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  1. Angel 🙂

    Honestly believe this years “Memorial Day” Oodlectible missed the mark by a country mile, Should have been used for the “July 4th”. It shows a party theme… Hello what do you think Memorial Day was set aside for? 2014 “POPPY Memorial Day” was your illustration teams shining moment!

    Memorial Day (fmly Decoration Day) is to Honor our fallen male and female service personnel of all wars, at their graveside or war monuments.

    Remember them this Memorial Day. tt’s Not just another day off !

  2. Hi Angel, I agree with Polly on the Memorial Day Oodlectible nothing to do with the real meaning of the day. we cannot forget.

  3. Hi Angel! This is definitely Off Topic, but I’m having problems with the Watch And Earn videos that show up under some the games and on the All Games page. It’s the same issue we’ve complained about before – watching the vids does not get you the tokens.The ones labeled “short” or “30 seconds” pay off reliably, but the ones labeled “1 minute” do not. In this case it’s the Strut ad, which has failed to pay off yesterday and today (I’ve requested 10,000 tokens from the help center).

    I’m also sick of the prying questionnaires wanting my age, gender, ailments, income or profession, family health issues, etc.. with the excuse of wanting to select the right ads for me. Truthfully, there are no right ads for me, I just put up with them to get the tokens. Even if there were ads I might be interested in, none of these questions would be anywhere near the mark on helping to select them. I refuse to answer those questions, and just close the pop-up, but the same ones just keep coming up 30-50 times a day. Today they are all I’ve gotten, except once the Strut video that didn’t pay off 5000 and once Ralph the Carsick Dog ( a 30 second video) that did pay off 1000. Please understand – I’ve closed each of those questionnaires without submitting the info hundreds of times (I have, trust me!), and I’m never going to fill one out! Please just add a check box to let us opt out of the prying, and show me all the ads. Please? Pretty Please?? Also, some of the pop-ups never even load the videos, so there’s another lost opportunity for tokens. But even that is less annoying than the questionnaires.

    • OK, so I wrote the above, then went back to watching ads and got Big Farm, Big Lots, Sparta and Fog Of War, all of which are either “short” or “30 seconds” and all paid off. Yay! But I also got at least another 25 questionnaires in between. GrrrrrrrrBooGrrrrrr.

  4. What do I get on to give the answer to word of the day. I knew it but couldn’t get on the right form to enter it.

    • The Secret Word is usually said on TV around 3pm ET Monday through Friday, and also posted here on Player News at that time. When the day’s new word is up (look for it after 3pm ET) go to My GSN > My To-Doodles and click on Oodles Bonus Trivia. There you will find a question that asks what the Secret Word is.

  5. This is a little off subject. In Solitaire Rush,I can only play the 3 card version.Under how to play it says you can play 1 card or 3 card drawl. How do you switch to 1 card draw?

    • Hi Cindy, before the game begins you can choose variation and bet per card. Under variation, click on “Draw 1”

      • You can change it on Solitaire Rush Stake Edition,but I don’t see an option for 1 card drawl on just the Solitaire Rush game,on how to play the game is says you have an option for 1 or 3 card draw.

        • Oh I see what you mean! It’s been years since I played that edition 🙂 I let the games team know the description was wrong, and only 3 cards can be played.

          • I wish you would come up with a game like “Yahtzee”. Can you please pass that along? We need a new game. Thanks. Carolyn

          • Bunko is another fun, simple dice game. I used to play in an annual charity tournament and had a blast! The atmosphere in the room was very similar to bingo, hehe (focused, chatty, hoping for luck).

            I moved a couple years ago to a small town and have been looking forever for a way to play online…though i haven’t had much luck finding any sites that offer it, lol. (they had a version on Facebook, but like most games there, it was eventually abandoned)

            I imagine a bunch of players would flock to GSN just to play it 🙂

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