles and Tokens Terms and Conditions. Please review these regulations carefully before participating for eligibility restrictions and complete details.

46 thoughts on “Slots Tournament: Make Your Country Proud!

          • I picked buffalo too. Still haven’t gotten any info on how I done. I don’t much feel like looking through 500 names to see if I got on the list.

          • It’s easy to find your name in the winners list. Just use your browsers find feature, type your user name in and voila:
            444 (place) 250000 yotahey

            If you’re on a PC you can also Press the Control key + F, type a word, and then press enter

  1. Was really looking forward to the slots tournament but have to say a little disappointed that Wheel of Fortune Vegas edition was not one of the choices, so i won’t try too hard to compete in this. I think i did very well in the cards tournament though and will eagerly wait for the winners to post.

  2. hi Angel, will there be a slots promo for tokens/oodles coming up this weekend? if so, for which? is it possible to find out? I want to know which game to sign up for.

  3. I have tried to load American Buffalo slots and Deal or No Deal slots but they do not load. I have cleaned cache, logged out then back in, restarted computer. I can get Jackpot Boogie slots to work. Guess I will have to play Jackpot Boogie slots for this Token Slots Tournament.
    If GSN Angel or any players have ideas why the other two slots game for this tournament will not know, let me know, otherwise I’ll use the Jackpot Boogie code for tournament.
    Thank you , tikicat

          • Using code for jackpot boogie, since that is the only slot game of the three that loads.
            Good luck all:)

        • That was happening to me. I had to go into my Internet Options and change my “Security’ tab from High to Medium. Must be because of ads/stuff added to certain sites/pages? (I have W7 and IE11, and that solved it for me!) Good luck! If I knew a darn thing about computers I’d help…hunt and peck and pray is as far as I go!!

          • Cindy I have to do a system restore and run a scan every night after I play on this site. I’m really sick of doing it every day.

  4. It says the card tournament winners will be credited by 11:59 pm on 8/20/2016, but i thought player services was closed over the weekend, so will the actual token credits be given on Friday or next Monday?

    • Hi Valerie, they’ve been credited. Winners are listed here.

      You were credited this much:
      8/17/2016 2:47 pm The Token Games – Cards Tournament Winner 1,250,000 Tokens

  5. This is a BLAST!!! I am Having sooooooooooo MUCH FUN!!! I still have a lot of ” clicks & spins to go” BUT I AM LOVING THE CHALLENGE!!!

      • Hey Angel,
        I’m Still HAVE FUN clicking AWAY ON DEAL or NO DEAL!!!!
        THOSE ” Techies ” Behind the scenes are a REAL HOOT!!
        STILL HAVE A BLAST TRYING TO REACH ” THE UNREACHABLE STARS” LOL!!! Bet you to young for that one!!! lol

        • Awesome Martha! Haha, I know a true classic. It’s from The Impossible Dream. 😀 (and now the song is playing in my head!)

  6. hello—i love to play the slot game —vegas nights —and now it is no more , can i continue to play this game ?—thank you—huy

  7. I entered “endtokengames” and didn’t get my tokens. Did anyone else have this problem. It takes me an hour to watch all the commercials every day. The same ones all the time too. Sick of the depressing ones and some just don’t play at all.
    I don’t understand it at all.

    • trinitymyname2, I’m told by the marketing team that was a promo cde that went out in email on Sunday, and it needed to be redeemed that day. If you did try and redeem it Sunday, please be sure to reach out to Player Services for assistance. To contact them click on GSN Help at the top of the main page, then look for the green “contact support” button at the top of the help page. I’d recommend logging into your player name before contacting them so there is a record from your account you can access later if need be.

      • GSN Angel Thanks for your answer. They’re still working on it. I missed you reply, sorry. I know you always tell people that so I did just that. When are we getting the tokens for American Buffalo tournament. I see that I got 750,000.00 and I’m thrilled. I usually don’t get much of anything. I didn’t see it yesterday because of a procedure I was having done today. Thanks again.

  8. Thanks for my share of the token. It is very appreciated. I love playing most of the games. especially The Boogie Slots and Buffalo!!

  9. Dear Angel, I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed playing the Buffalo slots. Tournament and was very happy to come in at. 127 and win 750,000. Tokens. But am very disappointed that I. Never was credited with my winnings. …. Dolly

    • Congratulations on your win! I do see you were credited: 8/22/2016
      4:00 pm The Token Games – Slots Tournament Winner 750,000

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